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In the world of video games, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just ten of the most violent ones out there. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down another top most violent video games.

For this list, we’re looking at video games that are particularly violent, paying specific attention to the reception the games received due to their violence. If you see a game that you think should be on this list, be sure to take a look at our original list of the top ten most violent video games.

#10: “Gears of War” series (2006-)

This third person shooter is all about saving the human race by blowing up, dismembering, and destroying the Locust Horde and other aliens that threaten them. The games provide an extra challenge by obscuring the player’s view when blood splatters all over the camera, usually when mutilating enemies with weapons like chainsaws, firearms and grenades. Not quite enough violence for you? Don’t worry. You can always shield yourself from enemy fire using a corpse. It’s never been quite so fun destroying aliens, as the gore is wrapped up in fun and innovative gameplay mechanics and a story straight out of 80s action films.

#9: “No More Heroes” (2007)

Most games that were released on the Nintendo Wii were generally family-friendly...this was not one of those games. A comic hack-and-slash, this game follows Travis Touchdown, a wrestling enthusiast, as he becomes an assassin in order to pay for more video games. He makes his way up the ranks of the United Assassins Association, often defeating his opponents in gruesome fashion involving dismemberment, decapitation, and a whole lot of spewing blood in the style of Kill Bill. The game was so violent that the European & Japanese releases were highly censored, editing many of the death and battle scenes.

#8: “Deadpool” (2013)

Everybody’s favourite merc with a mouth made his video game debut in 2013, and it was about asviolent as his fans could have hoped. Utilizing his trademark guns and swords, he shoots, chops and cuts his way through wave after wave of henchmen as well as certain “D-list” Marvel supervillains. It’s clear from the get-go that this guy is no Spider-Man, and this lovable psychopath has no reservations about taking down anyone in his way, with his signature style and humour. So much bloodletting has really never been quite this gleeful.

#7: “Hotline Miami” series (2012-)

This duo of stylized top-down shooters was highly inspired by 1980s culture and action films. The main character goes on a graphic killing spree after being instructed to do so under mysterious circumstances. Gameplay consists of essentially mowing down legions of enemies using stealth, strategy, and a wide arsenal of weapons. These range from killing enemies with your bear hands to shooting them down with machine guns. The second game even generated a fair amount of controversy for making the player think that he or she had to rape a woman to continue with the game. Don’t expect to be the only one serving up the violence, though, as the enemies will kill the player character with just as much splattering.

#6: “Thrill Kill” (Unreleased)

Since the “Mortal Kombat” series topped our previous list, it should be no surprise that this game, which was expected to be the next great fighting game, found its way here. The player can pit damned souls of Hell to fight one another, featuring “thrill kills,” similar to “Mortal Kombat”’s fatality system. It was the first game to receive the “Adults Only” rating for violence, but EA decided against releasing such a “senselessly violent” game after development had already finished. It found an audience through bootleg copies, though, and anyone who wants to check out what would have been one of the mostviolent games of gaming’s fifth generation can find it online.

#5: “Doom” (2016)

When the trailer for the “Doom” reboot premiered at E3 2015, Pete Hines of Bethesda Softworks was quoted as saying “if you’re not into violent, bloody games...’Doom’ is probably not a game for you.” The game follows a marine battling the demons of hell, and introduces the new gameplay mechanic, the brutal “glory kill,” which was the main reason the game found its way onto this list. There’s a huge variety of weapons, including cannons and assault rifles, as well as closer-ranged weapons like a chainsaw. By bringing this classic first-person shooter franchise into the current gaming generation, the blood and gore is more pronounced than ever before.

#4: “Ninja Gaiden” series (1988-)

Focusing on a ninja named Ryu who is on a quest for revenge, certain games in the series have been highly censored in different regions due to their violent content. Though some of the older games are tame by today’s standards, they still received come criticism for their content. The more recent games, however, are considerably more graphic, as Ryu takes down horde after horde of enemies single-handedly and bloodily. “Ninja Gaiden 2” even implements a mechanic that weakens enemies by removing their limbs, while “Ninja Gaiden 3” features bloody, slow-motion takedowns. Matched by its level of violence only by its difficulty, “Ninja Gaiden” has become a staple of hardcore gaming.

#3: “Wolfenstein: The New Order” (2014)
Yet another FPS reboot from Bethesda, this one takes place in an alternate history where the Axis powers won World War II and are on a path to take over the world. The player is pitted against Nazis, robots, mad scientists and human experiments, dispatching them in a particularly brutal manner. The game is a hyper-violent depiction of a theoretical continuation of one of history’s deadliest wars, so it should be no surprise that the blood flows freely as you blast your way through one of history’s mostinfamous political regimes. Some attacks even completely obliterate enemies, exploding them and leaving nothing in their wake. Featuring disturbing subject matter in addition to the violent gameplay, it can be tough to play, but always proves a fun time.

#2: “Harvester” (1996)

This little-known horror game flew mostly under the radar, due to a two-year delay that resulted in extremely low sales. However, it would later gain a cult following. The game itself is meant as an examination of violence in media and a statement against censorship, which explains its graphic and disturbing content. It follows a man named Steve who awakens with amnesia in a bizarre town called Harvest where the residents engage in cannibalism as well as other atrocities that seem to be commonplace for the town. It’s not easy to play, and certainly not for everyone, but its eccentricity makes it an oddly compelling experience.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions

“The Last of Us” (2013)

“Dante’s Inferno” (2010)

“F.E.A.R.” series (2005-)

#1: “Chiller” (1986)

Strangely enough, the oldest game on this list takes first place. Originally appearing as an arcade game before being ported to the NES, the goal of the game is to kill as many characters as you can as quickly as you can, utilizing a gun and various torture devices. A few of the enemies can fight back, but a vast majority of them are helpless to defend themselves from the player. Needless to say, this generated a large amount of controversy, not only for the violence, but for the implications of the player’s role in the game. Because of this, many arcade owners refused to display the game in their stores, which is probably why a lot of people hadn’t even heard of the game.

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