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Top 10 Coolest Jobs in the World

VO: Lisa Yang
Remember what your answer was whenever someone asked you the classic question, “What is your dream job?” in this countdown we’re taking a look at the most popular answers to this age old question. Some of the most dreamy occupations include model, professional island caretaker, professional athlete, musician, singer/songwriter, movie/tv critic, chef/baker and astronaut.

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Top 10 Dream Jobs

These are the jobs that we wanted as kids and secretly still want as adults. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dream Jobs.
For this list, we’re taking a look at different professions that are often described as “dream jobs”. These can be any type of job, whether high paying or low paying, and can be as realistic or unrealistic to get. They just have to be a career that people often dream about having.

#10: Model

Let’s be honest: we all check ourselves out in the mirror. So why not do it professionally? Getting paid for being handsome or beautiful while being idolized, sounds like a pretty sweet job. The chances of becoming a model might seem impossible, but the modelling world is getting more and more diverse with all sorts of different looks, body types, and styles. Not to mention that modelling has a lot of different branches, like runway or catalogue. As models become more established in their industry, some of them make thousands of dollars on one job or create other sources of income for themselves, through makeup or clothing lines. Some even end up in other industries like film because of their fame. Get out there and show the world what you got.

#9: Video Game Tester

Do you love video games and wish you could play them all day, every day? Do you want to work with developers directly to help refine a game and spending hours playing a game that isn’t even out yet? Then, this could be the career for you. Sure, not every game a tester plays is Battlefield, but in this job, you’re basically being paid to break a video game so developers can fix it; making the final release better for gamers. Being a tester could mean working on something awesome like the next Valve game or a new character for Overwatch. If you like finding glitches or just love playing games for hours on end, why not try and get paid for it?

#8: Chef / Cook / Baker

Who doesn’t want to be a great cook? You’ll be a master at creating tasty food and get paid to share that talent with others. Being a cook, whether you’re a chef in a five-star restaurant or a baker in a small bakery, can be rewarding in multiple ways. Mind you, the art of cooking is very hard to master, but seeing people smile from your unique dishes or baked sweets is worth it. Chocolatiers, who craft chocolate sweets, are a good example of a cooking profession that requires skill, but who also create amazing masterpieces. The creativity and freedom that come from cooking is possibly the most rewarding aspect, as cooks are able to create new dishes and experiment with different ingredients to create delicious concoctions.

#7: Writer

When we say writer, we don’t just mean people like George R. R. Martin or J.K. Rowling, but all types of writing- like this, for example. Being a writer provides you with the ability to talk about your passions or interests, as well as to tell fantastic stories. Let’s say you like travelling or love adventure, then you could become a travel blogger; or if you have a passion for politics, you could become a journalist. Writing for a career might seem difficult, but writing is a skill that needs to be developed and constantly evolves the more often you write. Plus, you’ll get to talk about what you love and/or create unique tales for others to experience. If something interests you, then write about it - even if it’s just for you.

#6: Astronaut

This is a classic answer to the dream job question. Everyone wanted to be an astronaut at one point in his or her life and for good reason. Being an astronaut carries the promise of adventure, exploring the unknown, and “boldly going where no one has gone before”. This job also has some pretty awesome perks, like experiencing genuine zero gravity or the possibility of exploring a foreign planet. Yes, getting to space is very difficult as it requires years of training and education, and even with that it’s still hard to be selected. But, we would imagine it’s worth the hard work when you get to see the planet that holds all of humanity literally right in front of you.

#5: Actor / Actress

Making it in Hollywood is one of the most dreamiest of dreams careers. It’s not hard to see the appeal: playing iconic characters, a big paycheck, and performing for thousands to millions of people. But, while becoming a top Hollywood actor can be almost impossible, being able to tell a story through acting and experiencing the lifestyle can be worth it. Also, being an actor doesn’t just mean being on the silver screen. A lot of actors get their start on television shows or return to television after large film roles. Some prefer the feeling of performing live for audiences in the theater. Acting is about diving into the mind of a character and playing out stories for others to experience and enjoy; it’s not easy but if you’re up to the challenge, who knows – it might be for you.

#4: Head of State

Seems kind of obvious that people would want one of the most powerful jobs in the world. Being a head of state means that a person represents that nation; you’re the number one citizen, if you will. Obviously, that means that this job is very difficult - but it can be rewarding too. For one, these leaders can have positive impacts on their country and on other people as well. Years, decades, and even centuries after their deaths, names like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, or Sir Wilfrid Laurier still resonate in their respective countries. Heads of state can also use their power and recognition to help others outside their own nations. And on top of this, they can also enjoy travelling and having celebrity-like status.

#3: Critic

While critics might get a bad rap, being one can be very fun! Critics are responsible for sampling art from an artist and stating why it’s good or bad. This can be enjoyable in its own right, but it’s even greater if you like that type of art anyway. Film critics are paid to view movies that they would have probably seen, and often get to watch them before everyone else via early screenings Same goes for music and of course, food critics, the latter whose job is literally to eat a lot of – and different kinds of - food. Having this career means getting paid to enjoy the art you love, sometimes before others get to - and whether you love it or hate it, you’ll get to discuss it with others after.

#2: Musician / Singer-Songwriter

Like other careers on this list, being a musician carries with it the ability to create beautiful works of art and to share it with others. For some people, that creation shapes their lives and/or inspires them - which can be very rewarding for the artist. Of course, music is also varied with dozens of genres and subgenres, as well as different jobs within the industry that range from conductor to DJ. While some musicians want to live the life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, others would rather create the score for the next Star Wars movie. This variety keeps the profession fresh and exciting while also allowing them to get gratification from their fans. It’s not hard to see why people dream of being a musician.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


Island Caretaker

Film Director

#1: Professional Athlete

Anyone with an interest in sports has thought about this job. It’s no secret why being a professional athlete is very desired - fame, tons of money and of course playing the sport you love. Being a pro athlete does require intense dedication to be and stay in top physical and mental condition, but being well-trained also increases your value as a player – as well as your paycheck and recognition. That popularity could also turn athletes into movie stars or put them on the cover of the next EA sports game. This job allows people to play their favorite sport for possibly thousands of dollars, while gaining recognition and fortune as well. The job can also involve a lot of traveling – which is always a plus!

Do you agree with our list? Which dream job do you want the most? For more entertaining Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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