Top 10 Interrupted Movie Wedding Moments



Top 10 Interrupted Movie Wedding Moments

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Speak now or forever hold your peace. Join MsMojo as we countdown down our picks for the Top 10 Interrupted Movie Wedding Moments

For this list, we're taking a look at big screen scenes where someone or something suddenly stalls a wedding ceremony or reception.

Top 10 Interrupted Movie Wedding Moments

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Interrupted Movie Wedding Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at big screen scenes where someone or something suddenly stalls a wedding ceremony or reception.

#10: A Royal Wedding
“The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” (2004)

In order to secure her place as Genovia’s future queen, Mia becomes engaged to the Duke of Kenilworth, although she doesn’t love him. Their wedding is a glamorous affair, complete with a Stan Lee cameo for some reason. As the young princess walks down the aisle, however, she gets cold feet and retreats. Upon receiving some heartfelt advice from her grandmother, Mia returns with her head held high and delivers a like totally empowering speech. Gaining support from Chris Pine’s hunky Nicholas, Mia convinces Parliament to abolish law on royal marriages. Since it’d be a crime to waste a perfectly good wedding, Queen Clarisse finally chooses to marry her faithful bodyguard, Joe. Who knew politics could be so magical?

#9: Money Can’t Buy Love
“It Happened One Night” (1934)

Almost every romantic comedy has borrowed from “It Happened One Night,” which arguably laid the groundwork for the genre. This delightful road trip movie follows bratty heiress Ellie and cocky reporter Peter, who fall in love despite their differences. Due to a misunderstanding, Ellie decides to marry "King" Westley instead. Ellie’s millionaire father offers to pay Peter for his trouble. Since money can’t fill the void in his heart, though, Peter only takes $39.60. Accompanying his daughter to the altar, Ellie’s dad informs her of Peter’s selfless actions. Coming to terms with her feelings, Ellie is motivated to abandon the extravagant wedding and be with her true love. That night, the two reunite and tear down the Walls of Jericho.

#8: Steal the Bride
“Made of Honor” (2008)

After years of just being friends, Patrick Dempsey’s Tom discovers that he loves Michelle Monaghan’s Hannah, who’s now engaged to someone else. Determined to stop the wedding, Tom hops aboard a horse and races to the chapel. Making a rousing entrance, the steed literally sends Tom crashing through the church doors just in the nick of time. Laying all his cards on the table, the maid of honor professes his affection for the blushing bride. Unable to deny her feelings, Hannah calls the wedding off and smooches her dearest friend. Her groom takes this news surprisingly well, but he can’t resist decking Tom before parting ways. It might not be very realistic, but this ceremony is nothing short of McDreamy.

#7: Green Card Marriage
“The Proposal” (2009)

To avoid deportation, workaholic Margaret forces her assistant Andrew to marry her. Upon getting to know Andrew outside of an office environment, Margaret unexpectedly finds her soul mate. Although Margaret wants to be with Andrew, she can’t bring herself to marry him for the wrong reasons. Wearing one of the most hilariously ugly wedding dresses in movie history, Margaret makes an announcement in the middle of the ceremony. Admitting that this engagement was all about her work visa, she calls the wedding off and agrees to return to Canada. It’s a genuinely sad scene that exposes how warm and vulnerable Margaret is under her hardboiled exterior. Fortunately, Andrew sees Margaret for who she truly is and goes after her.

#6: The South Has Risen Again
“Sweet Home Alabama” (2002)

Patrick Dempsey appears yet again on our list, but this time he’s the groom that gets left at the altar. His bride-to-be is Reese Witherspoon’s Melanie Carmichael. The problem is that she’s still technically married to her childhood sweetheart, Jake. As Melanie prepares to wed Dempsey’s Andrew, her lawyer reveals that she hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. With a pen in hand, Melanie realizes that her heart belongs to another. Only wanting Melanie to be happy, Andrew lets her go without a fight. His mother isn’t nearly as forgiving, lashing out at Melanie and the entire state of Alabama. She goes too far upon insulting Melanie’s momma, which results in an applause-worthy punch.

