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Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Doctor Who

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sean Harris With another regeneration always just around the corner, these are the actors who really should try out for a role in the TARDIS! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Doctor Who! For this list, we've looked at any actor who hasn't yet played the title character in Doctor Who, and selected those that we feel would play the role best. Special thanks to our user Jasper Wells for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Doctor Who

With another regeneration always just around the corner, these are the actors who really should try out for a role in the TARDIS! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Doctor Who!

For this list, we’ve looked at any actor who hasn’t yet played the title character in “Doctor Who”, and selected those that we feel would play the role best.

#10: Tom Hiddleston

A name you’d normally associate with on-screen villainy, Tom Hiddleston would make for a slightly darker time traveller than other candidates, but that should only be a good thing! Best known for his role as Loki in the “Thor” films, Hiddleston’s gotten to grips with futuristic other-worlds before now, so a spin in the TARDIS should suit him! A notably charming man as well, he’s got the good guy/bad guy balance nailed, making him prime Doctor Who material!

#9: Paterson Joseph

Well known for his roles in TV comedy and drama, as well as for parts within the Royal Shakespeare Company, Paterson Joseph is an exceptionally well-rounded actor. An especially expressive performer, it isn’t difficult to see elements of the Doctor in some of Joseph’s previous roles. As egotistical, almost eccentric business brainstormer Alan Johnson in “Peep Show”, Joseph’s ability to reel in his audience is most apparent... This is the sorta guy who’d have his Daleks on toast!

#8: Richard Ayoade

A stylistically unique actor with a geeky, gadget-y edge, the ‘Richard Ayoade way’ would appear a perfect fit for “Doctor Who”! Finding fame as computer genius Maurice Moss in “The IT Crowd”, it seems but a natural step up that the actor should swap the disk-drive for time-bending hyper-drive! Ayoade’s at times notably quirky fashion sense would also fit, while his trademark hair style would certainly set him apart! Quite apart from anything else, Ayoade’s funny(!)... And that’s vital when travelling an infinite universe!

#7: Robert Carlyle

A Scottish actor who found fame with cult hits such as “Trainspotting” and “The Full Monty”, Robert Carlyle has gotten quite the reputation for fantasy film work as he has gotten older. In “Stargate Universe” he plays Dr. Nicholas Rush, a scientific genius, driven by the need to explore; While in “Once Upon a Time”, he plays Rumplestiltskin, an admittedly evil character, but a magical match for anybody none-the-less! Combine elements of each of those roles, and sprinkle Carlyle’s class into proceedings... Bingo! Perfect Doctor!

#6: Tilda Swinton

With the Doctor never having been female before, some fans are sure to view Tilda Swinton’s credentials for the role with scepticism. However, credentials she does have - and in abundance! Well known for succeeding in both mainstream cinema and arthouse roles, Swinton has an undeniably unique style. She’s cruel in “The Chronicles of Narnia”, quirky in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, and she’s confused gender roles before now with “Orlando”... Swinton’s appointment would raise eyebrows, but the applause it’d earn would raise the roof!

#5: Ben Kingsley

A major, major player in the Hollywood game, should “Doctor Who” producers ever cast Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley in their lead role, then the phrase ‘stroke of genius’ could well flitter through reviews! An enigmatic Englishman in himself, Kingsley could be made for the role! He’s got a commanding style, a distinctive voice, a wide range... Plus his baldness would serve as a playful nod back to the Christopher Eccleston era! A sonic screwdriver would fit just perfectly in Ben Kingsley’s back pocket!

#4: Rupert Grint

If ever there’s a stage on which Ron Weasley could step out from Harry Potter’s shadow, then it’s this one! Best known for playing the boy wizard’s best mate, since Hogwarts, Rupert Grint has stylised himself as both uber-trendy, and fairly mysterious. An achievement in itself considering the mega-mainstream nature of the Potter films, Grint would bring grandeur to the “Doctor Who” role, but also edginess. With titles such as “Cherrybomb” and “CBGB” already in his back-catalogue, Grint’s Doctor would be brilliantly down with the kids!

#3: Simon Pegg

Fast becoming a legend of British comedy, Simon Pegg also boasts an affectionate, established fan-base within the ‘geek community’. A Comic-Con regular and star of “Star Trek”, Pegg has also played a semi-major role in “Doctor Who” before - as ‘The Editor’ in series one of the revived show. A villain then, an older, wiser, probably wackier Pegg could make a perfect hero now! The actor has routinely ruled himself out for each regeneration, however, but here’s hoping he rules himself in for the next one!

#2: Rowan Atkinson

An undisputed champion of British TV and comedy, many have been scratching their heads as to why Rowan Atkinson doesn’t already have “Doctor Who” listed on his filmography?! Combine the chaotic Johnny English with the era-hopping Blackadder with the sensationally slapstick Mr. Bean, and surely, somewhere, somehow, you get a timelord! Want more proof that he’d be a good Doctor? Check out his parody in the sketch for the UK charity Comic Relief! As Doctor Who, Atkinson would likely laugh in the face of danger - and if he doesn’t, then we would!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Dominic Monaghan
- David Bowie
- Alan Davies
- Chris O’Dowd

#1: Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman’s filmic repertoire gets better by the year, but wouldn’t it be grand if he could add ‘timelord’ to his growing list of great parts?! The star of “The Hobbit” might have a better chance than most of getting cast as well... He’s already familiar with the “Doctor Who” crew, through his work alongside Steven Moffat on “Sherlock”. An actor clearly able to combine cute with courageous, we’ve searched through all of time and space, and there’s no one better suited to fighting Cybermen, or any other alien antagonist!

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