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Top 10 YouTube Music Critics - TopX Ep.41

VO: Dan Paradis
Welcome to the forty-first episode of TopX, the show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: http://WatchMojo.comtopx Today we'll be releasing the sound and the fury as we checkout the top 10 YouTube Music Critics.

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Top 10 YouTube Music Critics

For this list, we're focusing specifically on our favorite reviewers of music regardless of their audience size.

#10: Cover Killer Nation

- In just a few short years, the man known as “Cover Killer Nation” has established a following of 30,000 YouTube Metalheads while simultaneously reinventing his own thrashing style and approach to the video review.
- Ok, maybe the production quality won’t exactly inspire Rob Zombie to call him for cinematography work, but does it really matter? CKN is all about the music. He’s all about the madness of metal, and he will melt your fricken’ face off with his burning passion.
- Let’s be clear. Cover Killer Nation doesn’t restrict himself only to metal. After tackling Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly,” he decided to take on Earl Sweatshirt, and well, even he seemed surprised by his review.
- Cover Killer Nation has 30 years experience in the business, and that business, my friends, is listening to music. Given his deep insight and remarkable articulation, let’s hope that he continues to kick out the reviews on a weekly basis. Cover. Killer. Nation. Check him out.


- Big Quint is best known for his “first reaction” videos. Now, when we say first reaction, we really mean it – He doesn’t listen to the song or album and then record a video – he listens to it DURING the video and then reacts accordingly. This lends the videos a very organic and authentic feel.
- What big quint lacks in production value he makes up for in charisma. He could really use a backdrop and a solid microphone, but his booming personality is still enough to carry his channel and videos.
- It should be noted that Quint’s videos are pretty raw – in the verbal sense. That is to say that he a lot of strong language – so much so that his warning that plays at the start of his recent videos is almost too explicit to show in and of itself. But that’s his style: love it or leave.

#8: Spectrum Pulse

- All right, here’s a music critic that is flat out HARSH. Harsh…harsh but FAIR.
- Since joining YouTube in 2011, Spectrum Pulse aka Mark Grondin has managed to accumulate approximately 11,000 subscribers, and it’s not because of his strong fashion game. It’s became of his 10-minute Billboard Breakdowns and ability to get right to the point.
- Sure, he may rush through his reviews at times, and his thundering voice may inspire you to turn down the volume a couple notches, but the overall production lends a professional vibe to his review, despite the constant presence of a stuffed animal.
- While Mark Grondin may be a poor man’s Ryan Seacrest, don’t be surprised if his YouTube Channel continues to blow up thanks to his entertaining takes on popular music.

#7: The Daily Guru

- All right, here’s something for lovers of classic rock. Allow us to introduce you to…The Daily Guru. He’s heavily bearded and undoubtedly a brilliant mind.
- You have to love the classic white background of his King Crimson review, as it puts the spotlight on not only the Brooklyn-based guru himself, but also his remarkable t-shirt. Then again, don’t be surprised to find this man waxing poetic on vinyl poetry in the outdoors.
- While The Daily Guru has plenty of wisdom to offer on old school productions, he also covers new releases for “New Music Monday,” whether it’s the Minneapolis hip-hop collective “Doomtree” or the Sacramento-based “Death Grips.” AND, the Guru drops some end-of-the-week knowledge with “Full Album Friday.”
- He keeps it fresh, he keeps it interesting and he’s always on point with his reviews. Now The Guru just needs to trim that Chewbacca-looking beard just a tiny bit. This critic has the smallest amount of monthly views of our top ten entries, so let’s help him reach the next level.

#6: ARTV Reviews

- Our next pick is ARTV, hosted by a young man named Jon, who focuses primarily on Rock and Alternative music – cause who doesn’t like to rock? That’s a rhetorical question; you don’t need to answer that.
- One thing you’ll quickly notice is that ARTV’s videos are quite esthetically pleasing, despite the rather simple setup. While there’s no crazy production trick going on here, the nice background, well edited cuts and visual aids all give the videos are very professional look despite their low production costs.
- One things that’s certainly appreciated is that Jon gives a fair amount of context for his reviews. He often will demonstrate his prior knowledge of the band or artist in question before delving into his opinions, something which, naturally, adds a layer of credibility to his videos.

