Top 10 Funniest Superheroes and Villains



Top 10 Funniest Superheroes and Villains

Script written by Jaime Leslie.

We can all appreciate the comic book characters that kick ass, but not taking themselves too seriously definitely helps them score major points. Join as we count down our Top 10 Funniest Superheroes and Villains.
For this list, we'll be taking a look at all the characters who either intentionally or unintentionally ensue hilarity.

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Script written by Jaime Leslie.

Top 10 Funniest Superheroes and Villains

We can all appreciate the comic book characters that kick ass, but not taking themselves too seriously definitely helps them score major points. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Funniest Superheroes and Villains.

For this list, we'll be taking a look at all the characters who either intentionally or unintentionally ensue hilarity. We'll also be taking into consideration certain iterations of characters from a variety of different media sources.

#10: Adam West’s Batman

Before the dark and brooding version of the disturbed vigilante, he was largely identified with this eccentric interpretation. Believe it or not, there was a time when audiences didn't want to take their superheroes seriously, and instead preferred the campy rendition of this well-known American actor. Among the laughable costumes and absurd gadgetry, it was the intentionally goofy dialogue that made audiences fall in love with this version of the dynamic duo. West's ability to deliver those one-liners with a straight face may be one of the most impressive feats of his whole career.

#9: Mojo

Being called spineless is commonly an insult, however among the people of Mojo’s race, cowardice and greed are virtues. Enter Mojo, the most over-the top parody of pop culture and corporate greed in comic books. Mojo, while grotesque in appearance is the comic-relief villain of the Marvel Universe. He is a intergalactic television producer hosts the sadistic reality television program Mojoverse, and he is always trying to capture heroes, particularly the X-Men, and use them for his show.

#8: Hawkeye

When you're partnered on a team with a genius tech billionaire, a superhuman soldier, and a gamma-radiated green giant, you learn how to not take yourself too seriously. Hawkeye was first employed as a circus worker before being recruited into the Avengers, giving him a unique and humble background when compared to his allies. Being one of the few superheroes who is self-aware enough to look at situations from the perspective of an every-day guy has made him sarcastic enough to rival another loud-mouthed avenger…

#7: Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man

It took a number of years and planning before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became what it is today, and this actor's portrayal of the tech genius is what jump-started it all. Robert Downey Jr. may have adopted the comic book character's cocky attitude for the role, but the quick-witted humour is something all his own. The actor's sarcastic charm has entirely changed how audiences identify with the armored superhero, as he is always reminding everyone not only how smart he is, but how much he loves to show it off.

#6: The Riddler

What kind of self-obsessed monster wouldn’t enjoy a good riddle or two? Among all of Batman's villains, The Riddler has to be the easiest to laugh at. While he has historically been considered quite dangerous and even murderous, his sole prerogative in his criminal career is to outwit the world's greatest detective. With over the top renditions such as Jim Carrey's performance in in “Batman Forever” and Frank Gorshin's in the classic 60s series, this character doesn’t expect us to take him very seriously.

#5: Star Lord

Traveling the many galaxies of the universe has bestowed this spry adventurer with a otherworldly sense of humor. While he may frequently get upstaged by his furry companion Rocket Raccoon in the comedy department, Peter Quill's wit stems from his extensive knowledge as a galactic renaissance man. Being employed as an interplanetary policeman and later a Guardian of the Galaxy has seemed to give Peter a certain sense of entitlement, which he isn't afraid to express when those around aren't aware of his many heroic deeds.

#4: Spider-Man

Behind the web slinging, wall-crawling and ass-kicking it’s easy to forget that Spider-Man was one of the original superheroes with a sense of humour. Marvel’s departure from the stoic no nonsense superhero formula plays a big part of what made Spidy so endearing. He's not afraid to address the chaotic mess that is a part-time vigilante's life while using snarky comments to antagonize his enemies. While sometimes his wise-cracks land him in even deeper hot water, our childhood’s wouldn’t be the same without them.

#3: The Joker

The Joker is the embodiment of dark comedy if there ever was one, but the most humorous representations of the character has to have rested with actors Jack Nicholson from the 1989 Batman film, and Cesar Romero from the classic 60’s television series. In both of these performances the villain was portrayed as highly outlandish and less grounded in reality, making him all the more of a spectacle on screen. The iconic laugh is something that has transcended all interpretations, and maybe one day we'll all soon find out what was so funny.

#2: Deadpool

Where to begin? Deadpool is one of the few comic book characters that will actually acknowledge his fictional existence, making breaking the fourth wall one his long-running gags. Often referred to as the “Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool’s whole regenerating cancer situation is so horrifying, he has to crack jokes just to get by. Almost incapable of being serious, Wade always gets on the nerves of not only his enemies, but of anyone unfortunate enough to be partnered with him. His whole life is one sick joke, but he still knows it’s better that we laugh with him than at him.

Before we unveil our pick for Funniest Superhero or Villain, here are a few honorable mentions:

Booster Gold

Plastic Man

Chris Evan’s Human Torch

Tommy Lee Jones’ Two Face


#1: The Tick

What we read in comic books can sometimes be so downright ridiculous that we need this superhero parody to keep everything else grounded. Combining Superman, the Green Hornet and Adam West’s Batman, The Tick manages to be self-absorbed and innocent at the same time. He is incredibly strong and impervious to most forms of damage, however his gullibility and sense of justice often remain his biggest weakness. He’s also been hit on the head so many times that he doesn’t even remember his own real identity, but lets face it, that’s the least of his problems.

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