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Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Time to check out a ranking for the very spookiest, most terrifying, most unsettling tracks to ever grace a video game console. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games!

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Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games

When this music kicks in, you know all manner of horror is waiting around the next corner. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten scariest songs in video games.

For this list we’ll be looking at instrumental music in video games that scared the crap out of players, setting the mood for whatever nightmare fuel the game had in store.

#10: Taxidermy
“Killer7” (2005)

Considering you take control of seven elite assassins throughout the course of this game, there’s not much that can be thrown at you that you can’t overcome with well-timed bullets, however that doesn’t make this little number any less creepy. Playing like a perversion of a lullaby, the brief song worms its way into our ears after certified badass Dan Smith puts down his old mentor Curtis Blackburn. Taking down the man who killed you might seem satisfying, but with this track accompanying it, it certainly adds a new layer of chills.

#9: Lament
“Siren: Blood Curse ” (2008)

Known as Siren: New Translation in Japan, this title brought with it a song that more than lived up to its namesake. Much like the siren of legend, the track is deceptive in nature, beginning with a rather beautiful melody as a female vocalist adds some potent notes. Entrancing and very pleasant to listen to…at first. As the song progress, the atmosphere takes on a more sinister twist, and the vocals begin to turn into unpleasant cries. By the time it ends you are more than a little unnerved of what may be waiting for you as you progress.

#8: First Chapter ~ On the Ground
“Drakenguard” (2003)

If there ever was a song that perfectly encapsulated the chaos and fear that came from an invasion, it would be this one. Starting the game off on a high, the fierce might of the Empire brings the full force of its army down on the stronghold of the Union. Taking control of protagonist Caim, players have to race across the battleground and slice apart the enemy commanders, all the while the unending, rapid pace of the background track keeps the adrenaline flowing, bringing feelings of desperation and a sense of urgency to the surface. Even as you cut your way through the incoming hordes, with this song playing you can’t help but feel like it’s all for naught.

#7: Lavender Town
“Pokemon Red and Blue” (1998)

We’re not sure why a game filled to the brim with lovable creatures and an endearing tale of adventure and companionship would feature an eerie song like this, but it certainly did its job. After setting foot in the titular Lavender Town, trainers everywhere were left not only with a song that drastically brought down the atmosphere to a more sombre tone…but also got to listen it while exploring a tower that houses the graves of deceased Pokemon. The worst part? This song spawned an creepy pasta that told of how children who listened to this song too much would go crazy and be driven to suicide…

#6: Dungeon
“Diablo” (1996)

You didn’t think that your quest to destroy the ultimate evil wouldn’t include descending into various caves and catacombs filled with unholy monsters did you? Well it does, and what makes it even worse is that this song comes with it as you make your way through the cathedral. This track doesn’t only enhance the menace of the creatures you encounter, but reflects the threat of Diablo himself, almost like his corruption can be heard with each bellow of the song’s haunting choir. The sanctity of this place truly has been fouled!

#5: Final Boss
“Sonic CD (US Version)” (1993)

Do you like your Eggman to come with a soundtrack that you’ll be hearing in your nightmares afterwards? Well feast your ears on this. We know the drill, Robotnik causes a whole lot of trouble and our favourite blue blur intervenes. However, gamers in the US got something a little extra, as their version came with a track that makes it feel like you’re running into a trap and that the mad scientist is actually someone to be feared and someone who will take great pleasure in watching you die. Throw in the fact his laugh echoes across the song and all of a sudden Sonic’s oldest foe is painted in a much more sinister light.

#4: Final Hours
“The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” (2000)

Is it any surprise the darkest entry in the adventures of Link features music that excels at capturing a sense of hopelessness. Despite being able to rewind time before the moon crashes into Termina below, the track that plays as oblivion approaches is still a haunting one. Accompanied by the sound bells, the overwhelming feeling of impending doom is masterfully portrayed, heightening the resolve of players all the more to catch that damn Skull Kid before everything is destroyed. If mortal frailty ever had a tune, this would be it.

#3: Witch
“Left 4 Dead” (2008)

She’s not cackling and she’s not standing over a bubbling cauldron, but the dread that you feel when encountering this particular zombie is made infinitely worse when this song suddenly explodes out of nowhere and signals her frenzied approach. The nonsensical vocals and accelerating tempo not only manage to invoke fear from the players, but also portray the insanity that defines the Witch’s character. Even with four heavily armed individuals surrounding her, she’s still a lethal force that can catch you off guard, with this track driving the point home you should take heed of the warning to NOT startle her.

#2: Giygas
“Earthbound” (1995)

It might seem like quite the challenge to create a fitting track for a formless amalgamation of hated and madness, but they succeeded, and the result could chill your blood. As Gigyas constantly shifts in appearance, we’re greeted to the sound of wind blowing, faint traces of otherworldly murmurs, before escalating to the point where white noise and other uncomfortable sounds are thrown in. Much like Giygas itself, the song manages to get under your skin in a way few can. No wonder the only way to defeat it is to pray, because silently wishing for this track to end is all you’re able to do in the face of this monstrosity.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Planet Zebes (Arrival on Crateria)
“Super Metroid” (1994)

Ripple Star Catacombs
“Kirby 64” (2000)

My Heaven
“Silent Hill” (1999)

Scissorman Chase
“Clock Tower The First Fear” (1995)

The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind
“Silent Hill 2” (2001)

#1: River Twygz Bed
“Super Paper Mario” (2007)

Now how could anything involving video games’ favourite plumber have anything remotely scary in it? We refer you to the River Twygz and all the horrors within it. Said to be filled with the tears of sinners and inhabited by eerie creatures known as Underhands, the river that runs through The Underwhere is not a pleasant place to visit. And then there’s the music. With a disturbing score accompanied by distorted voices, not to mention the feeling of foreboding as Mario swims deeper and deeper into its depths, it is truly a song that cannot be unheard, and will stalk the shadows of your mind after only a single listen. Thanks a lot Mario…

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the scariest song in video games? With new top tens published every day be sure to subscribe to!

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