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Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Charles Barnes Jr. Time to unravel that second controller! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games. For this list we’re ranking the Super Nintendo games based on their multiplayer appeal. We’re only looking at games that allowed for simultaneous multiplayer, so games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are sitting this one out. Time to press start. Special Thanks to our user "LyleVSXyle" for suggesting this topic with our interactive search tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Charles Barnes Jr.

Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games

Time to unravel that second controller! Welcome to and today we’re counting the Top 10 SNES Multiplayer games of all time.

For this list we’re ranking the Super Nintendo games based on their multiplayer appeal. We’re only looking at games that allowed for simultaneous multiplayer, so games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are sitting this one out. Time to press start.

#10: “Goof Troop” (1993)

Remember Disney’s Goof Troop? Remember the awesome game it inspired? Those were good times! This unique puzzle adventure game places Disney’s iconic Goofy and his son, Max, on a quest to rescue their kidnapped neighbors. Players have the option of playing solo as either Goofy or Max, or they can play with a friend where both characters share the screen. The goal is to clear the stages by solving puzzles and defeating enemies. It seems simple enough but it gets more difficult as you reach the fifth and final area. That’s no surprise. Things are never simple with Goofy and friends.

#9: “Secret of Mana” (1993)

The Super NES was known for having fun and memorable RPG titles and our number 9 spot holds the title as one of the favorites amongst gamers. Back when Square Enix was Squaresoft, this action RPG is actually the sequel to Final Fantasy Adventure and the first to be marketed for the Mana franchise. Yet despite RPG’s of the era being predominantly single player affairs, Secret of Mana bucked the trend by allowing for 2, or even 3 players with a multi-tap to play simultaneously. The multiplayer feature adds depths of strategy to the real-time combat system, plus it’s always fun to go on an adventure with friends.

#8: “Sunset Riders” (1993)

Every gamer likes a good shoot ‘em up. It only makes sense to make an American old west themed game that has your finger glued to the shoot button. That’s what Konami did with Sunset Riders. Ported over from it’s arcade version, Riders has one or two players scrolling through level to level firing a barrage of bullets at enemies that come from all angles. You can pick up gold to rack up points and power-ups to give you an edge in a firefight. You definitely have to be quick in this game. There is little room for error in this wild, wild western.

#7: “Super Bomberman” (1993)

We couldn’t forget about this blast from the past. Carrying on the same puzzle style gameplay from previous titles, Bomberman puts the player on a gridded map level where in order to clear the stage you must blow up objects and enemies to find the exit. It is a simple game that causes you to think. If you’re not careful you can get trapped or caught in your own blast. Bomberman lets you play cooperatively with a friend, or have up to 4 players duke it out in free-for-all matches. It’s always fun to work together but there’s nothing like cornering your buddies to blasting them to oblivion.

#6: “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” (1993)

Konami dishes out another classic with this 1950’s horror themed game. Aside from the horror theme, what makes this run and gun title unique is that instead of just killing enemies, you’re also collecting survivors. You and a friend play as kids who must rescue their neighbors from not only zombies, but vampires, werewolves, aliens, and giant ants, just to name a few. You use water guns, explosive soda cans, and weed-whackers to fend off enemies as you explore the level to save several neighbors. It’s a quirky game that doesn’t take itself seriously and that is what makes it fun.

#5: “NBA Jam: Tournament Edition” (1995)

From downtown comes this addictive sports game. Acclaim released Tournament Edition in 1995 with some of the 1994 NBA draft players. Not only were you able to play as players from NBA teams, the game even featured a few cheats and Easter eggs like playing as then white house residents, the Clintons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Prince Charles. The gameplay is quick and simple giving players the option to shoot, steal, jump, pass, or dunk. You also have a Turbo meter that gives you a boost of speed to pull off insane dunks. There’s no denying that this game was on fire.

#4: “Contra III: The Alien Wars” (1992)

Despite the series having a collection of some of the most difficult run and gun games ever, they were still very fun to play. Contra III was no different. Enemies come from the left and right sides as the players shoot them. There are power-ups and weapons that they can use to boost their firepower, as well. This installment stays true to the gameplay from previous entries but this time around players get to play levels with a top-view instead of scrolling left or right. Don’t let the different view fool you. There are still lots of hazardous ways for you to foul up.

#3: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time” (1992)

One of the best beat ‘em ups for the SNES, Turtles in Time features the turtle dudes with the ninja moves in side scrolling Beat Em Up action at it’s finest. The turtles travel through past and present times to stop Shredder and his Foot clan. Each of the four turtles are playable and they have their own unique fighting style. Despite only allowing 2 players unlike the Arcade were you could have up to 4, this port makes up for that with all new levels and bosses. There are lots of enemies to fight so having any help to kick some shell would be probably be best.

#2: “Street Fighter II Turbo” (1992)

The game brought in the boss characters from the original version as playable characters, rebalanced the roster for competitive play and bumped up the game’s speed, causing players to be more precise with their attacks. Old favorites returned with new tricks like Chun-Li’s “Kikoken”, and Championship Edition was included as a nice bonus. It’s no wonder why this game is still widely enjoyed today.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

“Pocky and Rocky” (1993)
“Tetris Attack” (1996)
“Super Double Dragon” (1992)
“Super Smash T.V.” (1991)
“Metal Warriors” (1995)

#1: “Super Mario Kart” (1992)

Taking first place on this list is a game that has started and ended friendships. The first installment to the still popular Mario Kart franchise, this go kart racer allows players to race as their favorite Mario characters in a series of circuit races. Two lucky players can participate in regular races on several different courses or the super fun battle mode, where the first one to burst all of their opponent’s balloons, wins. This game is an absolute treasure that many consider their favorite Mario Kart installment. It’s hard to compete against the game that started it all.

Do you agree with out list? Which Super NES multiplayer game do you think deserves a shout out. For more fun top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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