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Top 5 Disgusting Dinosaur Facts

VO: Chris Masson
Gross stuff and dinosaurs; when you were a kid, odds are you couldn't get enough of either. Welcome to the first instalment of WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts, the series where we reveal five random facts about a fascinating topic. Today we're looking at the five most disgusting facts about dinosaurs we could find. How much did T-Rex poo? How did Stegosauruses get it on? Things are about to get gross.

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Top 5 Disgusting Dinosaurs Facts

Gross stuff and dinosaurs; when you were a kid, odds are you couldn’t get enough of either. Welcome to WatchMojo's Top 5 Facts; the series where we reveal – you guessed it – five random facts about a fascinating topic.

In this instalment, we're looking at the five most disgusting facts about dinosaurs we could find. Things are about to get gross – like early Adam Sandler movie gross.

#5: Some Dinos Dumped 4-Gallon Turds

"How do they know how big a dinosaur’s turd was?" you may be asking. Well, there is such a thing as a dung fossil – we shit you not. One of the most well known dinosaur dung fossils, or coprolites as they’re called, was this piece found in 1990. By volume, it’s about two thirds of a gallon, or the size of a bottle of pop plus a can of pop. Paleontologists are fairly certain that sample came from a T-Rex; but there are much bigger dinosaurs out there. By calculating their size relative to the T-Rex and its coprolite, they figure that the biggest dinos may have dropped deuces that were 4-gallons in volume. Paleontologists are also fairly certain the dinosaurs didn’t wipe.

#4: T-Rex Sneezed Buckets of Snot

Still no cure for cancer, but we do know this. Scientists have taken cutting edge 3D imaging – that presumably could have been used to improve safety features on family cars or to study diseased baby hearts– and figured out what a Tyrannosaurus’ sinuses looked like. They’ve also calculated that their skulls weighed about as much as the starting line of the Detroit Pistons, but even so it was mostly filled with sinus cavities that were big enough to hold about 7 gallons of snot.

#3: Dinosaurs Had 1-Inch Long Fleas

In 2013, Chinese researchers discovered fossils of a new species of ancient flea that were 0.8 inches in length. They had sharp, saw-like teeth to bite through the skin on prehistoric beasts and their long blood sucking tubes were like hypodermic syringe needles. There were other prehistoric other parasites tooincluding some that bore holes in dino jaws. In fact, about 15 percent of all Tyrannosaurus skulls found show evidence of this infestation. Makes you wonder how the bug got around… Oh, right, it’s because T-Rexes ATE EACH OTHER.

#2: Dinosaurs Were Cannibals

Yes, many dinosaurs scavenged and even killed its own kind for food, gobbling up all the parasites that came along with it. Not only that, but fossil records show that predatory dinosaurs actually preferred dining on juvenile prey. Baby-eating cannibals? That’s less “icky-disgusting” and more “moral abomination-icky.” Maybe it’s unfair to hold animals, even giant lizards, up to human standards, but we are. Shame on you, ancient lizard

#1: There Is Nothing NOT Gross About Dinosaur Sex

Yuck, where to start? Dinosaurs, like modern birds and lizards, have a cloaca – one orifice for both waste and reproduction. That’s right: it all happens in the same hole. Let that sink in. But wait, there’s more. Take the T-Rex, for example: they didn’t really have much in the way of arms, so to hold on to their mate during sexy-time, they would’ve had to bite them. Picture it: the most formidable predator in history just chompin’ on his girlfriend as they get it on, blood everywhere. Speaking of fluids… Never mind; I just threw up.

How about you? Did you manage to keep your lunch down? Which of these factoids amazed you the most? For more disgustingly fact-filled top 10s published every week, be sure to subscribe to


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