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Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Q.V. Hough. This Governator is in a class of his own. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes. For this list, we’ve compiled the best and/or most memorable Arnold quotes from feature films only. No candid videos are included or television clips from his political career - it’s all about the movies here. Special thanks to our users Miroljub Milisavljevic, Daniel John, WatchMojoRocks, Gordon_king, Anwawesome, Joao S, Andrew A. Dennison and hans klass for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

This Governator is in a class of his own. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes.

For this list, we’ve compiled the best and/or most memorable Arnold quotes from feature films only. No candid videos are included or television clips from his political career - it’s all about the movies here.

#10: F. U. x 2
“Commando” (1985)

As a retired Delta Force operative, Colonel John Matrix lived a quiet life in the mountains where nobody could bother him. But then his daughter was snatched up by mercenaries, and he was forced to track down a South American dictator in order to save her life. After leaping from an airplane and embarking on an explosive car chase, a pissed-off John Matrix comes face-to-face with a corrupt and confident Green Beret unaware of his empty gun. And so…he enters THE MATRIX. Arnold first delivered the line a year before in “The Terminator,” and, well, it never gets old.

#9: Panic Room
“Kindergarten Cop” (1990)

There’s not much that frightens Detective John Kimble. He spent years chasing down one of LA’s most notorious drug dealers, but after going undercover at Oregon’s Astoria Elementary, he’s confronted with the horror of a Kindergarten class gone completely crazy. Maybe it was the young Salvador Dali wannabes painting the chalkboard, or perhaps it was the foot piano playing, but the pure madness of the situation made Kimble completely lose his mind. Of course, all the kids bawled their eyes out, which only made the detective panic even more.

#8: The Lamentation
“Conan the Barbarian” (1982)

Written by the masters of movie dialogue, John Milius and Oliver Stone, “Conan the Barbarian” had the title character philosophizing with Mongols around a fire. As they all pondered what’s best in life, Conan produces a classic answer with stone-cold confidence. Ok, so Milius and Stone aren’t technically the original writers of this line, as it’s actually based on a translation of a Genghis Khan speech. Regardless, it’s a powerful Arnold quote from the ‘80s that never loses its power.

#7: Wifey No More
“Total Recall” (1990)

Douglas Quaid was a blue-collar kind of a guy with a smoking hot wife named Lori. But after some disturbing dreams – and we mean DISTURBING - he decided it was best to embrace his fantasies and have memories of a Mars vacation implanted into his brain. We’ve all been at the same crossroads, right? But as it turns out, sweet little Lori, played by Sharon Stone, isn’t exactly who she seems to be. And so, Mr. Quaid is forced to retaliate after wifey tries to take his life. You could say that this divorce is most definitely final.

#6: Gravity
“Commando” (1985)

Shortly before the #10 quote on our list, John Matrix hunts down Sully, the henchman of the South American dictator, after receiving a little help from a flight attendant. A car chase ensues and Big John ultimately captures the frightened man, who still manages to talk smack shortly before he’s carried to the edge of a cliff. With a brief lesson on gravity and a reminder of the past, Mr. Matrix lets go of it all, including the bully Sully.

#5: Hands Off
“Total Recall” (1990)

When Douglas Quaid learns the full extent of his past on Mars, he confronts the Governor Vilos Cohaagen and sets off to explore the mines in order to whoop some ass. Unfortunately for the devious and extremely jealous Richter, his nemesis takes a hands-on approach in battle and swiftly separates his enemy’s limbs from the rest of his body. Of course, it wasn’t enough to kill him, as Quaid also had to shame Richter through a well-timed zinger.

#4: Tumor
“Kindergarten Cop” (1990)

Already on edge after finding a kid munching down other students’ lunches, John Kimble calms himself and organizes a storytelling game called “Who Is My Daddy and What Does He Do?” It was designed to unveil clues about his undercover assignment, but these kindergarteners have questions – and LOTS of them. In fact, they respond to each and every sentence they hear, which leads one innocent student to offer some unwanted advice. Stressed out and slightly confused, Kimble snaps at the kid like a big meanie.

#3: Choppa
“Predator” (1987)

When an American Delta force arrives in the fictional country of Val Verde to free hostages, they are confronted by a strange being that’s ready for a good hunt – a HUMAN hunt. One by one they are picked off, which leads to one of the most simple, hilarious and heartfelt Arnold Schwarzenegger lines ever. As the surviving hostage Anna looks on, Major Dutch Schaefer screams out in horror and proceeded to utterly amaze viewers with such passion.

#2: He’ll Be Back
“The Terminator” (1984)

Originally spoken by the title character of James Cameron’s 1984 film, this Arnold Schwarzeneggerline has since been heard in numerous other movies while becoming one of the most recognizable catchphrases in cinema. It’s simple yet effective - and doesn’t require a complete Arnold meltdown to be enjoyable. Schwarzenegger initially had problems with the pronunciation; however director Cameron ultimately instructed him as to how it should be spoken. This Schwarzenegger quote has been heard most recently in 2012’s “Expendables 2,” and it’s older than most Mojoholics.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Cookie Monster
“Jingle All the Way” (1996)
- Needs
“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991)
- A Steamy Affair
“Commando” (1985)
- Honesty Works Best
“The Running Man” (1987)
- Fired
“True Lies” (1994)

#1: See You Later… Baby
“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991)

Once just a kid with a dream in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a Hollywood A-lister and, of course, the Governor of California. But could he ever have imagined that a Chilean President would quote his most famous catchphrase? It all began with “Terminator 2” when young John Connor tried to loosen up his cyborg pal, and the quote became a defining moment of the film when T-800 later spoke it with supreme confidence. Since then, “Hasta la Vista, Baby” has truly become international.

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