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Top 10 Badass Anime Gunslingers

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Oscar Pearson Bang. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the top ten Anime Gunslingers. For this list, we’ve selected the pariahs of anime gunplay, characters who are the fastest and deadliest with hand-held people killing hardware. Since we’re focusing on ace shooters, only those who primarily use a gun are eligible. Special thanks to our users mac121mr0, Skerlly Fc, Shadow 10000, Vitor Emanuel Cardoso, Jose Felix and Ashjbow for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Anime+Gunslingers

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Script written by Oscar Pearson

Top 10 Anime Gunslingers

Bang. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the top ten Anime Gunslingers.

For this list, we’ve selected the pariahs of anime gunplay, characters who are the fastest and deadliest with hand-held people killing hardware. Since we’re focusing on ace shooters, only those who primarily use a gun are eligible.

#10: Death the Kid

“Soul Eater” (2008-09)
A symmetry-obsessed pretty boy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Grim Reaper’s son. But when it comes to power: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Wielding the twin pistols Liz and Patty, this weapon Meister is more than capable of holding his own against some of the show’s strongest characters. His abilities are apparent from the start of the series, as he easily defeats both Black Star and Soul with his signature Death Cannon. Later battles only further demonstrate his expertise, as Kid is the only DWMA student who consistently battles enemies without any backup. Of course, the pink-pistol user is only this deadly when his symmetric OCD is satisfied.

#9: Riza Hawkeye

“Fullmetal Alchemist” franchise (2003-2009)
Standing out as a normal human in a world full of superpowered scientists is impressive. However, that word only begins to describe this sharpshooting military officer. Since she’s not an alchemist, Hawkeye instead relies on her expert marksmanship to combat the enemy Homunculi. Her skills with firearms make her one of the few characters in the show who can hold her own without using transmutations. While Riza’s expert handling of rifles and pistols already make her an asset to Colonel Mustang, it is her tactical mind and bravery that truly make her invaluable. Unfortunately she only places at 9 on this because her skills do tend to choke a little under pressure, or plot convenience.

#8: Alucard

“Hellsing: Ultimate” (2006-12)
This sadistic vampire possesses so much supernatural power that his two long-barreled pistols are mostly a stylistic choice. However, these might be the deadliest fashion statements ever. Even though it’s the easiest option at times, the Lord of Darkness rarely shoots to kill. Instead, he uses his guns to cripple his enemies in humiliating fashion. As his opponents became more powerful, the Ultimate Vampire ups his arsenal with the 13mm “Jackal”. With both at his disposal, there’s no mystery as to why the red-eyed monster is considered the Hellsing Organization’s strongest trump card.

#7: Kiritsugu Emiya

“Fate/Zero” (2011-12)
Overlooked as a Magus for his lack of formal training, Kiritsugu found a niche for his unique abilities as a deadly assassin. Nicknamed the “Magus Killer”, the stoic Emiya uses a mix of magic, firearms, and tactical savvy to hunt down rogue magi. Using all three cohesively is what enables him to put on virtuoso performances during his battles. His ability to quickly think on his feet helps make full use of his signature time control and arsenal of guns. When in a pinch, the freelancer can always rely on his Origin Bullets, which permanently damage the Magic Circuit of anyone hit by them. Given the fear he strikes in his foes, this ruthless hitman is proof that being different isn’t all that bad.

#6: Sinon

“Sword Art Online II” (2014)
She says it best herself: one shot, one kill. Although originally joining Gun Gale Online to overcome her fear of guns, Sinon is as skilled as they come when she has one in her hands. Her masterful duel with Behemoth to kick off the season ensured that the teal-haired sniper made her entrance with a *ahem* bang. Despite technically playing second fiddle to series protagonist Kirito, the hawk eyed teenager was a major force during the Phantom Bullet Arc. Her ability to stay calm under pressure allows her to maintain her ridiculous accuracy during even the most crucial times. Also: her main weapon actually fits the season’s theme. Get with the times, Kirito.

#5: Homura

“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” (2011)
This girl gives “overprotective” a whole new meaning. After failing to save Madoka in one timeline, Homura vows to protect the magical girl by any means necessary...even if it takes several tries. Luckily, she wields a magical shield that can manipulate time to aid her obsessive mission. When faced with an especially dangerous threat, the deadly school girl also has access to a limitless supply of shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols and ammunition. Series writer Gen Urobuchi has even declared Homura as the strongest of the magical girls, as long as nobody discovers how she uses her time control.

#4: Hol Horse

“JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” franchise (2012-)
When trying to decide who has the quickest draw in all of Anime, look no further. Hol Horse’s trusty handgun, Emperor, is one of the various weapons in the series known as a Stand. As a result, the gun possesses unique several supernatural powers, such as the ability to instantly appear in Hol’s hand whenever called upon. Since the revolver is merely an extension of his own power, the blonde mercenary also has complete control over its bullets. Other traits, such as the lack of recoil and increasing Horse’s reaction time, make this conventional duo stand out in a show full of wacky characters.

#3: Vash the Stampede

“Trigun” (1998)
Hailing from the oldest series on the list, Vash is arguably the granddaddy of all Anime gunslingers. His iconic design and superhuman gunplay helped kickstart the Western Anime boom in the early 2000s. The spiky-haired blonde possesses expert aim, Spider-Man-like reflexes, and the ability to strategize on the fly. However, the Humanoid Typhoon is a gentle soul at his core--which basically makes him Goku with a gun. He only fights to protect others, and refuses to kill even the most evil villains. His merciful nature requires an even higher amount of skill and self-endangerment than normal, since he is trying to disarm those who seek to kill him.

#2: Spike Spiegel

“Cowboy Bebop” (2001)
Engaging, effortlessly badass, and cooler than a cucumber. The three elements that made Cowboy Bebop an instant classic are also encapsulated in its main character. As a master of the ‘Jeet Kune Do’ martial arts style, Spike doesn’t always need to use his gun. But when he does, his silky smooth fighting style’s influence is still present. His calm and composed demeanor during shootouts allows him to quickly analyze his opponents and use their own strategies against them. His ability to keep a level head while facing entire gangs of armed foes adds to his status as the coolest character in Anime history. Bang.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Sousuke Sagara
“Full Metal Panic!” (2002)

Yoko Littner
“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

“Gunslinger Girl” (2008)

Yukio Okumura
“Blue Exorcist” (2011)

“Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” (2010)

Gene Starwind
“Outlaw Star” (1998)

#1: Revy

Black Lagoon (2006-11)
While Vash and Spike are both renowned for their respective kind heart and composer, this femme fatale is as merciless and rugged as they come. Revy takes the top spot on this list for her genuine love of decimating anyone foolish enough to point a gun at her. The deadliest member of the The Lagoon company is nicknamed “Two Hands” for her ambidextrous use of dual pistols. When combined with her short temper and hostility, the mercenary’s gunplay makes her an unpredictable bringer of death. While her sadistic nature might not equal the most relatable character in the series, her value to the crew during gunfights is undeniable. A body count that exceeds 120 during the show is only the icing on the cake of why she takes the crown as the queen of all Anime gunslingers.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think are the best Anime Gunslingers? For more bullseye-hitting top tens published every day, visit

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