#5: Consequence of Sound

- Don’t you just to say it? Consequence of Sound. In a world full of online music critics, there was… Consequence of Sound.
- Fact: this channel has over 75,000 subscribers. Fact: their listening parties will move you. AND – you just might learn a thing or two.
- Consequence of Sound typically reviews an entire album every Tuesday, as the crew bands together for a meeting of the minds while figuratively stroking their beards full of music knowledge. In other words, they get down and dirty with new releases.
- Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of Consequence of Sound is the “Masterpiece Review” hosted by Nick Freed. His words are poignant, and his masterful takes on the oeuvres of modern artists are utterly remarkable. You simply can’t go wrong with Consequence of Sound.

#4: A Dose of Buckley

- Speaking of negativity, this man isn’t especially known for his complimentary reviews. In fact, he can get downright nasty, and that’s what makes him a mad genius of YouTube music critics.
- Here’s what you can expect from “A Dose of Buckley”: Angry humour from an angry man. He says so himself, and also notes that Quote – I don’t take requests, because this isn’t your shitty local radio station’s afternoon drive show – end quote.
- One shouldn’t expect to ever see Mr. Buckley, but you can expect him to comment on all the stupid shit that pop stars do. Case in point: Kanye West.
- While “A Dose of Buckley” can provide a steady amount laughs throughout the day, it’s careful to watch your daily dosage. Please enjoy “A Dose of Buckley” in moderation, Mojoholics, and save your YouTube binging for us.

#3: Dead End Hip Hop

- It’s always a good day when Kendrick Lamar offers you a shout-out when discussing his latest album. Such was the case when the Compton MC expressed his love for a group of Atlanta music critics known as “Dead End Hip Hop.”
- When it comes to album reviews, these guys and gals seriously get the job done over the course of 30-minute roundtable discussions.
- Even though Dead End Hip Hop doesn’t release videos on the daily like some other websites, they always bring it for their extensive reviews.
- If you have any type of interest in rap music, Dead End Hop Hop should be on your subscription list as of RIGHT NOW. They offer timely takes on the music industry itself, and their collective discourse on the latest releases will have you hooked.

#2: Todd in The Shadows (League of Super Critics Channel)

- Did somebody say piano? Hit that shit, Todd.
- You probably never imagined a piano-playing, film noir-like music critic, but Todd in the Shadows is all of these things. He’s part of the League of Super Critics, and his mysterious ways always keep viewers entertained.
- Like most online music critics, Todd has plenty of snark to throw around, but his reviews are typically extend beyond 10 minutes, and he’s got a knack for identifying what exactly makes a pop song work.
- For a channel that pulls in nearly 7 million views per month, it’s crucial to have someone like Todd in the Shadows; a critic who spends more time focusing on the actual music than hamming it up for the camera.

Before we get to the #1 YouTube Music Critic, here are a few honorable mentions.

HM1: Myke C-Town

HM2: Thisis50

HM3: Velocities in Music

#1: The Needle Drop

- Ok, YouTubers, here’s a music critic that knows how to do it all, and as host of “The Needle Drop,” Anthony Fantano has amassed nearly 500,000 subscribers along with almost 100,000 Twitter followers.
- It’s easy to recognize that Fantano has a background in radio, and with his 2-minute introduction video – a must for any serious YouTube critic – he conveys the essence of what “The Needle Drop” is all about.
- First and foremost, it’s Fantano’s deep knowledge of music that shines through in each review, and while he understands that not all with agree with his takes, he always provides a well-articulated argument for each review.
- But that’s not to say that you won’t find a little variety on “The Needle Drop,” as Fantano expressed in February of 2014.
- All in all, it helps to have a natural radio voice, however it’s Fantano’s poise and articulation that aspiring critics should take note of. Remember – trust your opinion, know how to present yourself and always use your creativity to produce a unique video review.

That’s it for our countdown. Be sure to find our favorite YouTube music critics on social and don’t forget to vote on upcoming episodes of TopX on our website. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to for more great top 10s every day.

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