Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games



Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

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Script written by Nick Williams

Some games are unique and innovative, while others are just flat out bizarre. Join as we countdown our picks for Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games.

For this list we've selected 10 more of strangest and most non-conventional games ever made. If some real weirdoes seem to be missing, be sure to check out our first list, “Top 10 Weirdest Video Games.”

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Script written by Nick Williams

Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

Some games are unique and innovative, while others are just flat out bizarre. Join as we countdown our picks for Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games.

For this list we’ve selected 10 more of strangest and most non-conventional games ever made. If some real weirdoes seem to be missing, be sure to check out our first list, “Top 10 Weirdest Video Games.”

#10: “Octodad” (2010)

Originally a freeware PC game, “Octodad” follows an octopus that’s a dad. OK, more specifically, it’s an octopus posing as a human, who needs to complete mundane human tasks to keep his charade going. By controlling each of his limbs independently, players help “Octodad” make it through his day without blowing his cover. If the concept itself didn’t make this obvious enough, “Octodad” is hilarious. There’s nothing quite like watching an octopus in a suit bumbling around with even the simplest of household chores.

#9: “Bad Mojo” (1996)

We know what you’re thinking and no – there’s no relation. In a bittersweet act of comeuppance, Roger Samms, a scientist, gets transformed into a cockroach after spending years embezzling money from a major roach pesticide grant. Now, you must control cockroach-Samms as he explores his disgusting apartment and tries to get out of his predicament. Behind “Bad Mojo’s” bizarre premise and sometimes disturbing graphics and imagery is an awesome adventure game filled with really unique ideas and challenging puzzles. Still – did anyone ever dream of controlling one of the most reviled pests on the planet?

#8: “The Stanley Parable” (2013)

In many ways, “The Stanley Parable” is a game about playing video games, and about straying from the long-standing conventions and rules associated with them. It’s Stanley, a mindless office drone, versus the narrator – and you get to decide whether to follow the story that the narrator is telling, or to stray from it. With countless branching paths and possible endings, “The Stanley Parable” will keep you coming back for more, if only so you can discover ways to add another absurd, hilarious and mind-bending wrinkle to Stanley’s otherwise mundane existence.

#7: “Boon-Ga Boon-Ga” (2001)

Peripheral-based games took arcades by storm with titles like “Dance Dance Revolution,” but there’s nothing quite like “Boon-Ga Boon-Ga,” which translates roughly to “Spank ‘Em” and was released only in Asia. The title is actually a bit of a misnomer, because you’re not really spanking anyone, but rather, simulating the act of forcibly jamming your finger up someone’s butt as a prank. You can choose between several victims, including mother-in-law, ex-partner, and er, child molester. This would never fly in North America.

#6: “Parodius” series (1998-2010)

What happens when you parody the grand-daddy of side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups, “Gradius”? Why, you get “Parodius.” Get it? “Gradius” plus parody equals “Parodius.” Clever. Basically, the “Parodius” series is Konami’s attempt to jam as many insane references, techno remixes of classical music, and over-the-top goofy humor into one shooting game, and the results are spectacular, zany, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. The pinnacle of the series is probably “Sexy Parodius,” which is the same as the other games except filled with scantily clad ladies and lots of innuendo.

#5: “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties” (1994)

Nope, the videoplayer isn’t glitching out, this one’s a slideshow. With developers eager to test out new technologies, there were many full motion video (FMV) based adventure games released in the 1990s, but none are more puzzling than “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties.” An adult-oriented romantic adventure for the ill-fated Panasonic 3D) featuring the most stereotypical vapid 90’s beefcakes, “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties” is probably the most bargain-bin game ever made, with title cards that look like they were made in Microsoft paint, horrible, mistake-filled voice acting, and some of the most cringeworthy jokes ever seen.

#4: “LSD: Dream Emulator” (1998)

Though not technically meant to re-create a hallucinogenic experience, “LSD: Dream Emulator” certainly feels like a reallybad acid trip. Based on the Japanese developer’s dream journals, “LSD: Dream Emulator” does an admirable job of forcing you to explore disjointed, morbid, confusingly nightmarish landscapes filled with strange symbolism and graphics, but unfortunately, it’s not always very fun. Some consider this game to be genius, and others consider it overblown and ridiculous, but either way, “LSD” certainly stands on its own.

#3: “I Am Bread” (2015)

Created by the same developers as “Surgeon Simulator,” “I Am Bread” is yet another exercise in hair-pulling frustration and goofball gameplay mechanics. What’s more exciting than being put in the shoes of an all-powerful warrior? How about becoming a piece of white bread? You control a slice of bread with a one-track mind: get toasted. If you spend too much time on gross surfaces, your bread’s ‘edibility’ meter drops. It’s one of the most ridiculous game concepts of all time, but pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

#2: “Ski Jumping Pairs: Reloaded” (2006)

…Sometimes there’s just no explaining cultural phenomenons, and that goes double for Japan. At some point, someone thought it would be hilarious to render the most ridiculous, non-sensical ski jump stunts of all time and match them with an extremely simplistic rhythm game. The gameplay is almost non-existent, but “Ski Jumping Pairs” isn’t about presenting a challenge – it’s about making you laugh your ass off with some of the most insane 3D animations ever put on a disk, and following that criteria, it’s one of the greatest games ever made.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Zombie Nation” (1991)
“Mount Your Friends” (2014)
“Killer7” (2005)

#1: “Cho Aniki” (1996)

Clearly one of the manliest game franchises ever made, “Cho Aniki” is also one of the strangest. This game series is simply OBSESSED with the concept of muscle-bound bald men in thongs, to the point that you both control one, and fight against endless legions of them. Otherwise, “Cho Aniki” is a fairly standard “Gradius” style shooter. Many people think that the game explores homosexual content, but actually, “Cho Aniki” simply thinks the idea of screens and screens full of scantily clad muscleheads is hilarious. And you know what? We kinda agree!

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