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Top 10 Things That Would Suck About Being a Superhero

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Q.V. Hough You save the world time and time again, but it’s just never enough. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That Would Suck About Being a Superhero. For this list, we’re focusing on real-life issues that would make life stressful for any superhero. Special thanks to our user christo for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Things+the+Would+Suck+About+Being+a+SuperHero

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Top 10 Things That Would Suck About Being a Superhero

You save the world time and time again, but it’s just never enough. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That Would Suck About Being a Superhero.

For this list, we’re focusing on real-life issues that would make life stressful for any superhero.

#10: Your Co-Workers (Fellow Superheroes) Are Arrogant

For most individuals, co-workers are part of a daily routine. But for superheroes, there’s more to consider than just water-cooler banter, musical philosophy or why “Suicide Squad” was doomed from the start. Superheroes are expected to deliver, and their fellow co-workers expect big-time results and a natural sense of bravado. You don’t just save the day and expect the gang to bow down in admiration – cause they’re always out showing off just how super THEY are, too. No, you have to constantly step up your game, otherwise you’re just another outcast with a cape. So, there’s an art to the arrogance of bringing up a day’s work.

#9: They Are Always Making New Enemies

Ok, so you’ve taken out the latest villain by late afternoon and have the whole night to just chill out. But wait – you managed to upset said baddie’s friend and now they’re on your trail before you can even jump in the shower. That’s how it works for superheroes, as there’s never time to enjoy the satisfaction of what you’ve done. In other words, your big achievement for the day fades away quickly because the game never ends. It doesn’t make sense to doze off, and you certainly can’t take a power nap. Superheroes are watching… your enemies are watching… and the number of superhero trolls only increases with each passing day.

#8: You Can’t Let Yourself Go

Superheroes need their cardio. And given the physical nature of the job, one should expect to be physically active. So, you can’t put down a couple bottles of red wine and expect there to be no consequences. Suddenly, you’re a bit slow, and everyone’s wondering what the heck is up with your ill-fitting suit. And you know what that means: bad headlines and bad press. “Superhero Putting On the Pounds”, they’ll say, and you’ll be just another fat has-been forced out of town. And while there may be plenty of full-figured superheroes roaming about here and there, it’s not like they’re reaching their full potential or not suffering the consequences of rapid weight gain.

#7: Can’t Enjoy Celeb Status

Regardless of a superhero’s accomplishments, charm or connections, it’s a bad move to get caught up in the celebrity game. With very few exceptions, Superheroes don’t exactly get to hang out with other glitterati. And a self-respecting superhero doesn’t hit up after-parties either, because superheroes don’t party like normal folks. If anything, a superhero can maybe enjoy their celebrity status amongst their unique set of peers. But even then, it’s likely that someone will be gunning for your spot. It’s not like superheroes go home and cry, but they just need to familiarize themselves with a different way of life - one that doesn’t involve celebrity nightlife or meaningful relationships. Ok, that sucks.

#6: No Paycheck

Superheroes got get paid in anything other than public approval. But, that’s it. Yeah, superheroes receive gifts, and lots of them. But not so much that they can pay the rent, so most have to try to hold down another job. Hey, some probably even go out and “borrow” things to make ends meet. That ain’t right. That ain’t right at all. But what do you expect when a superhero can’t get hooked up with a proper salary? They’ve got to make ends meet, even if they’re consistently on the front page of the news or generally loved by the community. But hey – that’s just the cost of living a superhero lifestyle.

#5: The Obligation of Saving the Day

The sun rises, you’ve got some bacon and eggs cooking and you’re looking forward to a quiet morning. And then you realize that a superhero doesn’t take a day off. Your phone - or whatever gadget you happen to have - is blowing up with distress calls and now you must save the day, again. For a first-rate superhero, this isn’t necessarily a problem, maybe more of an annoyance. Still, it’s a reminder of what you signed up for. Your reputation precedes you everywhere and at all times. And everybody wants a little help, because to them it doesn’t seem like a big deal to ask.

#4: Public Backlash

For the most part, the general public understands their relationship with superheroes. Yet, there can be times when that relationship is strained. Maybe colletaral damage was caused during some epic fight and car insurance doesn’t cover Hulk Smash. And even when you get the job done, there’s always somebody who wants more. You’re ready to crack a cold one, but wait - you’re trending on Twitter because of your poor bedside manner on that particular day. And what do you do? Nothing, because superheroes don’t meltdown on Twitter.

#3: Physical and Psychological Damage

Depending on your superhero outfit, it’s certainly possible to maintain a relatively healthy body. After all, there are ways to protect yourself when slamming into a brick wall or face-planting into a sidewalk. But in battle, you just never know what kind of gear the other superhero is sporting. And POW – suddenly, your knee is completely screwed. Beyond all the physical issues, though, superheroes have plenty of psychological issues going on upstairs. And that can be a scary place to navigate. Just one superhero fail means you’re dealing with some tough stuff, and a couple more “incidents’ can make you sick in the head. And, well, that’s when you evolve into a supervillain.

#2: Your Parents Are Dead

There’s criteria for being a superhero, and one of the unofficial rules is that your parents must have experienced an awful death. This is called an origin story. And are there exceptions? Well, sure, but most A-level superheroes have some sort of personal tragedy to deal with. And who do traumatized superheroes pal around with? Usually other superheroes, who have also had to deal with this trauma. And a lot of them really don’t want to talk about all the stuff that made them who they are. Makes for some pretty messed up relationships. And while all this is sad, it would just be plain weird if a superhero didn’t have an emotionally devastating backstory. It’s just one of the rules.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


No Personal Time

Always Late

#1: Your Friends Are Always Targeted, Captured or Killed

A superhero can never rest easy, even when a day’s work is done. Obviously, someone is always plotting to hurt you, and what better way than by taking the head of your closest friend? That’s the big reason why superheroes have secret identities and guard them so fiercely; if a villain doesn’t know who you really are, he doesn’t know exactly who your loved ones are. Of course, that doesn’t help the people who have public relationships with you in your super identity. And just when you think life will calm down a bit, you’re shackled up in a supervillain dungeon, forced to defend your actions to your disappointed crew, who are now screwed because of your superhero fail.

So, do you agree with our selections? What do you think would suck about being a superhero? For more mind-blowing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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