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Top 10 Surprisingly Down-to-Earth Celebrities

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Angelia Mercier These celebrities are the nicest, kindest, and most genuine of all the famous people in the world! Not all celebrities are rude, stuck up, or think they are above their fans! Some of them will do whatever it takes to make a fan happy, whether that’s talking outside of their shows, signing as many autographs as possible, or taking drunken selfies with a passed out fan! These men and women will do whatever it takes to treat their fans with as much love as they receive from them.

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Top 10 Nicest Celebrities In Real Life

It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 celebrities who are nicest in real life.

For this list, we’ve made our choices based on how kind and down-to-earth these famous people are purported to be. These are those celebs that just generally give off good vibes!

#10: Aaron Paul

From the moment he skyrocketed to fame as the excitable stoner half of TV’s favorite meth-making duo, Aaron Paul portrayed himself as the kinda celebrity you’d love to hang out with. In fact, being able to connect with people has gotta be one of Paul’s most endearing traits, whether he’s greeting tour buses full of fans outside his house or delivering audio greeting cards in person. Fans feel so connected to the former Jesse Pinkman that they wrote a song dedicated to Paul himself when “Breaking Bad” ended – that kinda love is only reserved for the nicest celebrities! Sweet, open, and approachable, Aaron Paul seems to have a knack for getting other people involved in his brand of fun.

#9: Chris Pratt

You already know that he’s adorably funny, but did you also know that Chris Pratt has a pretty impressive compassionate streak? When interacting with his fans, Pratt is always making sure that everyone gets what they’ve waited for, be it a selfie or an autograph – something his fans have shown their appreciation for. Going from the goofy Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation” to a bona fide movie star and heartthrob doesn’t seem to have changed Pratt at all either: in fact, he’s used his fame for good, showing up at the Seattle Children’s Hospital more than once to spend time with sick kids and to give back. Doesn’t get much nicer than that!

#8: Will Smith

By all accounts, the Fresh Prince is just as fly, dope and nice as you’d hope he’d be. And, we can probably attribute Will Smith’s unrelenting kindness and generosity to his family values. In fact, it’s almost impossible to think of Smith himself these days without picturing his family standing right there beside him – and those values even show up in his work. As a rapper, Smith is known for his clean lyrics, and has never had a ‘Parental Advisory’ label on one of his albums throughout his entire music career. It’s easy for kids and parents alike to love this guy.

#7: Jeff Goldblum

Most of us known Jeff Goldblum’s a bit of a strange guy, and definitely a fun-loving guy, but he’s also a nice guy. When signing fan autographs, not only is Goldblum unafraid to respond in kind to his fans’ declarations of undying love; he also makes a point of making direct eye contact with each and every one of them. He doesn’t shy away from making grand gestures to complete strangers either, like when he met Anna Kendrick for the first time. But you know what else makes him seem like an accessible celebrity? He’s not afraid to tackle more intimate and engaging interview questions head on. For us, what makes Jeff Goldblum irresistibly nice is his utterly unrestricted charm.

#6: Adele

Adorable, sweet, humble: these are just some of the traits that make Adele a fan-favorite. With her awesome laugh and unaffected accent, this English songstress is not afraid to get goofy. But, perhaps what makes her most endearing is her relationship with her fans, and her status as a super-fan herself! That’s right, you will frequently see this pop icon acting giddy over her love of Rihanna’s music, for example. If that’s not enough to get you on her side, seeing how thrilled she is to surprise her fans will surely win you over. Whether that surprise comes in the form of photobombs during interview shows or at one of her own concerts, Adele’s gotta be one of today’s most approachable celebrities.

#5: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

If you follow The Rock on any social media platform, you know that 1) he works out A LOT, 2) he as an amazing smile and 3) his feed is basically a laundry list of his good deeds. And that’s because Dwayne Johnson is just one of those celebrities that you wish were part of your crew. Whenever he surprises his fans, he does so in a big way and, usually, in style! He’s also the kind of celebrity that likes to shine a spotlight on kids with amazing stories about overcoming challenges. He’s so enthusiastic when it comes to his sense of fun and community that it never fails to make us feel good. It also never fails to inspire us.

#4: George Clooney

George Clooney’s usual vibe is one of dignity and reserve, but deep down you just know this Kentucky native loves to laugh and have a good time. Clooney doesn’t shy away from getting personal with his fans – even if that means breaking his composure or the occasional red carpet barricade. Of course, on the more serious side of things, he’s a major activist and humanitarian – which you have to respect. In fact, he’s well known for his heart of gold and compassion. But like we said, when he’s not busy trying to save the world, Clooney likes to let loose with his costars and celebrity pals, either through a good-natured prank or some gentle joshing.

#3: Hugh Jackman

Considering how he talks about his co-stars and colleagues, as well as his undeniable sweetness with his fans, it’s no wonder Hugh Jackman has been labeled one of Hollywood’s nicest guys. We’ll admit: celebrities surprising fans is not an uncommon move in Hollywood, but for some reason it’s just super endearing when Hugh does it! Oh, and how ‘bout this: while interacting with a crying fan, Jackman made her and everyone watching feel at ease with a group selfie – and he even made sure not to leave out the “ET” reporter interviewing him! Geez, it truly seems like Jackman is nice to everyone – even the reporter he embarrassed by recounting the time he’d spent teaching him at school in England!

#2: Ellen DeGeneres

If you could trademark niceness, Ellen DeGeneres would own the rights: her entire brand as a celebrity is about being nice. But more than that, what Ellen stands for is being yourself and being unafraid to get a little silly. She uses her talk show to promote positivity, which means it’s filled with great acts of kindness: she’s often seen giving to communities and families in need, and recognizing everyday people who do the same. While Ellen may just be one of the nicest celebrities you could ever meet, she’s still a down-to-earth comedian who’s not afraid to laugh at herself, pull some pranks and dance!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Keanu Reeves
- Dave Grohl
- Jimmy Fallon

#1: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is the type of guy that makes kindness look cool. And seriously, it’s nigh impossible to find any negative fan testimonial about him: people consistently rave about how nice and grounded he is. It’s hard not to love a celebrity who appreciates a good selfie just as much as the next person. But besides crashing random weddings, posing for hilarious photo series with fans in restaurants, and randomly getting his name chanted by tens of thousands of people at a basketball game, Hanks also seems to be the best husband known to man, as he is constantly gushing about his wife Rita Wilson. Humble, grateful, and compassionate, Tom Hanks gives us every reason to love and respect him.

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