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Top 10 Celebrity Trash Talkers

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Q.V. Hough

Some celebrities just can’t keep their mouth shut, and others take their trash talking to the extreme! From musical trash talkers like Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Azealia banks, who like to go in on tracks and on social media, to athletes such as Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson and Richard Sherman who provide some of the funniest moments in sports with their trash talking.

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Top 10 Celebrity Trash Talkers

These celebs can’t always back up their words, but they never fail to speak their minds. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity Trash Talkers.

For this list, we’re focusing on some of the most prolific and infamous trash talkers in pop culture.

#10: Richard Sherman

Stanford educated and supremely gifted, this NFL cornerback is part of the Seattle Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” defense. Since his rookie year of 2011, the Compton native has taken aim at a variety of notable sports figures, whether it’s Tom Brady or ESPN personality Skip Bayless. But Richard Sherman doesn’t just talk trash with no rhyme or reason; he shreds people because he can, certainly given his accomplishments on the field and off. If you didn’t know Sherm by the 2014 Super Bowl, his post-game rant ensured that EVERYBODY would know his name, as he didn’t hold back whatsoever, staying consistent with his vast history of trash talk.

#9: Eminem

As one of the leading hip-hop stars of the 21st century, this Detroit native came into the industry with all kinds of timely zingers. American icons were fair game, along with Eminem’s pop star peers. With a knack for playfully deconstructing pretentious personas, Eminem can also get nasty from time to time, evidenced by his character in the 2002 film, “8 Mile.” In fact, this man has talked so much trash that he’s become not just a defining rap star, but also a highly influential figure of modern pop culture. His verbal assaults have obviously burned some bridges, but he through it all, he’s stayed true to his love for well-placed insults.

#8: Mike Tyson

During his prime, Mike Tyson was “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” In the ring, he terrified opponents brave enough to compete, and his beat downs were simply brutal. But here’s the thing: nobody ever lasted long enough for Mike Tyson to truly establish himself as a phenomenal trash talker from round to round. And so, he saved it for interviews, which were sometimes hilarious and sometimes downright insane. One moment, Mike seems to be making sense, but then he drifts off into a classic Tyson monologue on whatever comes to mind. One could argue that he sometimes trash talks himself, and hey – that can happen when you’re always yappin’ away.

#7: Shia LaBeouf

Known primarily for his acting career, this charismatic gentleman has also become known for his talkative ways. In other words, Shia Labeouf likes to, um, express himself, especially when he knows the cameras are on. You’ve seen the guy brawling thanks to “TMZ,” and he’s keen on intellectual trash talk, both in the streets and at movie press conferences. Once the innocent-looking star of Disney’s “Even Stevens,” Shia has evolved into a fully realized trash talker, a man unafraid to push back against the establishment. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need to speak, as just his bearded look alone can be offensive to some.

#6: Conor McGregor

Over the years, this Irish fighter has significantly changed his appearance. But Conor McGregor has always been an Octagon beast and somebody well versed in the art of trash talking. Given his profession, there’s an entertainment aspect involved, but it’s the lyrical tone and phrasing that fuels his verbal sparring. He’s got the bravado down, and it’s not always clear if he’s playing things up for the camera or purely speaking his mind. Not only does Conor drop f-bombs during interviews, but he’s also been known to self-destruct during press conferences, seemingly working by his own schedule. Most importantly, however, he doesn’t let anybody off the hook.

#5: Nicki Minaj

For some hip-hop stars, disses fuel their persona within the genre. But Nicki Minaj works outside the norm, as she takes great pride in maintaining her spot within the ranks of pop culture. She’s gone back and forth with fellow artist Lil’ Kim, and Nicki famously called out Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Her trash talk often seems to revolve around fame or status, and regardless of what you think about Nicki Minaj’s music, she stays true to her own personal brand of talking ish. Maybe that’s because there’s been plenty of people talking smack about her. Round and round we go.

#4: Bill Maher

For years upon years, this political talk show host has consistently kept it real on network TV. During his run on “Politically Incorrect,” Bill Maher offered a comedic alternative to the usual partisan babble, calling out people regardless of their profession or power. In the 21st century, Maher’s become known for his HBO platform, in which he’s engaged in honest discussion about not only the future of America, but also the future of the world in general. Nobody is safe when conversing with Maher, and though he’s notorious for cutting down conservatives, he’s always got an eye on elitist liberals, too - along with the uninformed.

#3: Azealia Banks

Just as we can always expect the sun to rise and set, we can always expect a Twitter rant from this rapper. Musically, she’s a gifted artist, but Azealia Banks often makes headlines for her perpetual criticism of fellow musicians. She doesn’t hold back either, and her contrarian views often ruffle some feathers. She’s criticized Beyoncé for her “Lemonade” album – despite previously proclaiming admiration for her - she’s trolled Rihanna for her dance moves and she even took aim at Zayn Malik, using some nasty phrasing during her bizarre yet impassioned rant. Let’s say this – Azealia’s trash talk is more personal than comedic and she’s most definitely strong in her convictions. In that regard, she’s a committed trash talker.

#2: Muhammad Ali

As a true American icon, this man’s eloquence and comedic jabs transcended the sport of boxing. At times, Muhammad Ali used trash talk to promote his fights, but he also vocalized his displeasure for timely societal issues. So, Ali wisely utilized the media to begin conversations about a variety of international subjects, mixing his profession with pop culture and politics. During his prime, Ali produced a beautiful blend of eloquent zingers, and he backed it up time and time again within the ring. In later years, Ali retained the same zest, even if he couldn’t always vocalize himself like the days of old.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


Kelly Osbourne

Charlie Sheen

#1: Donald Trump

Long before America elected Donald Trump as their President, the business mogul was known for his brash ways and big ideas. For some, it was cute, and for others it was just, well, Donald Trump. But during his 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump elevated his trash talk by disparaging anyone that stepped in his way, [along with an entire nation.] In the immediate aftermath, however, his real talk didn’t actually backfire, at least if you consider the final election results. He’s a man that tweets in the middle of the night, and his tweets often raise eyebrows given his affinity to offend. [He’s not a perfect man, but he IS the trash-talking President of the United States.]

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