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Top 10 Best Breaking Bad Scenes

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Richard Bush. This series made "chemistry teacher" a badass profession. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 "Breaking Bad" scenes. For this list, we've chosen some of the most shocking and significant scenes from "Breaking Bad," that either play a vital part in character development or that carry the plot along. As you may have guessed: SPOILER ALERT. Now take off your pants, strap on your respirator and let the good times roll. Special thanks to our users FilmSpence, musicplayer316619, Juan Lopez, Esther, Andrew A. Dennison, Eric Zebrowski, WatchDogsFan47, Mr88668866, Matt Laska, Luis Abreu, Brandon Torres, Zac Leslie, Matt Laska, moepicmastr, Uri Schwartz, FilipNyg, movielover459, mrjammybob1, matiasrpf98 and John Gallagher for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Richard Bush.

Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes

This series made “chemistry teacher” a badass profession. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 “Breaking Bad” scenes.

For this list, we’ve chosen some of the most shocking and significant scenes from “Breaking Bad,” that either play a vital part in character development or that carry the plot along. As you may have guessed: Spoiler alert. Now take off your pants, strap on your respirator and let the good times roll.

#10: The Demise of Krazy-8
“…And the Bag’s in the River” (S01E03)

After a series of unfortunate events, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman imprison drug dealer Krazy-8 in a basement. Walt draws the short straw, so he’s tasked with killing their hostage; but his sense of morality just won’t let him – at least not at first. When Walt finds out that the prisoner is aiming to kill him, he takes action and uses a bike lock for a morbid task.

#9: Walt Watches Jane Die
“Phoenix” (S02E12)

Alongside his girlfriend Jane, Jesse slips into his old junkie routine and spirals out of control. Walt sees Jane as someone who’s getting in the way of his success. Although he doesn’t exactly kill her, Walt is fully capable of saving Jane, but instead decides to let her the drug overdose claim her life. This heinous act is just another choice that reminds us of our protagonist’s degrading humanity.

#8: The Great Train Robbery
“Dead Freight” (S05E05)

Reminiscent of many “great train robbery” scenarios, we see Walt and his gang pull off an epic and genius train raid. By bringing a locomotive to a halt and distracting the crew, they siphon the methylamine necessary to make Meth, and somehow replace it with water so the theft will go unnoticed. Nail-bitingly tense, this scene is a fave because it showcases Walt’s unparalleled intelligence when concocting crazy plans.

#7: I Am the One Who Knocks
“Cornered” (S04E06)

Nothing says “I mean business” like a dramatic speech about who’s boss. With Walt’s wife Skyler doubting their family’s safety, Walt makes sure she knows that, when it comes to danger, he is the one to be afraid of. By boldly stating he’s the epitome of danger, this scene proves this isn’t Walter White anymore; this is Heisenberg.

#6: The Acid/Bathtub Incident
“Cat’s in the Bag…” (S01E02)

Calling Walt and Jesse amateurs in the body-disposal department is an understatement. After killing Emilio with a gas bomb in the infamous RV-lab, the meth-making duo must dispose of his body. But how? Bury him? Burn him? Fire him out of a canon? Nope, they dissolve him in a bathtub of hydrochloric acid. But, when the chemical eats through more than Emilio, Walt and Jesse are left playing cleanup.

#5: Prison Massacre
“Gliding Over All” (S05E08)

Just when you thought Walt couldn’t go any more “drug-lord” on us, he devises a plan to kill nine prison inmates and a lawyer to prevent them from squealing to the DEA. We watch as these prisoners are stabbed, sliced and burnt alive in a gruesome Godfather-esque display of ultra-violence. Walt on the other hand, stands watching the time tick away from the safety of his home.

#4: Say My Name
“Say My Name” (S05E07)

Although it’s a relatively short scene, this episode teaser sees Walt come face to face with Declan and his bodyguards in the desert to discuss a methylamine deal. After exchanging words, Walt has one last request. This simple demand comes accompanied with a Dirty Harry-style scowl from Walt, reminding Declan, his gang and the viewers that he’s the real deal.

#3: Exploding Meth
“Crazy Handful of Nothin’” (S01E06)

Negotiating with business associates is tough – especially when they’re psychopaths like Tuco Salamanca. So, when Walt steps into Tuco’s headquarters to get payback for his friend Jesse, he’s packing more than a few kind words. In this case, it’s fulminated mercury. Blowing a hole in the side of the building makes Tuco see Walt means business, and gives Walt something to scream about.

#2: Hank’s Death
“Ozymandias” (S05E14)

It’s a moment we all saw coming, but that still shocked and saddened us. In a shoot-out between Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank, and Jack and his gang of droogs, Hank is left outnumbered and staring down the barrel of a gun. Although Walt attempts to reason with Uncle Jack, it’s too late. And just like that: a mid-sentence bullet to the head ends the life of our favorite fictional DEA agent.

Before we reveal our number one “Breaking Bad” scene, here are some of our honorable mentions:
- Hank vs. Twin Assassins “One Minute” (S03E07)
- Crawl Space “Crawl Space” (S04E11)
- Lily of the Valley reveal “Face Off” (S04E13)
- Run “Half Measures” (S03E12)
- Goodbye Gale “Full Measure” (S03E13)
- ATM Machine “Peekaboo” (S02E06)

#1: The Death of Gustavo Fring
“Face Off” (S04E13)

Although Gus “The Chicken Man” Fring takes out the cartel, avoids a car bomb and builds a drug empire under the guise of a fast-food joint, he’s no match for Heisenberg and one disgruntled enemy. During a trip to visit Hector Salamanca at his nursing home, Gus falls right into Walt’s explosive trap. But just when we think he’s escaped yet another ensnarement, the grisly truth is revealed… Well, what’s left of it.

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