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Top 10 Moments from Friends

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Script written by Clayton Martino

These moments will always be there for you! In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 moments from Friends. For this list, we're looking at the best moments from this classic sitcom. We are limiting our list to those one-off moments, however, and are not including moments that recurred throughout several episodes.

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Script written by Clayton Martino.

Top 10 Moments from Friends

These moments will always be there for you! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 “Friends” moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the best moments from this classic sitcom. We are limiting our list to those one-off moments, however, and are not including moments that recurred throughout several episodes.

#10: Pivot!

Ross was responsible for some of the most hilarious moments on the show – for example, who can forget when he attempted to play the bagpipes? But this scene is vintage Ross. When he gets a new couch but refuses to pay for movers to help get it up to his apartment, he enlists Rachel and Chandler to try and get it up the stairs. Naturally, the couch gets stuck and Ross attempts to direct his friends by repeating the word “Pivot” over and over again, pronouncing it slightly differently each time, and eventually causing Chandler to snap.

#9: Monica with the Turkey on Her Head

One of the things this show did best was effectively mix comedy with serious topics, and this scene is a perfect example. After a classic “Friends” flashback, wherein Chandler learns the reason he lost a toe was because he called Monica fat, Chandler angrily storms out of the room. Monica attempts to cheer him up by wearing the Thanksgiving turkey on her head – calling back to another of the episode’s flashback, only unlike Joey, Monica’s come equipped with a hat and sunglasses. When she starts dancing, Chandler gives in and says he loves her for the first time, before hilariously denying it. The scene ends with a terrified Joey running away in fear after seeing Monica.

#8: She Got Off the Plane

There’s no denying that Rachel and Ross’ relationship was one of the main storylines of “Friends.” Beginning with their first kiss, they were on/off throughout the series, with things looking bleak in the finale as Rachel boarded a plane for her new job in Paris. After his last desperate plea failed, a dejected Ross returns home, only to discover that Rachel had left a message on his machine from the runway. Rachel realizes that she belongs with Ross mid-call, and attempts to get off the plane as both Ross and the audience listen helplessly. The mini cliffhanger is resolved when we discover that Rachel did indeed get off the plane, and the will they/won’t they question is finally answered for good.

#7: Phoebe Tries to Seduce Chandler

After discovering Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship, Phoebe decides to force the truth out of them by pretending to be romantically interested in Chandler, bringing Rachel and Joey in on her scheme. Things come to a head when Phoebe exposes her bra and attempts to seduce Chandler. Chandler tries his best to play along, but immediately surrenders after a brief kiss, finally admitting his love for Monica. This scene is again “Friends” at its absolute best, as it perfectly mixes comedy and emotion.

#6: The Seven Erogenous Zones

Of course, at times, the series goes for pure comedy, and Monica’s depiction of the seven erogenous zones is absolutely hilarious. Chandler is dating Joey’s ex-girlfriend, and as Mr. Tribbiani is a well-documented ladies’ man, Mr. Bing is understandably apprehensive. Monica attempts to coach Chandler with a diagram, but soon gets caught up in the zones herself, and eventually can’t even talk. Several sexual innuendos and a fake orgasm make this scene one of the series’ most memorable

#5: Joey Dresses Up Like Chandler

One of the series’ best bottle episodes – and best episodes in general – featured several great moments, but none better than this one. When Chandler returns from the bathroom to find Joey sitting in the seat he’d vacated to use the facilities, all hell breaks loose: the pair begins bickering nonstop, much to the chagrin of an on-the-clock Ross. The culmination of this story comes when Chandler hides all of Joey’s underwear. No one is prepared for what happens next, however, as Joey decides to do the opposite in retaliation, and he emerges wearing every piece of clothing that Chandler owns. Joey’s impression of Chandler and his commando lunges make this scene pure comedic gold

#4: The Prom Video

Seeing flashbacks to the characters’ lives during the ‘80s was always hilarious, but in this case it also produced one of the more tender moments of the series. The gang is watching a video of Monica and Rachel getting ready for their prom, and it seems like Rachel has been stood up by her date. So Ross, hopelessly in love with Rachel even then, decides to wear his dad’s tuxedo and take her himself. After he finally convinces himself to go downstairs, we discover that Chip has arrived, and the flashback ends with Ross looking absolutely heartbroken. It works out in the end, however, as Rachel kisses Ross, turning them into an official couple.

#3: The Football Game

Combining football and Thanksgiving is tradition in America, and as we discover, also a tradition in the Geller household. The competition is too much to bear for Ross and Monica, who drag their friends down to the park to partake in a not-so-friendly game. The resulting short sports montage has absolutely everything – we see the Geller siblings at their competitive best (and worst), Joey and Chandler competing for the attentions of a woman, and Rachel relegated to the sidelines. The game eventually comes down to one play, with Monica delivering a perfect pass to a wide-open Rachel – only to realize that she isn’t actually in the end zone and the ball is still live.

#2: Ross Says ‘Rachel’

We all have our Freudian slips. Unfortunately for Ross, his came at the worst possible time. The wedding ceremony is beautiful, right up to the point where Ross has to say that he takes Emily as his wife, but mistakenly says Rachel’s name instead. He attempts to fix his mistake as a stunned Emily stares on in shock, but clearly the damage has been done. This moment changed the series forever, and essentially ruined Ross’ relationship with Emily – but we probably didn’t need to tell you that part.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Ross Gets a Tan
“The One with Ross’ Tan”

- The Holiday Armadillo
“The One with the Holiday Armadillo”

- Danny DeVito as the Stripper
“The One Where the Stripper Cries”

- The Routine
“The One with the Routine”

- Ross’ Leather Pants
“The One with All the Resolutions”

#1: The Quiz Game

Was there any doubt what our number one entry would be? This scene pits the boys versus the girls in a battle of wits over who knows who better. Initially, the winning team is to receive $100, but as the game progresses the stakes are raised: if the women win, Joey and Chandler have to give up their birds, but if the boys win, they get the girls’ apartment. We learn new trivia and tidbits about the friends we never knew before. But ultimately, the quiz comes down to the speed round, with the girls ultimately losing because they don’t know what Chandler does for a living. In case you’re wondering, it was statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.

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