Top 10 Five Finger Death Punch Songs



Top 10 Five Finger Death Punch Songs

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Prepare to learn The Way of the Fist. Join as we count down our picks for our Top 10 Five Finger Death Punch songs. For this list, we've chosen our entries base on a combination of the artist' fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. Typically we would leave off cover songs, but we have chosen to leave them on as the suggest page told us otherwise.

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Top 10 Five Finger Death Punch Songs

Prepare to learn The Way of the Fist. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for our Top 10 Five Finger Death Punch songs.

For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’ fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs.

#10: “White Knuckles”
The Way of the Fist (2007)

Let’s pump up our audience with our first pick. Have you ever been fed up with the selfish, the idiotic, and the corrupt? You are not alone. Finding its home in the middle of Death Punch’s debut album, “White Knuckles” was a standout surprise hit, quickly becoming a concert staple and a fan favorite. Once this track is played, you know that things are about to get out of control. Now make some room and show us all your white knuckles.

#9: “Coming Down”
American Capitalist (2011)

Let’s go further into the darkness a little bit. Released as the fourth single from the band’s third effort American Capitalist, “Coming Down” serves as evidence for the band’s viewpoint on the prevention of teen suicide. Death Punch brings us this hard-rocking epic track that fans will enjoy, all the while accompanied by an incredibly emotional music video that blends the realism of teen bullying and the violence that can only exist in animation. Hitting number 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, the track proved to be one of the band’s first smash hits.

#8: “The Pride”
American Capitalist (2011)

Another hit off of American Capitalist, this groove metal anthem examines materialism in American culture. Released as the final single from their third album, this list song will bring you in with its addicting guitar intro and keep you singing along well through the chorus. Many fans believed the track was originally about rebelling against the system, but that is not true. It is actually about fighting against laziness and your own circumstances. Join The Pride or be a slave to your own mediocrity.

#7: “The Way of the Fist”
The Way of the Fist (2007)

Beware the five finger death punch. The title track from Death Punch’s debut album, this fast paced thrash metal track launched the band’s new groove metal style onto the unexpecting metal community. The track, with the help of the album’s three main singles, launched the album to gold certification three years after its release. Do you need a heavy metal track to pump you up? Look no further and learn the way of the fist.

#6: “Lift Me Up” feat. Rob Halford
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 (2013)

How do you start off your newest album? You record with a metal legend. The first single from Volume 1 of this two album project, “Lift Me Up” features Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, blending his heavy metal style with Death Punch’s classic groove metal sound. Like many other tracks on this list, the song is meant to inspire listeners to overcome their own struggles in their own lives. The track’s success led to the band taking home “Song of the Year” at the Revolver Golden Gods awards.

#5: “Remember Everything”
American Capitalist (2011)

While we may forget, Death Punch remembers. Holding the spot as the third single from American Capitalist, “Remember Everything” was frontman Ivan Moody’s troubled way of talking about his dark and disappointing childhood growing up. The track was also accompanied by a troubling music video, depicting the struggles of a child suffering a tough life. Despite its dark and brooding content, the track skyrocketed near the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks, eventually peaking at the number two spot.

#4: “Never Enough”
The Way of the Fist (2007)

Whatever you do, it is never enough. Considered by fans to be the most popular bonus track the band has released, “Never Enough” shows us a tale of a twisted family, each dealing with their own problems while trying to put on the facade of being truly happy. The track was eventually released as the second single after the re-release of The Way of the Fist, and peaked at number nine on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart. Balancing family and work is hard and this track just shows how people cope with life’s struggles.

#3: “Bad Company”
War is the Answer (2009)

Many bands find success from covering previous hits, with Death Punch being a big example of this. Our next entry is the much heavier adaptation of English hard rock band Bad Company’s self-titled track. After covering the song live on multiple tours, the band eventually recorded and released their own version on their sophomore effort War is the Answer. Although the band drastically changed the sound and a few lyrics on the cover, the song is considered by many fans and critics to be one of Death Punch’s finest moments.

#2: “Under and Over It”
American Capitalist (2011)

Our next entry is quite possibly Death Punch’s most ridiculous song yet. Existing as the first single from American Capitalist, the track was inspired by the Internet doing what it does best: spreading rumors. Of course they were false and our Death Punch pals had to show just what they were messing with. The track was also accompanied by an insane music video, complete with a glimpse into the rock star life and plenty of destruction, the Death Punch way, of course.

Before we bleed into our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“House of the Rising Sun”
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2 (2013)

“Hard to See”
War is the Answer (2009)

“Mama Said Knock You Out feat. Tech N9ne”
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 (2013)

“Dying Breed”
War is the Answer (2009)

“Far From Home”
War is the Answer (2009)

#1: “The Bleeding”
The Way of the Fist (2007)

Now this is how you make a name for yourself. “The Bleeding” serves its purpose as the band’s debut single, bursting onto the metal scene with a Five Finger Death Punch. The track delves into common territory of the struggles in a relationship, just with a dark twist. “The Bleeding’s success garnered the creation of multiple versions, including a “screamless” and an “acoustic” version, which showcase the band’s musical diversity. A powerful and depressing tune, yet an amazing track that deserves our top crown.

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10) War Is The Answer 09) Watch You Bleed 08) Under & Over It 07) Hate Me 06) The Tragic Truth 05) Way Of The Fist 04) Ashes 03) Hard To See (LIVE Version) 02) Remember Everything 01) I Apologize