#5: Change of Plans
“The Wedding Planner” (2001)

This romantic comedy has two broken engagements for the price of one. Although Jennifer Lopez's Mary and Matthew McConaughey's Steve are so clearly in love with each other, they both wind up betrothed to different people. After peacefully parting ways with his ex-fiancé, Steve races to stop Mary from tying the knot at town hall. Steve can’t beat the traffic, but the bride’s father fortunately speaks up. Realizing that he can’t control his daughter’s life, he pleads with Mary to follow her heart. While Mary almost goes through with the wedding anyway, she decides not to settle at the last minute. Steve eventually tracks down the wedding planner, who’s saved a dance for her true love. Alright, alright, alright.

#4: One Last Crash
“Wedding Crashers” (2005)

John has crashed countless weddings in pursuit of getting laid. During the climax of this laugh-a-minute comedy, though, John crashes a wedding in pursuit of love. Taking his place as Jeremy’s best man, John can’t resist whispering to the object of affection, Claire Cleary. As Claire begins to storm off, John attempts to atone for his years of deceit and meaningless sex, not to mention the funeral he recently crashed. Hearing his moving declaration of attraction, Claire decides to take a chance on him. Her jerky fiancé isn’t too pleased and prepares to charge at John. Luckily, the groom has his best man’s back. All that’s missing is a clichéd, yet heart-tugging, kiss to seal the deal.

#3: The Bride Wears Blood
“Kill Bill: Volume 2” (2004)

If you saw “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” you already knew how the Bride ended up with a bullet in her head. “Volume 2” goes into greater detail, however, revealing the phenomenal buildup to the wedding massacre. As the impregnated Bride rehearses her wedding, an old flame drops in for a surprise. At first, it seems like there’s no bad blood between Bill and the Bride. He even asks to watch the ceremony. As Bill seemingly gives the Bride his blessing, though, he actually condemns her to death. The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad arrives moments later and the infamous wedding chapel shootout ensues. The audience might’ve known this was coming, but that doesn’t make this scene any less intense or shocking.

#2: Do You Love Someone Else?
“Four Weddings and a Funeral” (1994)

You’d think a movie that packs in four weddings would get old after a while. Yet, this romantic comedy manages to be consistently charming, funny, and exciting, particularly as we reach the fourth wedding. Although Hugh Grant’s Charles is in love with Carrie, he decides to marry Henrietta. When the vicar gives somebody the chance to object, Charles’ deaf brother David is unable to hold his tongue. Using sign language, David informs his brother that he can’t commit to somebody he doesn’t completely love. He also points out that Charles’ fly is undone. Following a lengthy pause, Charles confesses that he loves another woman. This is probably the only time a bride has punched out a groom for saying, “I do.”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

I Now Pronounce You: Man & Sea Witch
“The Little Mermaid” (1989)

A Slight Hitch
“The Philadelphia Story” (1940)

Really Good Reception
“Enchanted” (2007)

You May Kiss the Bro
“I Love You, Man” (2009)

“Wayne’s World 2” (1993)

#1: Elaine!
“The Graduate” (1967)

At first glance, it might seem like “The Graduate” has a conventional happy ending. In a race against the clock, Benjamin arrives at a church to break up Elaine’s wedding. Banging on the window, he repeatedly calls out the bride’s name, infuriating all the guests. Elaine, however, decides to run away with the crazy punk. The lovebirds flee from the church and hop on a bus, but then reality starts to sink in. While they say nothing to each other, the look of regret on Ben and Elaine faces suggest that they think they may have made a huge mistake. The music of Simon and Garfunkel only confirms that these two have a long, uncertain road ahead. Maybe Elaine should’ve married the other guy.

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