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Top 10 Funniest Video Game Characters

VO: Dan Paradis
When characters aren't being dark and broodish and mega-serious when they're constantly swearing to show how serious they are in seriousness of the serious situation in their serious game. They're making us laugh with hilarious antics, and over the top personalities. Like, say, the Rabbits, cute cuddly little creatures that will probably take over your neighborhood. as we count down our picks for the top 10 funniest video game characters. Special thanks to our users "jkellis" & "Buttsaggington" for suggest this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Funniest video game characters

So umm … pretty sure this is where we say something witty about these characters? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Videogame Characters.

As usual we’re sticking to one character per franchise, and we’re also excluding characters that did not originate from Video Games, so sorry Deadpool, but you’ll have to sit this one out, please don't burn down our office.

#10: The Heavy

“Team Fortress 2” (2007)

Let’s start things off with our favorite Russian stereotype, you know, the kind that treats his gun like a lovable puppy. The poster boy for the Team Fortress cast, The Heavy is not afraid to spray anything and everything with his favorite object. (Noone can outsmart bullet) When he’s not maiming the other team, he’s in the bar playing poker telling his buddies how he maims the other team.

#9: Boyd Cooper

“Psychonauts” (2005)

Tim Schafer, a.k.a The Raccoon King according to Shadow’s of the Empire’s credit scene, pretty much makes hilarious characters his trademark. And from his hidden gem Psychonauts, its hard to ignore this paranoid milkman fanboy. What gets him up on this list is that if you stand around him and put the controller down, he’ll come up with the most random conspiracy theories.

#8: Fawful

“Mario and Luigi” RPG series (2003-)

In a nice throwback to the bad translations of early Video Games in the 80’s, Fawful’s dialogue is written in bad Engrish! In the interest of keeping my job, I won’t be reading any of the lines, but feel free to read them yourself. This character ended up being so popular that he was brought back for Partners in Time, and Bowser’s Inside story.

#7: Brucie Kibbutz

“Grand Theft Auto IV” (2009)

Kids, don’t do steroids, cause otherwise you might end up doing something like this. (Brucie hits his head against a wall) Trevor from GTA5 is another humorous psychopath, but Brucie is just flat out overloaded on testosterone, resulting in … well, a guy who’s a little bit too much in love with himself. Yet we can’t stop watching, even if he sends us out on the craziest missions.

#6: The Rabbids

“Raving Rabbids” series (2006-)

They may look cute, but looks can be deceiving. First debuting alongside Rayman, the Rabbids ended up starring in their own series of games, despite their inability to grasp the concept of the most basic of household items. Don’t even think about keep them as pets either, because they’ll probably take over your neighborhood while you sleep.

#5: Hades

“Kid Icarus: Uprising” (2012)

You could have pretty much picked anyone from this game and they could have easily filled this spot. However we’re picking Hades cause he reminds us of a morbidly amusing troll commenter, and also due to the fact that he can make zombie parents the most creepy, cute and most hilarious thing all at once.

#4: Guybrush Threepwood

“Monkey Island” series (1990-2010)

Guybrush is the most carefree wannabe pirate that does become a pirate but still comes off as a wannabe ... pirate. Guybrush often leans on the 4th wall even when he can’t explain why he says these things. (Ever wonder how all these roads look the same) The 2nd character on this list to come from the manic mind of Tim Schafer, he’s such a classic that we’d have to scuttle our office if we forgot him.

#3: The Narrator

“The Stanley Parable” (2013)

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have a British Narrator saying your thoughts aloud? And how he’d react if you did the opposite thing of what he said? Bizarre dry wit is made even better by a game that doesn’t act in the way it’s supposed to, resulting in some rather amusing self referential reactions. Not bad for a character we never physically see.

#2: Tiny Tina

“Boarderlands 2” (2012)

Tiny Tiny is pretty much what happens if you gave sticks of dynamite and caffeine to a little girl with a twistedly vivid imagination. Voiced by Ashly Birch from Hey Ash Watcha Playin, though Tiny was a minor NPC, her character was so popular that she made a return appearance in the game’s 2nd DLC, before getting a starring role in the hilarious Dungeons and Dragons style 4th DLC.

Before we get to the top spot, lets see what other characters made us giggle into our headsets.

#1: Wheatley

“Portal 2” (2011)

It was a tough choice between this guy, and the series antagonist GLaDOS, but it’s rather hard to go past an A.I that’s designed to be the biggest moron on the planet. Weather he’s trying to help you escape or trying to poison you with neurotoxin, Wheatley’s running commentary balances perfectly with the morbid decay of the Aperture labs. He may be a moron, but he’s still who we’d pick for a robot assistant in the near future, I mean what’s the worst that can happen?

Do you agree with our list? Which video game characters do you like to quote every once in awhile? For more procrastinating Top 10's published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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