Top 10 Biggest Comic Book Moments of 2016



Top 10 Biggest Comic Book Moments of 2016

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Script written by Joey Turner

As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to look back at this year's significant comic events. Welcome to, and today we're counting down the Top 10 Biggest Comic Book Moments of 2016.
With reboots, status quo-changers, and new series making the spotlight, it's been a big year for comic lovers; and today, we're looking at some of the most monumental moments that went down over the last 12 months. We'll only be covering the events surrounding the actual books, so comic book movies are ruled out.

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Script written by Joey Turner

Top 10 Biggest Comic Book Moments of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look back at this year’s significant comic events. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Biggest Comic Book Moments of 2016.

With reboots, status quo-changers, and new series making the spotlight, it’s been a big year for comic lovers; and today, we’re looking at some of the most monumental moments that went down over the last 12 months. We’ll only be covering the events surrounding the actual books, so comic book movies are ruled out.

#10: Superman Dies… For Real

After barely surviving getting the fudge beat out of him by Doomsday back in the day, you’d think Superman could survive anything, right? Not really, as New 52 Superman finds out that his days are numbered, and there is no cure. His tearful goodbyes with his friends and loved ones are cut short when he has to battle an energy-flaring man calling himself ‘Superman.’ In the heat of the battle, the real Man of Steel has no choice – he flies up into space with the imposter, and said imposter explodes. Surrounded by his friends and loved ones, The New 52 Superman is reduced to dust. However, as one legend dies, another –the Pre-Flashpoint Superman- returns to finish what his younger counterpart started.

#9: Civil War II

After the impact of the FIRST Civil War, the world wasn’t ready for another one. A new Inhuman has arrived, and he seemingly has the power to see into the future. Captain Marvel thinks they can use his visions to stop crimes before they happen, but Iron Man isn’t keen on the idea. The last straws include War Machine being killed following one of the visions, and Bruce Banner allowing himself to be killed by Hawkeye. The lines are drawn, the sides are chosen, and the war is in full bloom. Like the first War, the scars run deep – questions of trust and fate, younger heroes disillusioned by their idols, and a new status quo – “Divided we Stand.”

#8: Darwyn Cooke Passes Away

2016 was a tragic year for celebrities and unfortunately, comic book creative teams were not safe either. In May 2016, Darwyn Cooke -comic book artist, animator, and writer best known for his work at DC comics- lost an aggressive battle against lung cancer and passed on. Many DC fans remember him for one of his most celebrated works – the DC: The New Frontier series, where he successfully bridged the gap between the Golden and Silver Ages of the DC heroes. Animation fans may also recall his design work for the Batman Beyond title sequence or his 75th anniversary tribute short. Though his life was cut short, his fantastic stories and retro artwork keep his legacy alive.

#7: Chew’s Final Story Arc

All good things must come to an end. For those who are unfamiliar, the series Chew followed Tony Chu, an FDA agent who has psychic visions from anything he eats… including human flesh. The comic’s co-creator announced that this 2009 best-seller would only last 60 issues… and, unfortunately, the end has come with the five-part story arc – Sour Grapes. Chu finally gets answers to a mystery that’s been plaguing the story since the beginning… after eating what’s left of his old rival. On top of that, the end of the world is upon them, and Tony can save it… but at a heartbreaking cost. With only an epilogue left, seeing this gripping comic end is hard to digest.

#6: ARH Comix Begins Publishing

ARH Studios is a company that produces figurine statues, and their work is nothing to sneeze at. Starting around early 2016, their new comic book branch –ARH Comix- began publishing graphic miniseries based on their own original characters and statues. Among these issues includes Arkhalla, the Queen of Vampires following the titular vampire queen falling in love with a slave, Arhian: the Head Huntress featuring a captivating warrior looking for freedom and justice, and Astria – the story of a young woman out for revenge. These compelling tales show how beautifully made figures and posters can inspire great stories, and that independent comic companies can still thrive this very day.

#5: Wally West Returns

Wally West –the first Kid Flash and third Flash- was very popular in DC thanks to his light-hearted atitude. However, after the events of Flashpoint and the start of the New 52, Wally disappeared from existence, and was replaced by his younger cousin of the same name. Turns out the real Wally has been trapped in the Speed Force for 10 years; but now he has a chance to return if he can reach out to one of his former friends… but no one remembers him, not even his wife. Finally, he reaches out to his old partner, Barry Allen and the two share a tearful -and familiar- reunion as Wally comes back into the fold.

#4: Captain America “Turns Evil”

Commander Steve Rogers, the original Captain America and the first Avenger, has regained his youthful vigor and is taking back his old mantle… but his return turned a little sour. Near the end of the first Captain America: Steve Rogers issue, Cap throws Jack Flag off a plane and utters the two words we NEVER thought we’d hear from him, hail Hydra. Naturally, fans were surprised and outraged at the thought of the patriotic Avenger turning traitor… but it turns out that Cap’s not in his right mind. Red Skull used superpowers to make Steve believe he's always been a double agent. Don’t you just love comic book twists and turns?

#3: DC Rebirth

After Barry Allen’s attempt to fix the timeline caused the New 52, reactions were fairly mixed. The main problems with the revamp included iconic characters like Wally West going M.I.A, questionable characterizations and broken relationships, with many storylines going a little TOO dark. However, in May 2016, it was time for a Rebirth – starting with Wally West making his miraculous return, trying to warn his friends of the dark forces behind the last few years. With his return, memories of the past start re-emerging, old friends return to action, and broken relationships heal. After a critically split few years, the future looks bright for the DC Universe.

#2: Batman Finds the Watchmen Pin

While reflecting on recent events, Batman gets an unexpected visit from Wally West, trying to get the Caped Crusader to remember him. Once he is pulled back into the Speed Force, Wally reveals that the rebooted universe may not have been ALL Barry Allen’s fault… but someone else interfering during the Flashpoint. Batman finds a strange object Wally left behind – a bloodied smiley-faced badge. The epilogue gives us a cryptic clue for who really erased 10 years and manipulated the heroes’ lives – Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen’s universe. Like it or not, this shocking revelation establishes Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ characters might cross over into the DC universe.

#1: Steve Dillon Passes Away

British comic book artist Steve Dillon passed away from appendicitis in late October 2016. Many fans recall his work on titles such as Hellblazer and as co-creator of the 1995 cult classic comic series, Preacher - the supernatural satire about a reverend possessed by paranormal forces. Dillon’s illustrative work –described as both deeply expressive and humorous- helped the series breathe and thrive for five years. His most recent work was as co-executive producer of AMC’s adaptation of Preacher over the summer... sadly, he only lived up to the first season. Mr. Dillon was taken too soon, but talent such as his shall never be forgotten.

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1. DC Rebirth 2. Civil War 2 3. Superman dies again