Top 10 Funniest Greys Anatomy Moments



Top 10 Funniest Greys Anatomy Moments

Script written by Q.V.Hough

These exceptional small screen moments are both surgical and comedic in nature. Join MsMojo as we countdown down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Grey's Anatomy Moments.

For this list, we're focusing on the most hilariously unforgettable scenes of Shonda Rhimes' landmark ABC medical drama.

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Top 10 Funniest Grey’s Anatomy Moments

These exceptional small screen moments are both surgical and comedic in nature. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Grey’s Anatomy Moments.

For this list, we’re focusing on the most hilariously unforgettable scenes of Shonda Rhimes’ landmark ABC medical drama.

#10: Meredith on Morphine
“What I Am”

At hospitals, doctors fully expect to encounter drugged up patients, but it’s always funny when said patient happens to be one of your own. Early on in Season 3, Meredith Grey struggles to decide between Finn and Derek, while also struggling with a dose of morphine. Though her affliction is merely appendicitis, Meredith still goes on a ramble while under the influence. And so, the conversation takes on a faux dramatic tone, with the bedridden doc willfully spouting her opinions and facts that don’t exactly please some of her colleagues.

#9: Drunk Doctor Bailey
“Slow Night, So Long”

When you’re without your child for the evening and ready to double fist a couple of drinks, conversations can easily take a turn for the worse, or maybe even better, comparatively speaking. For example, Dr. Bailey livened up the party in Season 7, enhancing each and every joke through her drunken presence. And while she’s somewhat articulate, her first impressions of certain topics don’t exactly align with the others. Incidentally, when Bailey arrives back at the hospital, she’s not quite in work-mode, though if we were in her state we wouldn’t be up for doctoring either.

#8: Drunk Docs Play Baseball
“Put Me In, Coach”

When Owen organizes a softball game against Seattle Pres, Meredith comes prepared. Unfortunately for her teammates, she wields not a golden glove but a sizable flask. Naturally, the alcohol doesn’t ease the tension among the doctors but instead enhances the drama. And while nobody becomes completely wasted, they get just ripped enough to provide a meta commentary on both sporting and medical competition. But for a show like Grey’s Anatomy, this is the perfect combination for hilarity and sharp one-liners, which allows the endearing personalities to become just a bit more forceful with their dialogue.

#7: Cristina Tries to ‘Talk Girl’
“Piece of My Heart”

In any workplace, there’s a certain code of conduct that must be respected. With that being said, not all women necessarily understand how to “talk girl.” And over midway through Season 4, Cristina Yang drops by a lunch conversation and tries her best to connect with the gang. But her forced attempts at “girl talk” don’t appear genuine or even representative of how most people actually converse. Even so, Christina does try to shed her steely demeanor, at least during this exchange, but everybody already knows the essence of her work persona.

#6: Bailey’s Real Talk
“The Becoming”

Just one episode after Cristina Yang tries to understand “Girl Talk,” Dr. Bailey effectively communicates her thoughts to a group of annoyed nurses. Early on in the episode, Mark Sloan’s sexual behavior becomes a topic of interest, ultimately leading the nurses to boycott his surgeries. But as Bailey so articulately conveys, all the women knew what they were getting into with McSteamy, and that his exploits should not have come as a surprise. Floored by the real talk, Sloan processes the information, not necessarily offended or even annoyed, but impressed by the descriptive nature of Bailey’s words.

#5: Cristina Gives Callie a Trim
“Something’s Gotta Give”

At work, Cristina Yang is focused intently on the task at hand. But at home? Well, not so much. In Season 7, Callie drops by to check on her friend, who supposedly quit, and expresses a willingness for a “radical” change. Yet before she can finish her thought, Cristina snips away a piece of Callie’s long locks, which sets in motion an ill-advised haircut. While Cristina takes a practical approach to the process, the radical cut doesn’t go over too well with Callie - yet in the end, it all amounts for some needed girl time and plenty of laughter.

#4: George’s Syphilis Injection
“Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

Early on in the debut season of Grey’s Anatomy, George has a bit of a bathroom issue, which leads to a curious assumption by Izzie. And while this would’ve been embarrassing enough, the actual truth presents more of a problem – or in this case, a lasting joke – among George’s co-workers. Not only does he manage to get “the syph” from Olivia, but he also seemingly has no other choice but to get an injection, administered and closely viewed by his pals. And so, this scenario reinforces the idea that not all doctors are comfortable around needles.

#3: Cristina’s Lost Eyebrows
“Didn’t We Almost have It All?”

During the Season 3 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Mama Burke slightly altered the appearance of her future daughter-in-law. As a result, Cristina feels the need to work, and that she does. But unfortunately, she accidentally scrubs off her wedding vows in the process, all due to the random loss of her own eyebrows. By the end of the affair, however, she finds some personal clarity, yet the act itself leaves her somewhat frazzled - even more so given the gravity of her impending wedding. But when you work at Seattle Grace, there’s always someone there to help.

#2: Mark’s Penile Fracture
“Stairway to Heaven”

Midway through Season 5, Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey engage in an activity of a sexual nature, yet the experience takes a turn for the worse. Mark’s subsequent injury can be difficult to express in words, as evidenced by a concerned Lexie, and certainly due to the hurting doc’s painful reaction. But luckily, he knows the right people, and one can easily find someone capable of fixing a fractured penis at Seattle Grace. And so, this was a scenario in which a man wasn’t figuratively broken by love, but rather by the literal act of making it.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Poison Oak
“What Have I Done to Deserve This?”

Dr. Bailey Knows Everything
“Tell Me Sweet Little Lies”

Naked Cristina
“The Name of the Game”

Severed Penis
“The First Cut Is the Deepest”

Sex Injury
“State of Love and Trust”

Bartender Cristina
“Slow Night, So Long”

#1: Panty Board
“I Am a Tree”

Early on in Season 3, a curious case of panties mystifies the employees of Seattle Grace. Due to a fling with Derek, Meredith’s undergarments becomes pinned to a bulletin board via Addison. Needless to say, Dr. Bailey doesn’t find the panty shenanigans funny at all. Once Callie seemingly puts an end to the situation, she only confuses poor George, thus amplifying the legend of the panty board. All in all, those damn drawers led to some serious emotions for those involved, all within an episode featuring a human tree.

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