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Top 10 Female Pokemon Characters

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Whether they help or hinder, these girls are the best trainers around. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Female Pokemon Characters For this list we’ll be looking at the female characters of the pokemon anime and ranking them based on their impact on the series as a whole. As such, characters from the video games won’t be included. Special thanks to our user Jenna Rizzofor for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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Top 10 Female Pokemon Characters

Whether they help or hinder, these girls are the best trainers around. Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten female Pokemon characters.

For this list we’ll be looking at the female characters of the pokemon anime and ranking them based on their impact on the series as a whole. As such, characters from the video games won’t be included.

#10: Serena

This latest travelling companion certainly wasn’t your traditional pokemon girl. While she may have been new to the series, she actually shares a past with Ash from when they were little. Back in the day he taught her to never give up, despite the odds. Serena is certainly no tomboy, with a love for cute clothing and baking, but we see her get fired up, eventually finding her passion as a Pokemon Performer. Needless to say she was a highlight of the XY series, and the canonical romance blooming between her and Ash was oddly touching and well developed.

#9: Iris

She may look small and cute but make no mistake this little girl has the soul of a dragon inside her. A spiritual successor to Misty in terms of always teasing and taunting Ash, Iris joined the group during their time in the Unova region. Iris has a dream of becoming the next Dragon Master, with plans to eventually take over as Opelucid City’s Gym Leader. Much like the dragons she trains, she’s feisty, not one to take disrespect from anyone, and has a unique fear of Ice-Type Pokemon. When you have threats like N and Team Plasma hanging over your head, it’s good to have a firecracker like Iris at your side.

#8: Bianca

A recurring companion and rival of Ash’s that kept popping up all over Unova, much like her video game counterpart Bianca is as sweet as a button but also something of an airhead. Due to an overprotective father, she started her Pokemon journey later than most trainers. She’s incredibly excitable with a drive to prove she can be a success as a trainer. Even if it means commanding her Pokemon to use moves they don’t know on several occasions. Despite her various losses throughout the series, she remained a delightful character who never failed to light up the episode.

#7: Officer Jenny

Law enforcement has never looked so cool. When it comes to dealing with Pokemon-related crimes there’s no one more qualified than the seemingly endless identical army of Officer Jennys. In every town and every region across the Pokemon World, chances are you’ll find this family of sisters keeping the peace. Of course to the untrained eye they may seem exactly the same, but if you’re a ladies man like Brock you’ll notice the very, very subtle differences. No matter the location, the face of justice belongs to these law-laying beauties.

#6: Dawn

Another day, another companion. As Ash and Brock make their way through the Sinnoh region they found themselves joined by the dynamic and confident Dawn. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of her mother as the region’s greatest Pokemon Coordinator, she was a welcome addition to the trio. Though she was sure of herself and her goals, she wasn’t without her sensitive side. With an investing personal journey than ran parallel to Ash’s, her Coordinator competitions offered gorgeous visuals that became a welcome deviation from the regular Pokemon battles.

#5: Nurse Joy

If your Pokemon is in need of healing, there’s only one lady for the job. Much like Officer Jenny, the seemingly identical Nurse Joys are dotted all over the regions in every Pokemon Centre just waiting to offer a helping hand. Warm and considerate but not without a sharp tongue, should anyone mistreat their Pokemon, it’s easy to see why Brock falls in love with every single one of them on sight. Their in depth knowledge has not only made them excellent nurses and carers, but across the series have shown to be capable archaeologists, investigators as well as contest judges.

#4: Cynthia

She isn’t known as the Champion for nothing. The strongest trainer in all of Sinnoh, Cynthia’s few appearances throughout the series certainly packed a punch. Her skills as a trainer are legendary, and she’s shown to have a great amount of wisdom when it comes to understanding and raising Pokemon. Both in the anime and the games she truly is the top tier when it comes to challenges. Plus we can’t deny it was infinitely satisfying to see her decimate all of that little jerk, Paul’s Pokemon with just a Garchomp.

#3: Jessie

Prepared for trouble? Well you had better be because this third of Team Rocket has been causing mayhem and hilarity since the very beginning. Determined to capture Pikachu, Jessie and her partners James and Meowth were always concocting schemes that often involved giant robots and elaborate disguises. She finally got a chance to shine on her own when she found a passion for Pokemon Contests, entering in disguise and actually proving that she did have some talent. We don’t know anyone who would willingly hug a Cacnea just so they can succeed in a competition. Kudos to you Jessie!

#2: May

There was most certainly a void left behind after Misty departed the group. Fortunately, fans found themselves presented with a new female lead as Ash was traversing through the Hoenn region. While originally sceptical of Pokemon to begin with, May fell in love with them after obtaining her Torchic, taking her down the path of a Pokemon Coordinator. Though mostly upbeat, she has been known to have quite a temper on her, and has even pushed her Pokemon too hard in contests. Battling her own flaws, just as much as some fearsome rivals, makes up the bulk of her personal arc - Resulting in a strong willed lady who became a great addition to the series.

Before we reveal our number one gal, here are a few honourable mentions.




Delia Ketchum

#1: Misty

Who else could take our top spot other than the hot-headed trainer who stuck with Ash through thick and thin? The youngest of four sisters who make up the Gym Leaders of Cerulean City, her tomboyish attitude and look definitely set her apart from her more traditionally beautiful siblings. While she and Ash may bicker more than wild Pokemon, she’s shown to deeply care for her friends and will do anything to protect them. While those that followed in her footsteps definitely had their own merits, none could hold a candle to her. We all miss you Misty, but let’s be honest, there was definitely another reason you were hanging around with Ash other than waiting on a new bike.

Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favourite Pokemon girl? With new top tens published every day be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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