Top 10 Badass Movie Drivers



Top 10 Badass Movie Drivers

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Buckle up! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 badass drivers in movies. For this list, we're focusing on feature films only and excluding people who pay their bills with daytime driving jobs. Well, at least legal ones.

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Buckle up! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 badass drivers in movies.

For this list, we’re focusing on feature films only and excluding people who pay their bills with daytime driving jobs. Well, at least legal ones.

#10: Fox
“Wanted” (2008)

It takes a hefty set of balls to deliberately rear-end a police vehicle, and Angelina Jolie’s sported such a pair in Timur Bekmambetov’s (tea-moor beck-MAM-betov) comic book adaptation of “Wanted.” When a nervous office dweeb becomes the focus of a determined assassin, Fox shows up in a busy parking lot and literally pegs Wesley Gibson in a brilliant grace-under-pressure maneuver. As the would-be assassin panicked in the passenger seat, Fox maintained a watchful gaze while evading the resourceful assassin known as Cross. It’s no easy task to own the streets with a loudmouth in tow, but Fox straight up handled her business. Of course, Angelina Jolie went without cruise control in the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” as well.

#9: Sam
“Ronin” (1998)

Driving a Peugeot 406, Robert De Niro’s character took an unintentional tour of Paris in John Frankenheimer’s acclaimed spy thriller. After a deal with a beautiful IRA operative turns deadly, Sam and his partner in crime pursue their enemies and a mysterious briefcase while thoroughly burning rubber across numerous arrondissements. Hey, nobody said you had to be cool and collected to be a badass driver, and Sam certainly conveyed a look of “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” But guess what? Sam buckled up, took control of the wheel and let everybody know that age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

#8: Frankenstein
“Death Race 2000” (1975)

Some people drive normal cars, and some people drive an alligator-style Shala Vette. Ok, ONE person drives that kind of car, and his name was Frankenstein. In a rather disturbing dystopian society, the “Annual Transcontinental Road Race” was established in which drivers were rewarded for taking out unsuspecting pedestrians. The star driver of this frightening ordeal was none other than a mean, green killing machine in his reptilian ride. With no regard for human life, Frankenstein ripped up the roads of America and left everyone befuddled by his brilliant driving tactics.

#7: The Blues Brothers
“The Blues Brothers” (1980)

What do you get when you put together the blues, a mission from God and a total disregard for the Popos? This musical comedy, which features one of most badass drivers you’ll ever see on the big screen, thanks to this Blues Brother’s skills behind the wheel. While he is also a talented member of the titular R&B band, the way in which they evade the cops on their trail by ripping through the Dixie Square Mall with a nonchalant attitude and casual detachment is what really makes the driving stand out. But that’s not all; the Blues Brothers also drive through a rally of Nazis and they are back at it again during the climax, using the Bluesmobile to create chaos and destruction as they’re pursued by the authorities.

#6: Max Rockatansky
“Mad Max” (1979)

Much like our #8 entry, this film was centered on a dystopian society that allowed mad men, and a traumatized man known as Mad Max, to partake in extremely violent car chases. The madness begins when Max Rockatansky’s wife and daughter were killed, which led the grieving widower to push the pedal to the metal in a crazy/cool customized Police Special. V-8…Supercharger…when a man loses everything and pimps out his ride, well, that’s when you know you better be on his good side.

#5: Jason Bourne
“Bourne” franchise (2002-)

Speaking of traumatized characters, he’s a fellow that may not necessarily know his real name, but he can describe the street layout of most European cities. After all, a trained assassin must think quick, and Jason Bourne has been known to escape from the stickiest of situations. He once drove down a case of steps in Paris, most likely to impress his lady, and even drove a taxi in Moscow while evading a Russian agent. Truly an international road warrior, Bourne accomplished one of his greatest feats domestically in The Big Apple. Now how do you like dem apples?

#4: Frank Bullitt
“Bullitt” (1968)

Based on the real-life inspector who would later become famous by working the Zodiac Killer case, this Bay Area driver took part in one of cinema’s most beloved chase scenes. Driving his bad-ass ’68 Ford Mustang GT, Frank Bullitt hunted down a group of hitmen up and down the streets of sunny San Francisco. Yeah, he caused a tiny bit of damage, but his sick command of the vehicle has long caused moviegoers to watch in complete silence from the proverbial passenger seat. Steve McQueen portrayed the determined driver and once worked as James Dean’s New York City mechanic. Almost 15 years later, he skills came in rather handy. Do your thang, Bullitt, we’re just here for the ride.

#3: Frank Martin
“The Transporter” (2002)

This guy will outrace you, beat you up and then verbally shame you with his extraordinary accent. Yeah, his name is rather simple, but hey, he’s a simple guy. All you need to do is give Frank Martin an address, and he’ll deliver your goods like the pro that he is. However, when gangsters are involved, sometimes the “package” turns out to be gagged human beings. Even so, Martin gets down in the streets like no other, and he’s certainly not afraid to, um, fly. You might want to think twice before you travel with this guy, because you just may need a fresh pair of trousers when you reach the final destination.

#2: Dominic Toretto
“The Fast and the Furious” franchise (2001-)

You might recognize this beefed-up and bald-headed drag racer from – oh, we don’t know – ALMOST EVERY “Fast and the Furious” movie? In fact, Dominic Toretto and his pal Brian O’Conner set the standard for cinematic car chases, as they’ve managed to find themselves in just about every possible scenario. Dom likes to boogie in his Pops’ 1970 Dodge Charger, even if the ride frightens him more than his insane road antics. At the end of the day, Dominic Toretto is fiercely loyal to his fam, including Letty, the main lady in his life.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- The Blues Brothers
“The Blues Brothers” (1980)
- The Driver
“The Driver” (1978)
- James Bond
“Skyfall” (2012)
- Kim Mathis
“Death Proof” (2007)
- Det. Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle
“The French Connection” (1971)

#1: The Driver
“Drive” (2011)

He’s a Los Angeles mechanic by trade, and an occasional movie stunt man. Oh, and he’s also one of the best getaway drivers in the history of cinema. With only a few simple rules for prospective clients, the Driver decks himself in a shiny scorpion jacket and oozes intensity with a focused yet slightly psychotic gaze. Ok, it’s definitely a psycho stare, but when you’re rippin' up the L.A. streets alongside looney mobsters, you must have a few screws loose just to adapt. This guy may not offer up life advice to his passengers or even realize that he’s crazy, but he’s not Dr. Phil for cryin’ out loud - he’s “THE” driver.

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