The Flash VS. Quicksilver



The Flash VS. Quicksilver

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Jeslie Leslie.

There is a lot more to these characters than their super-speed. Living in completely different universes and having many nuances to their powers, we wanted to put these two speedsters to the test and find out which is the superior comic book character. We are looking at Barry Allen's Flash and Marvel's Pietro Maximoff, comparing their powers, backstory, alter egos, villains and allies. Join and find out who takes home the gold between The Flash and Quicksilver.

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Script written by Jeslie Leslie.

The Flash VS. Quicksilver

It's time we finally put the Scarlet Speedster and the Platinum Avenger to the test. Welcome to, and today we’ll be pitting The Flash against to see which super speed hero comes out in first place.

The Flash may have come out on top in our Top 10 Characters With Super Speed list, however for this showdown, we’re evaluating a wider array of categories to see which superhero proves more superior.

Round 1: Origin and Backstory

One isn't just born being the fastest man alive. There are certain steps and proceedings that got them in the position they're in today. For Barry Allen, his powers were the result of a freak accident involving a bunch of chemicals that were struck by lightning, consequently giving him his super powers. Then there was the golden age flash, who, I kid you not, got his powers after he knocked over some vials of hard water ‘cause he wasn’t paying attention while he was having a smoke. Who says smoking and running don’t mix?
Pietro Maximoff was actually in fact born with his powers and only conceived their existence within his adolescence. Upon public discovery of the mutant powers him and his twin sister Wanda possessed, they were immediately chased out by the villagers they once lived under . Saved by their father Magneto, Pietro and Wanda were then recruited by the super villain to be founders of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
Sorry Flash, but tragedy beats accidents any day in a backstory. We have to give this round to Quicksilver.

WINNER: Flash 0 / Quicksilver 1

Round 2: Alter Ego

What a superhero does outside of his costume can say a lot about him. In the case of The Flash, it may pay tribute to his sense of justice and deduction skills. Barry Allen works as a police forensic scientist for Central City, while also dating Picture news reporter Iris West.
Quicksilver may have the best guise of all by simply hiding in plain sight. By living his life as a mutant, he didn't have the luxury of a normal life and hiding amongst common people left him scarred and untrusting. He's discarded his old life as Pietro Maximoff long ago. Besides, there really is no getting away from that platinum hair.
For Quicksilver's resilience and lack of identity crisis, we give him this round.

WINNER: Flash 0 / Quicksilver 2

Round 3: Speed Feats

Yes, both of these characters are very fast, in fact they're both believed to be the fastest characters within their respective comic book universes, but which one of the two can inherit the title of the very fastest?
The Flash gets his power from an energy source called the Speed Force. This energy grants all iterations of The Flash their super speed and each of them share a portion. With this power, The Flash has been bestowed unmatched speed, endurance, and accelerated recovery. Aside from being swift enough to travel through time, he's been known to be able to vibrate his body fast enough to pass through solid objects. The Flash has raced characters such as Superman and creamed the so-called man faster than a speeding bullet without breaking a sweat.
Quicksilver's mutant abilities not only grant him the ability to move at super speed, but also process information and think at an accelerated rate. He's clocked in right above the speed of sound, granting him the ability to manifest cyclones, cross bodies of water, and run up walls.
As amazing as all these feats were, The Flash's Speed Force renders his speed capabilities interminable. This round goes to the Flash.

WINNER: Flash 1 / Quicksilver 2

Round 4: Villains

Being a superhero and all, one can assume you'll attract some unwanted attention.
The Flash may have one of the most colorful cast of villains of any DC superhero Barry Allen's arch nemesis, The ReverseFlash possesses all the same powers as the hero but is extremely violent and may be the only thing in the universe to have matched the hero's speed. Plus, being a solid member of the justice league means he’s gone toe to toe with some of the Universes most evil and powerful beings.

With having instances of being a villain himself, Quicksilver doesn't quite possess a clearly defined enemy. With Pietro, it is all determined by which side he's currently playing for. He's been featured in vicious bouts with the X-Men and The Avengers, all while holding his own. If any, his most constant nemesis would have to be his own father Magneto, whom he has yet to truly break free of.

When it comes to being a good villain, it's all about consistency. The Flash will have to walk away with this round.

WINNER: Flash 2 / Quicksilver 2

Round 5: Allies

What's a supersonic speedster without his team to back him up? Behind The Flash is the iconic superhero group, the Justice. Being one of the league's founding members, Barry has formed close knit bonds with the likes of Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, and rest of the super-powered crew.

Quicksilver has been known to have adopted the role of being a drifter. The amount of organizations he's fought with are probably too numerous to name, but his most notable loyalties have been with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, The Avengers, and X-Factor. No matter where Pietro's allegiance fell, his loyalty and devotion to his twin sister Wanda was the only thing that remained constant.

Sorry Quicksilver, but consistency goes a long way, especially when it comes from the most powerful superhero organization ever to be formed.

WINNER: Flash 3 / Batman 2

It would seem The Flash pulled ahead to beat Quicksilver by a hair, with a final score of 3 to 2. Quicksilver may not lag far behind in terms of speed, but he has a long way to go before he's as well-rounded as this hero.

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