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Top 10 Superhero Symbols

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Clayton Martino. It's important for a good superhero to be recognized, and all the best superheroes have iconic symbols. Whether it's pasted on their chest, belt, gadgets or weapons, heroes use their symbol to strike fear in the hearts of enemies, and bring hope to those they defend. So join as we count down our picks for the top 10 superhero symbols. Special thanks to our users viliguns, datmovieclubber.dfco and zac roper for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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Script written by Clayton Martino.

Top 10 Superhero Symbols

These symbols strike fear in villains and fill our hearts with hope. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superhero Symbols. For this list, we are looking at the best symbols associated with particular superheroes.

#10: Captain America’s Star

Simple, patriotic, and iconic – Captain America’s star is the definition of American strength. The intensity of the colours has changed slightly over the years, but the design on the shield remins largely the same: a white star in a blue circle surrounded by rings of red and white. The star is also located on Cap’s chest, and can likely be found in the nightmares of every member of Hydra.

#9: Green Lantern’s Lantern

Some of the best symbols stand for more than just one specific person, and that’s exactly what the iconic lantern does. There are dozens of Green Lanterns patrolling the universe, and almost all of them bear the lantern on their chest. While this logo loses some points for lack of creativity, sometimes simple is better, and the colour scheme and minimalist design work together perfectly.

#8: Wonder Woman’s WW

While Wonder Woman’s twin Ws represent her initials, the design also looks like a bird with wings stretched out, demonstrating her ability to fly, and matches the shape of her costume perfectly. Some versions of the design actually give the symbol an eagle’s head, furthering the bird for patriotic symbolism. Add in the stars with the red, white, and blue colour scheme, and Wonder Woman is the perfect embodiment of female strength and determination.

#7: X-Men’s X

While the X isn’t the most creative symbol on the list, it certainly is recognisable. When you see that X you know you are dealing with the X-Men, a superhero team of mutants lead by Charles Xavier. There are many different colour schemes of the symbol, however, which have changed several times over the years, but is usually an encircled yellow or black ‘x’ over a red background.

#6: The Flash’s Lightning Bolt

Does the Flash even need a logo, considering he can run so fast no one will be able to see it? If crooks did catch a glimpse of the iconic lightning bolt, however, they would no doubt run as fast as they could in the opposite direction – not that it would help. The red and yellow colour scheme is extremely impactful while the lightning accurately represents the Flash’s incredible speed.

#5: The Punisher’s Skull

A symbol needs to be indicative of what the hero does, and there is perhaps no better example of this than the classic skull used by the Punisher. He wears the large skull on his shirt so criminals have something to aim at, which usually doesn’t help when they are already dead. The skull symbolizes everything the Punisher stands for – an uncompromising sense of justice.

#4: Fantastic Four’s 4

Simple? Yes. But when villains see the number four in the little white circle, they know they are about to get clobbered. While only three members of the team wear the logo, mainly because it’s hard for the Thing to fit into a shirt, it is one of the most recognized symbols in the Marvel universe. You know you have a good logo when it stays essentially the same for over 50 years.

#3: Spider-Man’s Spider

While Spider-Man’s symbol has been modified several times over the years, the general design has always remained the same. Spidy’s spider is one of the most recognized symbols in the Marvel world. The symbol is usually black, allowing it to clearly stand out against the red and white backdrop of Spider-Man’s costume. Surrounded by webbing, the logo is easily recognizable and a source of fear for criminals and super villains alike.

#2: Superman’s S

Is it an S or a Kryptonian symbol? Regardless, the Superman’s logo is not only one of the most famous symbols in the DC universe, it is one of the most famous symbols in the entire world, and has set the standard for all other superhero logos to follow. The bright red and yellow catch the eye instantly, while the upside down triangle brings to mind the durability of a diamond. Is there a more iconic superhero image than a shot of Clark Kent opening his dress shirt to reveal the famous S?

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

The Comedian’s Smiley Face

Daredevil’s DD

Deadpool’s Eyes

Phoenix’s Phoenix

Captain Marvel’s Lightning Bolt

#1: Batman’s Bat

The perfect blend of cool and iconic, the Bat Symbol is our top choice for the best superhero logo. The negative space creating the bat accurately represents Batman’s dark nature and brooding persona. The symbol looks great on everything, Batman’s belt, batarangs and almost every gadget he carries. Whether it comes with the yellow oval or not, it always looks great, especially when emblazed in the across the sky.

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