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Top 10 Breaking Benjamin Songs

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by QV Hough The curious case of Benjamin Burnley. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Breaking Benjamin Songs. For this list, all we’re focusing specifically on official studio releases, which means that no live covers or individual guest spots made the cut. Special thanks to our users InkAvenueBand for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Breaking Benjamin Songs

The curious case of Benjamin Burnley. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Breaking Benjamin Songs.
For this list, all we’re focusing specifically on official studio releases, which means that no live covers or individual guest spots made the cut.

#10: “Sooner or Later”
We Are Not Alone (2004)

Some people enjoy the cookies and ice cream period of new love, a time when everything seems perfectly aligned with the universe, however some unique lovers are more in touch with reality. For their second album, Breaking Benjamin produced “Sooner or Later,” which highlights the “Fight or Flight” attitude that can often doom couples from the start. Citing the influence of television and a feeling of self-hate, this “love song” probably once had you screaming in your car after a rough conversation with your significant other.

#9: “Evil Angel”
Phobia (2006)

A somber take on the agony of love, here’s a BreakingBenjamin track that actually compares faith to a “spreading cancer.” Filled with religious metaphors and aggressive riffs, “Evil Angels” seems to represent the conflicting ideals of pain and ecstasy, with the lyrics expressing a willingness to be put to sleep – aka death – or taken away – aka heaven. In essence, said angel IS evil, if only based on one simple idea: a perception of faith and how one approaches their daily life.

#8: “Dear Agony”
Dear Agony (2009)

If you’re new to the sounds of Breaking Benjamin, well just the title of this track alone speaks volumes about the band. These guys love them some pain, and sometimes they even address their feelings in proper form. With “Dear Agony,” BreakingBenjamin kicks off the song on a dark note- detailing one’s acceptance of imminent death only to about face when they don't like what they see. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to rise up again, and Breaking Benjamin reminded us of this concept in the most haunting of ways. 

#7: “Give Me A Sign”
Dear Agony (2009)

Power ballad alert, repeat, power ballad alert. With an opening reference to a dead star, Breaking Benjamin takes us into a world of darkness in which shepherds are damned and nobody really gives two hoots about anything. Well, at least from the lyrical point of view. We all know that any legitimate rock epic contains references to destiny, eternity and spirituality, and with “Give Me a Sign,” Breaking Benjamin gave fans a shout out to Noah and the great flood. It’s a rare radio-friendly hit from the group, and it offers some hope to those searching for meaning in their horrible agony.

#6: “Blow Me Away”
So Cold EP (2004)

First released on the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack, “Blow Me Away” boasts that special type of energy and recklessness that’s ideal for maintaining gamer adrenaline levels. Of course, this was the jam that broke the band as Benjamin Burley fired both Aaron Fink and Mark Klepaski after accepting money from the label for a remix. Former drummer Jeremy Hummel also chimed in, as he actually co-wrote “Blow Me Away” years before and didn’t receive the proper amount of bank for his work. When all was said and done, Burley picked up the pieces and began anew.

#5: “Polyamorous”
Saturate (2002)

“Polyamorous”- it rolls off the tongue with sweet notes of honey and the scent of lilac. But what does it mean? Well, if you're not up on your Greek, let’s just say that it’s an academic way of saying PLAYA. From a lyrical perspective, Breaking Benjamindescribes a fella’s propensity to lose control of their hormones. Upon release, “Polyamorous” helped the band land a major deal with Hollywood Records thanks to its healthy dose of metal riffs, heavy vocals and airplay from DJ turned BreakingBenjamin road manager Freddie Fabbri.

#4: “So Cold”
We Are Not Alone (2004)

Cryptic in nature and inspired by the film “28 Days Later,” this song can be applied to an apocalyptic future and certainly a distant past. Seemingly about the concept of false prophets, “So Cold” exemplifies the detachment that one may experience as a revolution looms, whether it’s personal or an actual societal uprising. As a testament to the songwriting prowess ofBreaking Benjamin, “So Cold” gets right to the point while conjuring up images of a past, present and future, thus allowing one to experience the song in a variety of ways.

#3: “Breath”
Phobia (2006)

Aside from a couple of metaphorical lyrics, “Breath” takes a rather straightforward approach in expressing how somebody can just suck you up and relish in your pain. Because obviously a relationship can’t just be cut and dry – somebody must be declared the winner in that stupid little argument you're having and they'll boast about it until they take your breath away for all the wrong reasons. Hitting the number one spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, “Breath” is not only one of the bestBreaking Benjamin tunes, but a killer rock song as well.

#2: “I Will Not Bow”
Dear Agony (2009)

Speaking of power struggles, here’s a hype song for anyone hoping to retain a sense of dignity or maybe get the upper hand in a relationship. Sure, maybe the lyrics are a bit psycho as opposed to “inspirational,” but the point is this: don’t back down from anything …BUT …and this is a big one – be prepared to go a little mad along the way. In other words, “I Will Not Bow” is one hell of a rebellion song and a track that only sounds better when turned up to eleven.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
“Without You”
We Are Not Alone (2004)
We Are Not Alone (2004)
“Dance with the Devil”
Phobia (2006)
Dark Before Dawn (2015)

#1: “The Diary of Jane”
Phobia (2006)

Our #1 entry was inspired by an 30s-era Hollywood flapper by the name of Jane O’Brien. While “The Diary of Jane” can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, the overall vibe demonstrates the anxiety of having absolutely no clue of what makes someone tick or what they expect from a relationship. Jane who acts as the subject of the song, represents all those hardened individuals who build a wall around themselves and keep you guessing until there’s nothing left to do but unleash an epic death growl.
So, do you agree with our selections? What is your favoriteBreaking Benjamin song? For more mind-blowing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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