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Top 10 Celebrity TMI Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by William Regot

We like to learn new things about our favorite celebrities, but there are boundaries. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity TMI Moments. For this list, we’re looking at moments where celebrities voluntarily shared something personal, inappropriate, or just plain disgusting – in other words, it would fall under the label of “Too Much Information”.

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Script written by William Regot

Top 10 Celebrity TMI Moments

We like to learn new things about our favorite celebrities, but there are boundaries. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity TMI Moments.
For this list, we’re looking at moments where celebrities voluntarily shared something personal, inappropriate, or just plain disgusting – in other words, it would fall under the label of “Too Much Information”. Warning: since some of these moments are particularly revealing, this video does contain mature content.

#10: Diddy Live Tweets Tantric Sex

A firm supporter of tantric sex and waxing his privates (which we known due to another moment of over-sharing), Diddy was eager to show the world his sexual prowess in February 2009. The rapper/mogul set out to have sex for 36 hours straight and periodically posted his thoughts on Twitter to update his followers on his progress - an epic, massive undertaking if ever there was one. About two hours in, one of his tweets read, “Having tantric sex!!! I feel so much better!!! Thank you,” and he jokingly offered to show pictures. Unfortunately, Diddy fell short of his 36 hour goal, only lasting roughly 10 hours because of soreness.

#9: Olivia Wilde’s Marathon-Style Sex

While performing a monologue at a performance art event hosted by Glamour, actress Olivia Wilde shared some secrets about her sex life with the crowd. For instance, toward the end of her marriage with ex-husband Tao Ruspoli, Wilde knew she had to move on because she felt “like her vagina died.” Later on in her speech, Wilde commented on the quality of sex she had with boyfriend Jason Sudeikis, comparing their endurance to that of Kenyan marathon runners. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but … good for them.

#8: Jessica Simpson’s Gas Problems

If you want to keep a secret, it’s probably best not to tell Jessica Simpson, as she’s known to blurt out whatever comes to mind - like that she drives with an expired licence, for example. But during a 2008 interview with People magazine, Simpson upped her game when discussing her relationship with then-boyfriend Tony Romo. Jessica told the publication and the masses that to be her man, you have to, quote, “put up with a lot,” and went on to clarify that she spends a lot of dough, can burp the alphabet, and... “toots” under the sheets. While most people would probably consider Simpson’s “blonde” moments the hardest things to cope with, none of these specific things sound exactly pleasant either.

#7: Kim Kardashian Admits to Looking at Her Vagina in the Mirror

For mothers, childbirth is a stressful time when you have to worry about a lot of details, and Kim Kardashian knows which priorities are important. In a 2013 episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim told her sister Khloe that the first thing she did upon returning home from the hospital after giving birth was to check out her vagina in the mirror to see if it looked okay. Much to her satisfaction, it apparently looked better than before. After having her second child in 2015, Kim even had a friend inspect her baby-cannon, who deemed her cave of wonders to be “gorgeous.” 

#6: Kristen Stewart and Her Mysterious “Boyfriend”

Shortly after it was discovered that Kristen Stewart had cheated on Robert Pattinson, British Vogue ran a story in its Fall 2012 issue where Stewart gushed about her “boyfriend.” It’s not clear whether the “boyfriend” in question referred to Pattinson or “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, with whom Stewart had had the affair. Regardless of the boyfriend’s identity, Stewart went on to talk about how he liked to lick under her armpits. As if that wasn’t repulsive enough, Stewart also said she didn’t bother to clean her armpits before they were licked because the smell brought a certain familiarity. We got nothing’.

#5: The Most Exciting Thing Billy Bob Thornton Had Ever Done in a Car

When Billy Bob Thornton was married to Angelina Jolie, they were one of the wildest couples in Hollywood, carrying vials of each other’s blood and engaging in public displays of affection wherever they went. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Thornton gave this answer when he was asked at a red carpet event what was the most exciting thing he had ever done in a car. While the answer was explicit and not appropriate for live TV, the reporter might have gotten off easily, as the replyr could have been far more disturbing.

#4: Nick Cannon’s Lovemaking Soundtrack

If there’s one interviewer who can get guests to open up and spill personal secrets, it’s Howard Stern. On Stern’s radio show in 2012, Nick Cannon talked about how much his then-wife Mariah Carey meant to him. The couple played Mariah’s music in the background while they had sex, and whenever Mariah was away and Nick couldn’t be with her, he would masturbate to her music. What was Cannon's favorite song to fire off to? “Hero.” Even compared to James Franco and John Mayer’s candid talk about masturbation, that’s a little too much to take in.

#3: Amber Rose Fingers Kanye West

During Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter feud in early 2016, Kanye called out Khalifa’s ex-wife, Amber Rose, accusing her of using their two-year-old son to “trap” Khalifa. Rose, who had also dated Kanye, shot back on Twitter with a devastating takedown. Her tweet read, “are u mad I’m not around to play in ur a**hole anymore?” to which Rose added the hashtag “#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch” and a finger emoji. Retweeted more than 285,000 times, the response made West furious, and he denied ever taking pleasure in someone playing with that area where the sun don’t shine. We think the Yeezy doth protest too much…

#2: Rob Ford’s Got Enough to Eat

Never a stranger to controversy or scandal, former Toronto mayor, the late Rob Ford, was accused in 2013 of sexually harassing one of his staffers. During a press conference where he addressed the issue, Mayor Ford tried to downplay the situation with his colorful sense of humor, but ended up making a crude double entendre that nobody wanted to hear. When he ended the press conference with this stunner, none of the reporters knew what to make of the remarks. Realizing that he’d gone too far, Ford later apologized for his comments.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
-          Zoe Saldana Shares Her Favorite Sex Position
-          Ashton Kutcher Admits to Having Diarrhea at His Rabbi’s House
-          Enrique Iglesias Says He Has the World’s Smallest Penis
-          Kourtney Kardashian Has Her Delivery Filmed for a Reality Show
-          Kevin Smith Sent Out a Tweet about Sex with His Wife

#1: Kesha’s Public Urination Selfie

Always looking to push the envelope with an in-your-face, obscene gesture, in 2012, Kesha snapped a photo of herself urinating in a Los Angeles street and uploaded it to Twitter. Her tweet read, “pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik.” Fortunately for her, Kesha was not found by the PoPo that day, or else she would have been fined 270 dollars for public urination. However, this little stunt was not the most graphic thing Kesha has done with urine, as she reportedly drank her own pee for her reality show “Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.” 
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