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Top 10 Male Vocalists

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Though you don’t always have to be the most skilled singer to be a successful vocalist, these guys have really shown they know how to sing. For this list, we’ve chosen our male singers based on a combination of the quality of the voice, vocal range, recognition and popularity. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 male vocalists. Special thanks to our users Nathan Lorenzon, Emmay864,FireMadeFlesh II, afarrelly, Austin Black, Moise Joassaint, Rachel Jackson, capsricious79 and Jacob Pollock for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Boy, can he sing! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 male vocalists.

For this list, we’ve chosen our male singers based on a combination of the quality of the voice, vocal range, recognition and popularity.

#10: Peter Gabriel

Phil Collins may have proven his singing skills after he took over as vocalist in 1975, but it was with Peter Gabriel that Genesis first made their mark. While the British artist showed he was an excellent frontman with his flute playing and theatrical bravado, it was the way he used his voice on the band’s early material and later as a successful solo artist that lands him here.

#9: Stevie Wonder

This American artist has been honing his singing skills since he was a little boy; in fact, Stevie Wonder was 11 when he signed with his first record label. Known for his vocal harmonies and melodies, this soul music legend has earned dozens of number ones on the pop and R&B charts. Plus, he doesn’t only write and produce his own music, he also plays multiple instruments.

#8: Elton John

In addition to his successful decades-long songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin, Elton John is also a skilled composer, pianist and producer. But it’s his vocal chops that’ve got our vote; ranging from tenor to baritone, the Englishman isn’t afraid to give it his all when it comes to performing. Whether it’s on his studio albums or on-stage, John knows exactly how to put on a good show.

#7: Robert Plant

While this rock god enhanced Led Zeppelin’s repertoire with his lyrical contributions, it was his emotional and bluesy vocal range that was simply unrivalled – and, when combined with Jimmy Page’s incomparable guitar solos, it was a match made in hard rock heaven. Thanks to his energy, dance moves, and sex appeal, Robert Plant really came alive in concert and was especially famous for his onstage moans and screams.

#6: Marvin Gaye

With several soul smashes like “How Sweet It Is” and “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” is it any wonder Marvin Gaye was called the Prince of Motown? Even after breaking away from the label, he found the courage to switch up his musical direction and lyrical themes. With his three-octave vocal range, Gaye was undoubtedly one of the most soulful and smoothest singers ever.

#5: Bruce Dickinson

While seamlessly melding his showmanship with Iron Maiden’s theatrical live shows, Bruce Dickinson wowed critics and fans alike with a range that reached practically operatic proportions. So it’s no wonder he received such a massive number of your votes and lands on our list. His vocal prowess on The Number of the Beast gave the band their first UK chart-topper, and helped fans forget Paul Di’Anno. He also paved the way for future power metal vocalists and helped Iron Maiden spearhead the New Wave of British Metal.

#4: Ray Charles

Inspired by jazz, blues R&B and country, this pioneer of soul music was so talented he found success across multiple genres. But it’s the way he used his voice, which allows him to sing in baritone, tenor and sometimes, even falsetto, that continues to astound. Whether he was shouting, howling, or harmonizing, Ray Charles was a master of his voice.

#3: Michael Jackson

It wasn’t for nothing that Michael Jackson became one of the most famous and successful entertainers ever: just take note of his unique style, unmatched creativity, passion for music, groundbreaking dance moves and innovative short films. However, he also stood out for his singing and songwriting abilities, which allowed him to craft and perform hits in genres like pop, rock, soul, R&B and more. Let’s not forget his evolving vocal style, which included his early soprano, unmistakable falsetto, and high tenor.

#2: Elvis Presley

Flaunting good looks, sexy dance moves and a rebellious image, Elvis Presley amped his country and blues rock roots with electric guitars to become the King of Rock and Roll. But he wouldn’t be the icon that he is without his versatile, emotional and unmistakable voice. His ability to capture the power and variety of R&B and gospel music ensured that he had “something for everybody” and helped him become the best-selling solo artist ever.

Honorable Mentions

- Paul McCartney
- Frank Sinatra
- Ronnie James Dio
- Chris Cornell
- Lou Gramm
- Sting

#1: Freddie Mercury

With his big personality, lively stage presence and a knack for writing some of the greatest rock melodies ever, Freddie Mercury was definitely one of the greatest frontmen rock had ever seen. And then there was his voice; boasting a range that reached four octaves, it’s no surprise Queen flawlessly straddled genres like rock opera, heavy metal, progressive rock, pop, R&B and more. And alongside Brian May’s guitar abilities, Mercury really poured his heart and soul into his performances and helped the band sell out stadiums worldwide.

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