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Jennifer Aniston Biography (UPDATE)

VO: Matt Campbell
She’s an Emmy award-winning actress that everyone would like to be friends with. In this bio update, takes a look at what Jennifer Aniston has accomplished since we first released her biography in 2012, in honor of her roles from the painful in Cake to the hilarious in Horrible Bosses 2. The evergreen Aniston has continued to be an audience favourite, whether starring in a serious or comedic role, and has even elevated her relationship with actor Justin Theroux to an engagement. We’ll never get tired of seeing her name on the cast members’ list.

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Jennifer Aniston Bio: From Friends to Wanderlust

She is an Emmy Award-winning actress that everyone would like to be friends with. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at life and career of Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born February 11th, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California. Aniston came by her artistic interests honestly: her mother was actress Nancy Dow, and her father was soap opera star John Aniston. After her parents split when she was nine-years-old, Aniston went to live with her mother.

Ironically, in her youth, Aniston was never permitted to watch television at home. She eventually discovered a deep-rooted interest in acting after joining her school’s drama club. Her passion finally led her to enroll at New York’s School of Performing Arts, before she sought work in Off-Broadway plays.

By 1989, Aniston decided her career aspirations would best be served by relocating to Los Angeles. There, she landed her first television role as a spoiled brat on Fox’s “Molloy.” She then played a similar character on the television adaptation of “Ferris Bueller,” before she made her TV movie debut in 1990’s “Camp Cucamonga.”

Her comedic talent was demonstrated on the sketch show “The Edge,” but she showcased her ability to handle dramatic roles by portraying the sister of a soldier missing in Vietnam on an episode of the sci-fi series “Quantum Leap.”

In 1993, Aniston made her silver screen debut in the horror flick “Leprechaun,” and was shocked by the negative critical response. Even worse, her agent asked her to shed thirty pounds so she could land better parts.

Disillusioned and turned off from acting, Aniston was ready to throw in the towel. Luckily, her next attempt to solidify her presence in the industry completely turned things around: In 1994, she auditioned for the role on Monica Gellar on the sitcom “Friends Like Us.” By the time the show went to air, Aniston was playing the part of spoiled waitress Rachel Green, and the title had been shortened simply to “Friends.” Miraculously, because of its successful casting and pitch-perfect writing, the show became a huge hit. Aniston herself developed a fan following, and even spurred the creation of a hairstyle called “The Rachel.”

After that breakout role, Aniston was cast in several romantic comedies, like 1996’s “She’s The One,” 1997’s “Til There Was You” and “Object of my Affection.” However, her biggest impact came from a supporting role in the 1999 cult comedy “Office Space.”

Meanwhile, Aniston found herself in a real-life romance with actor Brad Pitt, and Hollywood’s hottest couple tied the knot in 2000.

She then appeared opposite Mark Wahlberg in 2001’s box-office bomb “Rock Star.” This did little to derail her ongoing success on “Friends:” she won several awards, including an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series,” and a Golden Globe for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy.” She had more silver screen success in 2003 when she starred in that year’s most-watched comedy alongside Jim Carrey: “Bruce Almighty.”

“Friends” entered its final season in 2004, and after the show ended its incredible run Aniston refocused her attention to film. She co-starred with Ben Stiller in the comedy “Along Came Polly,” and beside Clive Owen in the thriller “Derailed.”

By early 2005, Aniston underwent significant personal turmoil when she and Brad Pitt split after four-and-a-half years amid tabloid rumors of his relationship with co-star Angelina Jolie. Aniston then briefly dated Vince Vaughn, who was her co-star in the aptly named film “The Break-Up.”

Over the next years, Aniston was attached to a string of box office triumphs, including the films “Marley and Me,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “The Bounty Hunter,” “The Switch” and her first ever R-rated project, 2011’s “Horrible Bosses.”

In 2012, she revisited R-rated fare in “Wanderlust.” In that film, she played half of a couple that decides to live in a community that practices free love.

Jennifer Aniston went from unknown to fan favorite, and one of Forbes’ top 10 richest women in the entertainment industry. By overcoming personal and career challenges, she found happiness with actor Justin Theroux, and landed a coveted spot on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.


Turning 46 in 2015, Aniston is still regarded as one of Hollywood’s sexiest women. Maybe it’s all that Aveeno. But, after showing she has a sexy side in both Horrible Bosses and Just Go With It, Aniston kept her sexy streak going as a stripper-turned-fake-mother in 2013’s We’re The Millers. And if that didn’t do it for you, her role as the sex-crazed dentist made a return for 2014’s Horrible Bosses 2.

As a well-respected actress who perpetually misses the cut for major awards, Aniston’s role in 2015’s Cake was enough to get critics buzzing. Playing a troubled woman obsessed with a suicide, Aniston’s performance was heartbreakingly powerful.

The future looks bright for the evergreen Aniston. After her relationship with actor/director Justin Theroux was elevated to an engagement in 2013 and a Golden Globe nod for Cake in 2015, the only question is how high she can climb in the years to come.

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