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Top 10 Superheroes on Non-Superhero TV Shows

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Garrett Alden

Superheroes are everywhere – and we mean everywhere! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superheroes on Non-Superhero TV Series. For this list, we’ll be looking at all those super characters who save the day with style, flair, and probably while wearing a cape.

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Top 10 Superheroes on Non-Superhero TV Shows

Superheroes are everywhere – and we mean everywhere! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superheroes on Non-Superhero TV Series.

For this list, we’ll be looking at all those super characters who save the day with style, flair, and probably while wearing a cape. We’ve decided to include characters both real and fictional – at least within the continuities of the shows in question. In either case, these heroes cannot be the focus of the series.

#10: Bionic Bunny
“Arthur” (1996-)

A fictional character within the world of “Arthur,” Bionic Bunny is the idol of the titular aardvark and his friends, particularly fellow bunny Buster Baxter. As his name implies, this heroic rabbit is a cyborg with super strength, though he can also fly. Bionic Bunny’s true identity is something of a mystery. But all we really need to know is that he’s a citizen just trying to do his duty. The character that plays Bionic Bunny on the show within the show is actor Wilbur Rabbit, who coincidentally has glasses that look just like Arthur’s. This teaches Arthur that there’s no shame in wearing spectacles, as some of our greatest heroes were likely called “four eyes” at some point.

#9: Ultra Lord
“The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” (2002-06)

Even though Jimmy and his friends become superheroes in their own right, going by the team name “The N-Men,” the true superhero star of this show will always be Ultra Lord. A fictional superhero with everything from a line of action figures to his own brand of marshmallows, Ultra Lord is a space-themed character whose stylish suit resembles the futuristic lines of a classic ‘50s car, and is an object of obsession for Jimmy’s friend Sheen. Even though Ultra Lord isn’t really real, he’ll always be a true hero in Sheen’s mind.

#8: Really Really Big Man
“Rocko’s Modern Life” (1993-96)

A cross-dressing office worker named Lois Lame by day, Really Really Big Man, who actually stands at about six and half feet tall, is one of the more eccentric heroes on our list. The character is clearly a parody of Superman, as RBBM shares a number of his super abilities with the Man of Steel, like great strength and the ability to fly. He also possesses some truly strange powers, too: like he can allow others to see the past or the future, depending on whether he uses his chest hairs or his nipples. Of course, that kind of weirdness is just par for the course on “Rocko’s Modern Life.”

#7: The Justice Friends
“Dexter’s Laboratory” (1996-2003)

Although “Dexter’s Lab” had another superhero side story in the form of “Dial M for Monkey,” our pick has to go to the sitcom-inspired misadventures of the Justice Friends. Essentially a hilarious look at what would happen if the Avengers lived under one roof, the Justice Friends are primarily composed of Major Glory, Valhallen, and the Infraggable Krunk; parodies of Captain America, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk, respectively. A lot of the comedy comes from the trio’s attempts to solve mundane problems with super-powered solutions – that, and Krunk’s love of the “Punch and Judy”-inspired “Puppet Pals,” a show-within-a-show-within-a-show. So Meta.

#6:The Great Saiyaman
“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

For Gohan – who can fly, shoot beams from his hands, and has defeated villains of immense and devastating power – it’s nearly impossible to go back to a normal life and just stand by when you see people in danger. Enter the Great Saiyaman! With an outfit that he can change into at the press of a button and some ridiculous poses he probably picked up from the Ginyu Force, Gohan helps those in need using his Saiyan abilities. But like any super-powered teenager balancing crime fighting with high school, Gohan needs to keep his secret identity a secret. Gohan fights crime while trying to keep his classmates safe and in the dark. Of course they do figure it out eventually.

#5: Powdered Toast Man
“The Ren & Stimpy Show” (1991-95)

Nickelodeon cartoons from the ‘90s sure had a penchant for bizarre superheroes, didn’t they? And it doesn’t get much more bizarre than Powdered Toast Man, who appeared on the weirdest Nickelodeon series of them all. A man with two pieces of, what else, powdered toast for a head, he’s able to produce various foodstuffs from his mouth, armpits, and navel. “PT” Man flies into action… backwards… calling his own name loudly and proudly, in the tradition of Space Ghost, who was also voiced by Gary Owens. Who says youo can’t serve justice and breakfast at the same time?

#4: Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy
“SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the heroes of Bikini Bottom, even if they are a bit past their prime. This not-so-dynamic duo has entertained and defended the undersea town for decades, with SpongeBob and Patrick even managing to pull them out of retirement to fight aquatic crime once again. A parody of Aquaman and Batman, as well as their respective sidekicks, the pair may be senior citizens, but they still manage to perform brave deeds in their own cantankerous way. When evil threatens the bottom of the sea, you can always count on them to rise to the occasion.

#3: Mysterion
“South Park” (1997-)

Who IS Mysterion? Trey Parker and Matt Stone had their characters and audience alike trying to deduce the identity of this question mark-themed crime fighter, until he was revealed to be Kenny in the multi-episode “Coon and Friends” arc. Initially taking up the mantle to one-up Cartman’s racial slur-evoking attempt at creating a superhero, Mysterion proves far more popular and, as it’s eventually explained, much more deserving of the “super” affectation, since Kenny’s inability to permanently die is an actual superpower – albeit one he considers a curse. Although, even he’s not immune to being upstaged. Who doesn’t love Mint-Berry Crunch?

#2: The Crimson Chin
“The Fairly OddParents” (2001-)

In a show with two wish-granting fairy godparents, anything is possible – especially superheroes. Despite turning Timmy’s parents and even the entire town into superheroes at one point, the most memorable superhero brought to life via magic is the Crimson Chin, naturally voiced by the amply chinned Jay Leno. The fictional comic book character even takes inspiration from Leno’s real life, having once been a late night talk show host, until he was bitten on the chin by a radioactive celebrity, granting him his chin-themed super abilities. Whenever he shows up, you can expect the results to be both action-packed and hilariously jaw dropping. “Justice thy name is Chin!”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Sogeking
“One Piece” (1999-)
- Quailman & Quaildog
“Doug” (1991-94)
- Supercow
“Cow and Chicken” (1997-1999)

#1: Radioactive Man
“The Simpsons” (1989-)

Though we have to give props to Comic Book Guy’s creation Everyman – a hero who gains the powers of heroes whose comic books he touches – our pick could only go to the irradiated Radioactive Man. This nuclear powered superhero is a favorite of young Springfield boys, particularly since an ultimately failed attempt at a Radioactive Man movie was filmed in the town. He’s never too far away from his Robin-esque sidekick Fallout Boy, who would interestingly inspire the name of a certain rock band. Despite his memorability and popularity, however, very little is revealed about Radioactive Man’s powers, save his super strength and flight, which is fitting given his catchphrase: “Up and atom!”

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