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Top 10 YouTube Movie Critics - TopX Ep. 1

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Script Written by Angela Fafard Welcome to the first edition of TopX, the brand new WatchMojo show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! We’re starting this show off with a real doozy as Dan will be counting down the Top 10 YouTube Movie Critics. While many of these channels feature what you might consider standard reviews, we've expanded our definition to include large scale podcasts and non-traditional experimental forms of reviews. We're not ranking these guys and gals based on how many subscribers they get but rather on a mix of their style, popularity, votes from our users and overall impact on the YouTube community. Special thanks to Marco Rosato, Kevin Fuss, Shea Mc Caughley, Aaron Guillory for suggesting the idea on our interactive suggest tool and the THOUSANDS of users who upvoted this topic and willed this show into existence.

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Script Written by Angela Fafard

Top 10 YouTube Movie Critics - TopX Ep. 1

#10: Mr. Sunday Movies

- Right off the bat, Mr. Sunday movies lets you know that HE knows his source material. Clearly he spends more days of the week than just Sunday watching movie ‘cause he’ll give you a lot of context for his reviews.
-His Gone Girl review heavily references David Fincher’s Work,
-Age of Extinction review contextualizes with the other transformers, etc.
- That being said, nerd culture is clearly his forte. He reviews Sci-fi, fantasy, and action primarily. The upside to this is that he doesn’t just do reviews, he does showdowns, countdowns, and even speculative discussions. He knows his stuff ‘cause he clearly loves it, and his content reflects that.
- He may have the highest production value, but what he shows isn’t heavily redundant: there’s always something to show for what he’s saying. That being said, it’s all very tightly edited and comes in 1080p.
- Lastly, he’s our only British reviewer, so if that floats your boat…

#9: Red Letter Media

- Created waaay back in 2004, RedLetterMedia Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman as a video and film production company.
- These guys rose to relative internet fame when Stoklasa released a 7-part review of the Phantom Menace, where he demonstrated the monotone voice that became so strongly associated with the channel and style.
- Aside from his more comedic reviews, the bulk of their recent content is informal discussions, as seen in their show Half in the Bag. It’s quite literally guys and galls sitting around, drinking beer and talking movies. Usually several and not just one.
- If you’re an afficianado of extremely crappy movies, these guys are for you with their Best of the Worst series.
- Good for those who like a sort of podcast discussion of their movies rather than a simple “is it good or not” kinda thing.

#8: SchmoesKnow

- Next up is the first YouTube review channel to be Rotten Tomatoes certified, a duo by the names of Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. On top of that, they’re official reviewers the radio station Heidiandfrank and for, so in short they’ve got credentials to back up their opinions.
- One big thing that we are totally guilty of ourselves here at Watchmojo, they NEVER reveal spoilers, so those of you that live in fear of having a good movie ruined by a review need not fear.
- They offer rather traditional reviews: They offer a score (3 out of 5 shmoes)
- They’re also one of the channels that’s most engaged with their fans, as they have live Pod-casts where they interact with their fans over Twitter and Facebook. The pod cast is super high production value: with a full studio, celebrity guests, essentially the whole 9 yards.

#7: ScreenJunkies

- These guys are the most subscribed channel on our list, even though in Youtube terms they’re pretty new, having only been around since 2011.
- Their channel is essentially split up into 2 kinds of videos. The first half of their channel is more traditional: with a variety of discussions and countdowns.
- You’ve probably seen one of their “Honest Trailers” before, which is what it sounds like: an tongue in cheek “Honest” trailer for a movie, usually pointing to the gimmicks or shortcomings of the thing in question. These are extremely satisfying for those who’ve SEEN the movie in question, were probably a bit disappointed with it, and are looking for someone to make light of it. These are always very astute and super clever.
Serve as a defacto review. You get the gist of what they think about the movie (Winter Solider for example).
Really sold by the trailer-voice-guy.

