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Top 10 Hottest Brunettes: Modern

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Sean Harris. Because believe us when we say, brunette is best! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 hottest modern-day brunettes! For this list, we've searched the lengths and breadths of celebdom to find for you the hottest brown-haired beauties out there! There are no specifications in terms of career path, only in terms of hair color! Special thanks to our users Jonathan Orr, zendaddy621 and Jason Lundgren for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Hottest Brunettes: Modern

Because believe us when we say, brunette is best! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 hottest modern-day brunettes!

For this list, we've searched the lengths and breadths of celebdom to find for you the hottest brown-haired beauties out there! There are no specifications in terms of career path, only in terms of hair color!

#10: Jessica Alba

A California girl internationally admired, Jessica Alba is one seriously attractive actress! Earning her fame in the early '00s with a lead part as Max Guevara in the James Cameron TV series "Dark Angel", she has since built for herself a successful (and incredibly sexy) film career! She's red hot in "Into the Blue", fantastically foxy in "Fantastic Four", worth sinning for in "Sin City", and in "Good Luck Chuck", she's obsessed with penguins, but we're obsessed with her!

#9: Kate Beckinsale

Another actress whose breakout year came at the beginning of the century, Kate Beckinsale came to our attention in 2001 with major parts in "Pearl Harbor" and "Serendipity". An actress clearly capable of working various roles, she would soon become best known within one genre in particular... After being cast as Selene in 2003's "Underworld" (and its subsequent sequels), Beckinsale became queen of action-horror! And that outfit... The skin-tight leather look can be difficult to pull off, but in this case it's perfect!

#8: Megan Fox

We all thought we knew what constituted a hot brunette... But that was until Megan Fox showed up and transformed our old ideas! The actress had already earned a little fame before starring as Mikaela Banes in 2007's superfilm, "Transformers", but it was ultimately alongside Shia LaBeouf and Optimus Prime that she established herself as one of the sexiest women in the world! She's the right side of sassy, she's the best bits of beautiful, she can get to work on our car anytime she likes!

#7: Penélope Cruz

From the United States of America to the European country of Spain, and to one of the most sensational actresses of the twenty-first century! Penelope Cruz is exceptionally talented (as demonstrated by her Oscar win...), and incredibly hot! In short, she has it all... Today's essential brown hair, sultry eyes to match, a breath-taking body and a voice that's worth replaying over and over and over again! She's mainstream, she's art house, she's everywhere in between and she always looks good!

#6: Natalie Portman

Where some of our top ten earn their attractiveness through outright sexiness, others wield a little more sophistication in order to turn heads. Natalie Portman is perhaps the greatest example of the refined woman to have you weak at the knees! A Harvard graduate, she's as brainy as she is beautiful, and with a wide range of roles and genres under her acting belt, she's a favorite among almost all film fans! Miss Portman is as pretty as they come, placed sixth though, our top half has to be seriously hot!

#5: Olivia Wilde

Starring in TV successes such as "The O.C." and most notably "House", as well as big time movies such as "Tron: Legacy", "In Time" and "Rush," Olivia Wilde has been driving us wild for a while now! A great actress and model, she's more than just a pretty face... But for the purposes of this list, let us take in her prettiness alone, and celebrate it! The hair, the eyes, the smile... Wilde's a real life wonder woman! She has the world at her feet, and the wow factor everywhere else!

#4: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis moved with her family to Los Angeles from the Ukraine at the age of 7 not knowing a word of English, by 9 she had been enrolled in acting classes, and by her early twenties she was internationally famous... A Hollywood success story that's difficult to beat, Kunis also has good looks far greater than the average actress! Especially memorable in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", a shining light in "Black Swan" and out of this world in "Jupiter Ascending", she's so, so fine!

#3: Jennifer Lopez

Next, to a nigh-on perfect lady, who has had us hanging on her every word for decades. J-Lo is an undisputed superstar, and she's incontestably super hot! A woman who we all wish was from our block, she has consistently redefined sexy, and shows little sign of stepping away from her well-deserved limelight, despite turning forty-five in 2014! There's aging well, and then there's Jennifer Lopez! We don't know (or especially care...) how she does it, only that she keeps on doing it!

#2: Monica Bellucci

Another apparently age-immune wonder, Monica Bellucci turned 50 in September 2014, but turns heads as often today as she did at the beginning of her career! An Italian model turned actress, she creates an atmosphere just by walking into the room, with assets aplenty and an attitude to match! She's front page material many, many times over, she's about to become the oldest (and quite probably greatest) Bond Girl in history, she's a brunette beauty beaten by just one wow-worthy other...

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Adriana Lima
- Sofia Vergara
- Eva Longoria
- Cheryl Cole
- Emma Watson

#1: Angelina Jolie

A contender for all manner of 'sexiest woman alive' awards with every passing year, Angelina Jolie is this generation's icon! Boasting possibly the most beautiful face on the planet, her eyes are admired, her hair is admired, her lips and smile and body and tattoos and (we could go on and on...) she's quite simply, the complete package! One of the most influential people in the world, is it any wonder when she looks this good!? Mr Pitt is a very, very lucky man to be wed to this WatchMojo winner!

Do you agree with our list? Which brown-haired hottie have we forgotten? For more eye-catching top10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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