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Top 10 Steamiest Scandal Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
You’re going to want to take a cold shower after this video because it’s about to get steamy. Everyone knows that Scandal has some of the raciest sex scenes on daytime television. Whether it’s between Olivia and Fitz or Olivia and Jake, you know there’s bound to be some scandalous moments in the show.

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Top 10 Steamiest Scandal Moments

These are Olivia Pope and company’s most sexy, erotic and/or sensual moments. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Steamiest Scandal Moments.

For this list, we’re focusing on the most jaw-dropping sex scenes involving Kerry Washington’s dramatic character and others in the political thriller series.

#10: Caught in the Act
“Sweet Baby”

Kicking off our list is this tense but undeniably sexy moment between Olivia and Fitz. Talented as Olivia may be, she has a way of talking a bit too much at times, but Fitz knows how to ease her anxiety. No, there’s no shower sex in this moment or even a well-placed pop song, but it sets off the central narrative, as Cyrus learns of Olivia’s firm hold on the Prez. These two just can’t contain themselves - even in the White House - and their lust ultimately becomes the primary source for happiness, pain and certainly plenty of scandal.

#9: Quality Time with Fitz AND Jake
“An Innocent Man”

In the opening minutes of the episode, a dreaming Olivia is taking a calming dip when she loses herself in a steamy and psychosexual moment. In real life, she’s caught up in a bit of a love triangle, and her two love interests unsurprisingly find their way into the lucid dream – and with good reason, too, at least considering the endless drama between Jake and Fitz. In this erotic scenario, both men explore Olivia’s body, complete with some heavy eye contact and sweet caresses. It’s a temporary moment of relief for Olivia, yet her buzzkill father shows up to bring Olivia back to reality.

#8: Stop. Walking.
“Hunting Season”

Thanks to a stolen surveillance program called “Thorngate,” President Fitz has more than enough drama on his plate. Adding to his stress is the fact that he’s somewhat of an awkward hunter, and his anxiety shows during an outdoor excursion with Olivia. But despite their spirited convo about terrorism, there’s some underlying romance that needs to be addressed, and Fitz’s revelations lead to some outdoor PDA, with the Secret Service paying proper respect. Given the setting and unresolved issues, however, Fitz is left alone to think about what could’ve been, or maybe could be. Even so, the tree kiss is romantic and steamy.

#7: Afternoon Delight
“Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”

In the Season 4 premiere, Olivia is now going by the name Julia Baker in Zanzibar and living it up with her beloved Jake. In fact, she’s SO relaxed that she’s about to indulge in Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.” But once Jake shows up with a big smile, Olivia trades literature for some beach romance, and her man takes full control of the situation. They’ve got 15 minutes to enjoy themselves, and Jake acts like a true gentleman by posing a practical question, which Olivia quickly answers. And so, Jake guides this steamy moment, leading to a little afternoon delight for both parties.

#6: No One Will Ever Ride You Like I Do
“Pencils Down”

By Season 5, Olivia has plenty of dirt on her man Jake, and she understands that information IS power. Not only does Olivia use her words to frustrate Mr. Ballard, but she also gets all up in his physical space, and you better believe that Jakey is ready to ride. Incidentally, Olivia reminds him of a few basic facts about her, um, personal and professional abilities. And so, while Jake doesn’t receives the sexual healing that he anticipates, he does receive yet another lesson in the ways of Ms. Olivia Pope. She means business, and she knows how to manipulate these types of steamy moments to her advantage.

#5: I Wanted You to See the Dream
“Vermont Is for Lovers, Too”

Olivia Pope is a busy woman, and so is the President of the United States. So, when they manage to sneak off to Vermont in Season 3, you know they’re going to work things out, so to speak. But there’s significance to the location, as it represents a dream they once had. With the sounds of Bill Withers playing over the scene, the two share a moment of sexual pleasure as the chiaroscuro lighting reminds of their dark and bright history. They don’t need to worry about any interruptions, and they get it on like they're the last lovers alive.

#4: Mr. President
“Happy Birthday, Mr. President”

After President Fitz takes a literal bullet to the head, Olivia reflects on his first days in office and the progression of their romance. And so, the actual Oval Office functions as more than just a place of professional business in this scene, as it serves as a unique spot for the lovers to conduct some personal business. Given the unbuckling of the President’s pants and Olivia’s moaning, it’s clear what transpires next, but “Scandal” keeps it classy with the steamy insinuations. In one of the series’ pivotal episodes, this sexual encounter sheds light on the characters’ erotic backstory and kept loyal fans talking around the water cooler.

#3: Their First Time
“The Trail”

In Scandal’s first throwback episode, Olivia’s first sexual encounter is detailed in full. Given the context, there’s an obvious amount of tension, with both her and Fitz coming to the realization that it just may be THE TIME. Thanks to some precision editing and a moody score, there’s almost a soft-core element to the scene, complemented by the aggressive foreplay. All in all, the moment has the necessary eroticism to spark the characters’ love story, as both Olivia and Fitz come to grips with their obvious chemistry and submit themselves to the passion they want and NEED.

#2: Fitz Chooses and Earns Olivia… In the Shower
“A Woman Scorned”

Near the conclusion of Season 2, the clock is ticking for Mr. Fitz and it’s time to make a decision about his turbulent love life. Given Olivia’s reaction, it’s clear that an epic love scene will follow, and it comes later on as Mellie gives a primetime interview. It’s one of the more erotic love scenes that you’ll see on network television, as Olivia and Fitz don’t mess around whatsoever. To top it off, Fitz gets all romantic in the shower during the final scene, which means the world for Olivia. Of course, we can’t forget about their steamy Season 4 moment, which solidified their legacy when it comes to erotic primetime shower scenes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

One Minute
“The Trail”

Russell Rebound
“I’m Just a Bill”

#1: Electrifying the Electrical Room
“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

For Olivia and Fitz, there’s not always time to choose the ideal place for a quickie. Sometimes passion takes over, as seen in this Season 2 episode when they get all hot and bothered up in the electrical room. It’s one of the more spontaneous “Scandal” moments, as the two lovers submit themselves to the moment. In other words, this scene is LIT, and the close-up visuals suggest that both Liv and Fitz received the expected sexual gratification. Whereas some love scenes are brief and romantic, this one is bit more substantial and sexualized.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the steamiest Scandal moment? For more passionate Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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