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Another Top 10 Video Game Glitches

VO: Dan Paradis
Back by popular demand, we're taking a look at the most entertaining glitches to happen in video games. We're limiting the entries to one game per franchise, and ranking these entries based on a combination of fan votes and how entertaining they were. This list includes glitches from games like Skyrim, Fifa and Super Mario 64. Join as we countdown our picks for another Top 10 Video Game Glitches.

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Another Top 10 Video Game Glitches

You guys loved the first glitches video, so we’re showing off some more of the best things that shouldn’t have happened. Welcome to and today we’re counting down Another Top 10 video game glitches.

We asked you guys through our What’s Your Mojo show to vote for your favorite glitches to appear in this episode. This list will be a mix of your votes, combined with the glitches we found the most entertaining. We’re sticking with one game per franchise and we’re also excluding glitches that were similar from what appeared in our first list.

We should also point out that while most of you guys suggested great ideas, some of the suggestions were actually gaming myths and urban legends. While those don’t fit the criteria for this list, they’ll appear in another video soon.

#10: Jumping Face “Call of Duty: Ghosts” (2013)

Kicking off our list is the popular shooting franchise, with a disturbingly hilarious secret. Equip a rocket launcher with a riot shield as your secondary weapon, then crouch and constantly aim down your sights, to create what looks like some sort of entity piercing though someone’s skull. … Just … what is that thing? It looks like it’s trying desperately to escape this poor guy, feel free to comment on what that might be…

#9: Round 100 “Duck Hunt” (1985)

Apparently the programmers thought no one would ever get as far as level 100 in their game. Because in the ultimate form of torment, when you get to this level … Ok Hang on, where was the duck? Oh you can’t be serious, We already listed this guy as our #1 most annoying videogame character, but this? What did he do to that duck?

#8: Manimals “Red Dead Redemption” (2011)

We briefly mentioned these guys in our previous video, but this time we’re giving them a more appropriate feature. This glitch creates a disturbing blend of animals with human figures, or humans that act like animals. We’ll try to resist making bestiality jokes while you enjoy this footage of this guy riding a lady who’s a donkey.

#7 Giraffe Man “Battlefield 3” beta (2011)

Originally we disqualified this guy from the last list, since he originates from the beta. But you guys loved it so much that we’re giving this guy his proper due this time around. This poor guy apparently can’t seem to crawl properly and for some reason shoots his gun with his ass, cause … he can. He scores bonus points when he grows so big he covers the subway … at least we think that’s him.

#6: Get a room “Fifa 12” (2011)

In Fifa 12 features a rare moment of over excitement that can happen where you score a goal, In which the striker makes out with the goal keeper from the other team. … Whoa watch that hand there guys. What you guys do on your free time is fine, but someone should make sure this match wasn’t fixed.

#5: Backwards Super Long Jump “Super Mario 64” (1996)

This is popular exploit used by speedrunners to access areas of the castle previously inaccessible without obtaining a certain number of stars. Best performed in a corner, thisglitch allows Mario to build up enough jump momentum to pass through solid walls, or travel incredibly longs distances Superman style. Glitch or not, the guys who do these jumps are freaking wizards.

#4: Twisted Doctor Mitchell “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010)

This creepy glitch is strangely relevant to the story, as the intro of New Vegas starts with the player getting shot in the head, and having a doctor reconstruct the player’s brain. But upon awakening, you get the idea that he didn’t get the reconstruction quite right. Oh and if that wasn’t creepy enough, look what he does next. Whoa there, What are you doing?

#3: Flying Horse “Skyrim” (2011)

This was the highest entry on our suggestions page, in what appears to be the fantasy equivalent of ET’s flying bike. This glitch appears in multiple forms, like getting launched off a mountain, jumping for no reason, and our personal favorite: turning into a pinball. Oh and just like a lot of glitches, the internet knows how to make the footage priceless.

#2: Creepy Watson “Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis” (2007)

Known as “Sherlock Holmes verses Arsène Lupin” in Europe, The terrifying glitch has Holmes’ sidekick Dr.Watson channeling a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who, as he follows you throughout the game … but only when you’re not looking Ahh! Jesus dude! Apparently the developers didn’t give him a walk animation resulting in this creepy phenomenon. Oh, and it happens in the sequels too.

Before we get to Number one here are a few honorable mentions:

#1: The Ascension of the Jackdaw “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag” (2013)

Taking the top spot is the glitch that sounds like it came from biblical scriptures. You return to your ship only to find it missing and the water around where it should be has parted revealing a deep hole in the ocean, with your crew members hovering in the air above the chasm. And then things get really strange. Oh and to top it all off.

Do you agree with our list? Which glitches had caught you off guard? For more Top 10 Breakdowns published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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