Kratos vs. Bayonetta: God Slayer Duel

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Time to see which of these two god slayers comes out on top! Welcome to and in this instalment of Video Game Duels we're pitting the God of War Kratos against the Umbra Witch Bayonetta!

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Video Game Duels: Kratos vs. Bayonetta

Time to see which of these two god slayers comes out on top! Welcome to and in this instalment of Video Game Duels we’re pitting the God of War Kratos against the Umbra Witch

Round 1: Strength and Endurance

In his quest for vengeance Kratos hasn’t only given out beatings but taken some as well. Engaging in a tug of war with Hades and exchanging fists with Hercules just to name a few. We could dedicate a whole list to Kratos own particular labours, but his most significant are by far when he was able to withstand the monumental strength of Cronus as well as stabbing himself with the Blade of Olympus. He just walks it off and goes onto grow a Nordic beard.

She may look slender and sensual, but those legs aren’t just for gawking at. They’ve also kicked a jet out of the air. Her mastery over Witch Time and Lumen/Umbra heritage has granted Bayonetta impressive strength of her own. While she prefers to either shoot or torture her angelic enemies to death, she’s not above sending them flying with those heels of hers. Of course we can’t forget about the time when a satellite was sent hurtling at her…to which she simply knocked it right the hell back.

Bayonetta may be powerful, but she relies more on her talents as a witch than brute force, plus she hasn’t taken as much of a beating as Kratos, who came back after literally tearing himself apart.

WINNER: Kratos

Kratos: 1 / Bayonetta: 0

Round 2: Weapons, Powers and Equipment

Where do we even begin with this one? Kratos’ most reliant weapons have always remained some variant of the Blades of Chaos, able to slice apart enemies up close or at a distance. While he does have items such as the Golden Fleece to help his defence, the God of War mostly likes to stick to his name sake. Instruments of death such as the Blade of Olympus, Hooks of Hades and Nemean Cestus have all torn apart the most seasoned of mythological creatures.

While her signature weapons remains her four firearms attached to each of her limbs, Bayonetta isn’t afraid to get up close and personal. Her trademark Witch Time ability allows her to dodge pretty much anything and slow down time, her demonic arsenal including the living katana Rakshasa aren’t to be messed with. But the crème da le crème comes from the power of Wicked Weave, where her hair acts as catalyst to summon otherworldly entities, the strongest being Queen Sheba, a being who’s single punch rivals that of the power of the Big Bang, which she used to punch the creator of the universe into the sun.

We love Kratos’ weaponry as much as the next guy, but Witch Time is the true game changer here, Kratos does have the Amulet of Fates that can match Bayo’s ability, but it only works if he’s close to a Statue of the Fates, where as Bayonetta can trigger this ability at the drop of a hat, easily giving her the upper edge.

WINNER: Bayonetta

Kratos: 1 / Bayonetta: 1

Round 3: Allies

This one definitely isn’t in Kratos’ favour, since everyone who looks like they might be a friend either ends up dead or betrays him. Ares turned him into the mightiest soldier, but tricked him into killing his family. Zeus granted him the Blade of Olympus, but then used it to send him to the underworld. The Titans brought him back for his final vengeance…only to send him to the underworld again! Even the good-hearted ones like Pandora, Athena, and Orkus end up fading out existence after helping him out. Man, this guy cannot catch a break.

While originally a mysterious and confrontational figure from her past, Bayonetta’s closest confident is her fellow Umbra Witch, Jeanne (French Pronounciation), who is equally as flashy and just as good at laying the smack-down on angels. Then there’s Rodin (Rod-ahn), a fallen angel who not only makes a mean cocktail but also provides her with all of her devilish weaponry. They may be few, but their talents in killing ensure that Bayonetta is always locked and loaded and has someone at her back she can trust.

No surprises here, but any ally Kratos is six feet under, leaving him to stand alone against two beautiful but vicious ladies armed to the teeth.

WINNER: Bayonetta by a landslide

Kratos: 1 / Bayonetta: 2

Round 4: Determination

Kratos has only had one thing on the brain: revenge. Even after he managed to slay the former God of War, there always seems to be someone just waiting to wrong him, case and point with Zeus. In order to get back at the Father of the Gods, Kratos let nothing stand in his way, slaying practically every major character in Greek Mythology just to get even. The Olympians should really get with the concept that should you wrong him, Kratos will defy all odds and kills as many as possible just for a chance at your throat.

After awakening with no memory of who she was, Bayonetta pursued her past, which more often than not involved taking out the inhabits of heaven’s spheres. Her laidback attitude may seem a little disconcerting, but that’s because she knows how powerful she is and that even the strongest of angels is just a footnote on her way to the truth. As such she doesn’t come across as desperate in her goals, much preferring at a brisk pace. Of course if you happen to try and harm a friend of hers in anyway, you’re in for the beating of a lifetime.

One point worth mentioning is that both Characters end up at some stage escaping from their games version of hell, but given the Fixated on such a poisonous goal as revenge has pushed Kratos to the very limits, and as such has been able to overcome obstacles and enemies that few could. Even at her most passionate Bayonetta doesn’t have quite as much drive as the Ghost of Sparta.

WINNER: Kratos

Kratos: 2 / Bayonetta: 2

Round 5: Exploitable Weaknesses

You can’t go through everything Kratos has been through without being at least partially traumatized. The constant guilt from killing his family, his ever-present rage; it comes as no to surprise that he’s unhinged. Of course instead of breaking down and weeping, it’s more likely to fuel the fire of his anger. He’ll sacrifice almost anything to accomplish his goal…aka that time he used a helpless woman to jam a mechanism. Not to mention that with the upcoming PS4 God of War game, Kratos will lose control if his rage is not kept in check.

Bayonetta is a free spirit by all means. She enjoys the pleasant things in life and feels no shame for the violence she conducts against agents of Paradiso. As you can guess she conducts herself in a very arrogant and cocky manner. To be fair, if we could play Frisbee with a satellite it might be warranted, but such an attitude does leave an opening for an opponent to take advantage of them. Of course they would need to be insanely powerful, but it still stands as a painted target on her back.

The Umbra Witch’s savvy nature, silver tongue and tendency to rile people up the wrong way is the very thing that could easily get under Kratos’ skin, especially if she raised points about his dead family. We have no doubt that Bayonetta could flip his berserker switch mere minutes upon confronting him.

Winner: Bayonetta

Kratos: 2 / Bayonetta: 3

The brawl would truly be worthy of legends, but Bayonetta’s superior weaponry and powers would eventually win out the day when combined with Kratos unchecked psyche and bloodlust.

WINNER: Bayonetta

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Man fuck no Kratos would destoy her within seconds