#6: The Flick Pick

- John Flickster, which I’d like to believe is his real name, is the man behind this channel, and it’s all him. He’s enthusiastic and loud, lotsa hand gestures, really gets into it.
Although all of youtube hinges on personality, The Flick Pick is a heavily driven by the personality of its host. So, your enjoyment of the channel will definitely hinge on your enjoyment of his style. But it’s easy to get lost in those baby blues so that’s no problem.
- Although it seems like a simple setup at first, it obviously got the attention of the right people as a quick look on his page will reveal that he’s got interviews with Sean Bean and Ally Larter, with probably more to come.

#5: Chris Stuckmann

- Chris has a style that’s actually rather similar, on paper at least, to John Flickster. His reviews are straight up reviews, with just him staring straight into the camera, waxing about the film or show in question.
His reviews hinge less on an eccentric personality. While he does obvious have personality; there’s less excitement, outbursts and voice. That’s not to say his reviews are dry: they just carry a more serious tone than other “straight at the camera” channels.
- That’s not to say he doesn’t have fun. His Hilariocity reviews focus on older movies that are hilariously atrocious, hence the name. They are thorough. His review of Steel with Shaq is 24 minutes long. Actually, it’s his dryer tone that makes the jokes he throws in to these segments funnier.

#4: Your Movie Sucks

- Although you might brush Adam off as an angry troll personality judging by his channel name and picture, there’s a lot more nuance to his video’s than you’d initially expect.
- Lots of in depth context and analysis. For instance, he mentions the sound mix in his review of Gone Girl, and the fact that Fincher made his actors actually text, something that shows both an deep understanding of the movie making process and a keen attention to detail as a viewer.
- This analysis is also nicely packaged. While other channels use eccentric personalities to sell their jokes, the jokes on Your Movie Sucks are all found in the editing: smash cuts and spontaneous sound bites from other media make up the bulk of the best jokes.

#3: CinemaSins

- These guys are most famous from their “Everything Wrong With…” videos, that like Honest Trailers, serve as defacto reviews that point out the glaring issues in popular movies.
o What’s cool is that their mix of sarcasm and wit actually provides a pretty good course on movie literacy, since they often point out issues with the plot, character motivation, continuity and so on.
- Of course, they also do standard reviews, and cover pretty much all of the major blockbusters the week they are released.
o Any fan of their Everything Wrong With videos would be wise to check out their reviews, because you’ll know that the movie is being reviewed with the same scrutiny.

#2: Nostalgia Critic & the League of Super Critics

- The nostalgia critic is Doug Walker, AKA theGuyWithTheGlasses. His channel also includes Nostalgic Chick, Cinema Snob and Todd in the Shadows, who each deal with different subjects in their own right.
- As his name implies, Nostalgia Critic reviews older movies, usually from the 80s and 90s, with his slogan being “I remember it so you don’t have to”.
- Has a distinct look: his hat, glasses and t-shirt-tie combo are essential symbols of his channel.
- We’ve talked a lot about eccentric personalities on this list, and NC might take the crown. (B-Roll) Inside jokes are also his thing: his series of running gags for every type of plot point possible. Smeagul from Lord of the Rings if a character undergoes a sudden change in character, Only Chuck Norris Could Pull That Off, if someone attempts the impossible, An image of an elephant in a room will appear if he’s blatantly skipping over a touchy subject etc.
- While his style might not be good for those whole don’t like loud noises, these inside jokes and dependable lunacy this makes for a very rewarding channel to follow.

#1: Jeremy Jahns

- Despite being top reviewer on our list, Jeremy is definitely the most subdued and restrained. Just kidding, he’s fin’ nuts.
o He speaks fast, and the pace is accelerated even further by his editing style, seemingly cutting out all breath, literally.
o Uses the word “Awesometacular” to describe his best picks.
- What’s interestingly good about Jahns is you seem to always know what you’re getting with his reviews. The style is super simple and super clean. So much so that although the production value seems to be relatively low, the whole thing appears a lot more polished than a lot of the others on this list.
o This carries into the length as well: They’re all super short. While many of the guys on this list have 20 to 30 minute videos, JJ seems to keep his to less than 5 minutes, usually closer to 3. While you may be into the longer length, these reviews are certainly good if you want a quick, consistent look at something.
- As such, the reviews are very “shoot from the hip” and all about how he felt about the movie.

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