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Top 10 Bands We Wish Would Reunite

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by Sean Harris Back in the day, these bands were great... If only they got back together! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Bands We Wish Would Reunite! For this list, we're looking at all bands irrespective of genre, and selected only those for which a reunion is still possible. Special thanks to our users Jake Fraser, drewbrown and Andrew Warren for suggesting this idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Bands We Wish Would Reunite

Back in the day, these bands were great... If only they got back together! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Bands We Wish Would Reunite! For this list, we’re looking at all bands irrespective of genre, and selected only those for which a reunion is still possible. In some cases, for example with bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, a full reunion is impossible due to one or more original members having passed away.

#10: The Smiths

The Smiths were active for only five years - releasing four studio albums in that time - but in their short history they had an almighty impact! Led by vocalist Morrissey, the Manchester-based band carved for themselves a cult following that occasionally and effectively spilled over into mainstream music consciousness. With iconic records aplenty such as "This Charming Man" and "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", heaven knows we're also upset, because this is a bandthat should tour again!

#9: Genesis

The Genesis line-up has proven an ever-evolving entity since the band's original conception in 1967, with eleven musicians serving as full-time members at one point or another. But, to use an appropriate phrase given the band's Biblical name, 'In the Beginning' Peter Gabriel led a group formed of five pupils (himself included), of Charterhouse School, situated in the south of England. A progressive, theatrical rock band that pulled the genre in all manner of directions, the Phil Collins era was good, but who wouldn't want to relive those early glory days?!

#8: Oasis

One of the most iconic rock bands ever to come out of the U.K., should the Gallagher brothers ever be able to put their much-publicised differences aside, they would take the music world by storm! They conquered the Britpop scene of the 90s, and they have a back-catalogue of sheer brilliance! Both Liam and Noel have enjoyed relative success in solo projects since the band's 2009 split, but fans the world over want just one thing - to see the pair playing alongside one another once again!

#7: Talking Heads

Talking Heads established their own brand of punky, funky, avant-garde music during a sixteen year career between 1975 and 1991. Especially prominent in the '80s, hits such as "Once in a Lifetime" and "Psycho Killer" have been passed down through generations since the band's split, providing inspiration for the likes of Radiohead, R.E.M. and Vampire Weekend. Upon being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, the band did play a short set together, but an official tour unfortunately never materialised...

#6: ABBA

Euro-disco pioneers ABBA have been hounded for a reunion ever since their 1982 split! However, the chances of it actually ever happening look very, very slim! Despite the massive subsequent successes of compilation album "ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits", plus the musical and movie versions of "Mamma Mia", the band remains unwilling to wind back the clock... In 2000, the foursome reportedly turned down $1 billion to perform a reunion tour... No amount of 'money (money, money)' can make this dream a reality, but we'll gladly 'thank them for the music' regardless!

#5: The Police

Our next band have already put on one reunion tour, but we'd like their getting back together to be permanent, rather than a one off! The Police reformed in February 2007, opening the 49th Grammy Awards before embarking on a global tour, during which 3.7 million tickets were sold, grossing $358 million! History shows how badly fans want this band back on the airwaves, but Sting and the boys seem less excited by the idea... Every breath they take, every move they make, we'll be watching, waiting and hoping for a change of heart!

#4: Fugees

Best known for their Grammy Award winning second album "The Score", which included the classic cover, "Killing Me Softly", The Fugees are another to have already held a reunion tour... Although theirs was not as successful as The Police's! Bandmembers Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel simply couldn't work with one another during a brief reformation in the mid-00s... Widely considered one of the most influential acts within '90s hip hop however, we're all hoping that The Fugees reunite for real, one day!

#3: Black Sabbath

From hip-hop to heavy metal, and one of the genre's most iconic pioneers. The original line-up for Black Sabbath have reunited before, and have been tantalisingly close to doing so again within recent years... However, only three of the four-piece are currently working together. Original drummer Bill Ward pulled out of a proposed 2012 tour, citing contractual issues - which both angered band members (especially Ozzy Osbourne), and dismayed fans. Three outta four ain't bad, but Black Sabbath in its entirety would be another level of awesome!

#2: Guns 'n' Roses

A band that's actually still in existence, the Guns 'n' Roses line-up has altered almost entirely since the 1987 release of legendary debut album "Appetite For Destruction" - frontman Axl Rose is the only ever-present! Classic band members, bassist Duff McKagan, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, drummer Steven Adler and the ever-iconic Slash quit the project sporadically across the '90s - and there seems little to no likelihood that they'll ever be rejoining. In a perfect world though, or perhaps a 'Paradise City', 'Guns' would get back together, and go again!

But, before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

R. E. M.

The White Stripes

The Kinks

LCD Soundsystem

#1: Rage Against The Machine

They've stood at the very brink of reunion, but are yet to officially take the plunge! Rage Against the Machine raged most dominantly during the '90s, releasing four albums between '92 and 2000. Since then they've dabbled with festival appearances, and sensationally secured an anti-"X-Factor" UK Christmas number one spot with "Killing in the Name", in 2009. They've hinted that a new album could happen, but so far nothing has emerged...We can but eagerly await, with Rage-inspired revolution in our hearts, and the first four records in our ears!

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