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Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Arschel Morell These are two of the most iconic anime series of all time and chances are at least one of them has a special place in your heart. Welcome to and today we’ll be pitting two legendary Anime series in a head to head battle, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Both shows have been staples of the Anime community and the gateway for two different generations of fans.

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Written by Arschel Morell

Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto

These are two of the most iconic anime series of all time and chances are at least one of them has a special place in your heart.
Welcome to and today we’ll be pitting two legendary Anime series in a head to head battle, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Both shows have been staples of the Anime community and the gateway for two different generations of fans.

Round 1- Fight Scenes

It’s no secret that these two shows display some of the best fighting animation around. With Naruto, you have ninjas clashing with ninjas, everybody loves that. Whether it’s an army of combatants during the great ninja war or the more personal showdowns like Kakashi vs Obito, no battle is ever too small and always packs emotional weight.

Dragon Ball Z features a regular clash of the titans that nearly tears planets apart. They started on a grand scale and eventually reach galactic proportions when Goku and his friends lock fists with warlords, cyborgs, mystic monsters, and even the Gods themselves. The legendary duels between Goku and Freiza, or Gohan and Cell have ranked as some of the most memorable battles in all of Anime. You don’t even care that some battles last roughly 300 episodes.

It’s true that DBZ’s age can’t always put it to the standard of some Naruto battles… but the new movies and even Super have brought some awesome new battles with stellar animation. Best of all, they’re not littered with flashbacks...unlike Naruto.

Dragon Ball Z: 1 / Naruto: 0

Round 2- Powers and Abilities

People get punched a lot in both of these shows, no surprise there. But how much style and power can they pack into these attacks?
There's alot of hand to hand combat in Naruto, but the real edge is outwitting opponents with Ninjutsu.
You’ve got the big moves like the Mangekyou Sharingan and Rasengan.
Summoning techniques for frogs and Susano-o.
And if you throw in the abilities of the ‘tailed beasts’ into the mix you have a spectacle of all sorts of wild powers.

Fighting strength and inner spirit seem to be the key to winning any battle in Dragon Ball Z. Goku and his friends are always training and learning numerous techniques like the Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Final Flash, Special Beam Cannon and Destructo Disk to name a few. There's also the matter of Super Saiyan which Goku, Vegeta and their Sons can achieve, which is undoubtedly the most recognized anime power-up to date.

The powers featured in the Naruto franchise are sort of like Deus Ex Machina – they suddenly bust out the perfect ninjutsu to defeat their opponent – whereas the powers in dragon ball z are tried and true. Sorry but we’ll take the Kamehameha over the Rasengan any day.

Dragon Ball Z: 2 / Naruto: 0

Round 3- Supporting Cast

Back up is never a bad thing to have in a battle or on a journey. In Goku’s case, he’s got a pretty good variety of old friends, and even enemies turned allies with Piccolo and Vegeta. There’s also the Villains like Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu who, despite being wiped off the face of the planet have become eternal fan favorites.

Naruto’s allies are a bit more, complicated to say the least. Some of the more memorable mainstays include: Sasuke, Sakura, Rock Lee, Hinata, Shikamaru, Jiraiya and Kakashi. Factor in some scary foes like Orochimaru, Uchiha Madara, and the expansive Akatsuki organization, and you’ve got a larger library of enemies and allies to explore.

In this regard, the side characters of DBZ seem a little disposable, with only Vegeta hanging on the same level as Goku. This just isn’t the case with Naruto, as the countless supporting characters get ample screen time, thanks to its bevy of episodes - Hell, even Might Guy gets his moment to shine. Naruto takes this round.

Dragon Ball Z: 2 / Naruto: 1

Round 4- Story

Yeah, we all come for the thrills and all out brawls, but the stories within these shows deserve just as much attention. Between the two, however, Dragon Ball Z tends to be a little more straight forward. The story is a bit simpler as a result: enemies come looking to destroy the world, and it’s up to Goku and friends to save the day. Character development is weaved in. And while it’s good, the screaming and power ups take the reins, more often than not, to tell the tale.

Whether it’s Naruto’s childhood curse of having the nine-tailed fox sealed inside his body, or the tragic pasts of characters like Sasuke or Gaara, Naruto’s plot has some deeper tales to tell with its cast, in addition to all the fighting. It can be a bit complex but that also helps viewers gain a greater understanding of each character’s motives - even the enemies. With as many episodes as this show has, it’s ok to get the fighting and storytelling in pretty equally, without sacrificing one or the other.
And sure, it may often be a little convoluted for some but hey, Naruto even gets a love subplot that you give a damn about.

Dragon Ball Z: 2 / Naruto: 2

Round 5- Heroes
Since we’re all tied up going into the last round, how about we let the main characters decide the last point? Naruto is loud, obnoxious and a constant trouble maker, but beneath all of that is a whole lot more. Originally shunned by his village for the demon spirit inside of him, Naruto just wants to be seen for doing great things. When it comes down to fighting, Naruto is always up for the first crack at any foe. He won’t think twice when it comes to protecting his team. He’s has the spirit of a joker and the heart of a legendary warrior.

Then there’s Goku. That hair, that optimism, that appetite. If there’s a fight brewing, even against a literal God, you know Goku will be on the spot in seconds - fighting is in his blood as a Saiyan Warrior, after all. Goku’s desire to protect his friends and family brings out the ultimate power within, pushing his power level higher than almost any other anime protagonist. He’s the classic Shonen super hero and the one you can always count on no matter what. Final point goes to Goku and Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z: 3 / Naruto: 2

It was a pretty intense battle, but Dragon Ball Z pulled out the win after five rounds and three wins. Naruto still stands as an awesome title, worthy of being so high up in the Action Anime Pantheon. But Dragon Ball Z has continued to be the King of Shonen series for ages and sees no sign of dethronement anytime soon.

Do you agree with this outcome? Which two shows would you like us to compare next? For more Anime inspired videos and match ups, be sure to subscribe to

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