Another Top 10 Celebrity Potheads

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough

4/20 Blaze It! These celebrities live life as green as possible! And no, we aren't talking environmentally; we're talking about celebrities who smoke weed, pot, Mary Jane, cannabis, ganja, devil's lettuce, or whatever else you may call it! Celebrities like Woody Harrelson and Dave Chappelle smoking weed isn't so much of a surprise. But, what about Cameron Diaz puffing on those “jazz cigarettes”? INTERESTED? Grab your favourite munchies and watch!

Another Top 10 Celebrity Potheads

The perks of fame allow for loads and loads of sweet Mary Jane. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Celebrity Potheads.

For this list, we’re focusing on even more celebrities that have been on record about their use of good ol’ pot. So, the entries from our previous list have been excluded; however, be sure to check out that video, too.

#10: Joe Rogan

Known for his stand up comedy and UFC hosting gig, this New Jersey bro is also known to love him some weed. But whereas many celebrity stoners boast about their pot routines, Rogan takes a more existential, or even intellectual, approach. He’s written an extensive blog post about his weed and workout schedule, and he’s often discussed his Mary Jane usage both on stage and during interviews with peers. It’s clear that pot has a special place in Rogan’s life, and despite his somewhat brawny persona, the sticky icky seems to keep him chilled and relaxed.

#9: Woody Harrelson

A quick Google search will result in a wealth of information about Woody’s appreciation for the chronic. Although he may be of the more successful and durable mainstream actors of his generation, Harrelson isn’t just rolling around in a pile of cash and getting blazed. No, he’s about the common man’s needs, and he actually once got arrested for planting hemp seeds, driven by a vision for legal marijuana farming. In 2016, the state of Hawaii essentially killed Woody’s high, as the government denied his application to open a pot dispensary. Woody means business when it comes to pot, and he’s not only a member of the organization “Simple Organic Living,” he’s also the founder.

#8: Kevin Smith

Given the dialogue this writer/director came up with in his ‘90s films, it wouldn’t be hard to believe he was smoking massive amounts of the sweet leaf in the day. Yet, by the time Smith directed Seth Rogen in the 2008 film “Zach and Miri Make a Porno,” he was actually pretty green as a toker. But Rogen – perhaps the most prolific stoner of his time – changed Smith’s perception about celebrity stoners, showing him that functioning potheads are indeed a real thing. In fact, the director has noted that “The moment I start smoking, I start working. ... That way, […] no one could ever say, ‘You fat, lazy piece of sh** stoner!’” Unsurprisingly, Smith later wrote a TV pilot called “Hollyweed.”

#7: Carl Sagan

Back in 1971, this famous astrologist anonymously wrote a poignant essay on cannabis for “Marijuana Reconsidered” under the pseudonym “Mr. X.” As for the benefits of pot as he saw them, Sagan cited a higher appreciation for art, along with a heightened sense of spirituality and even better sex. Given the known intellect of the Brooklyn-born icon, it’s hard to fathom what he must have seen in his mind’s eye after a serious bong session. Science and science fiction owe a lot to Sagan, so perhaps we should all be thankful for his commitment to the kush.

#6: Cameron Diaz

What does this actress have in common with the most famous hip-hop artist from the west coast? For one, they attended the same Long Beach high school, but they also both have respect for the green. Cameron Diaz told George Lopez that she “probably” bought her pot from Snoop, so we’ll just have to take her word for it. In retrospect, maybe it makes sense to re-examine Cameron’s early films to see if Mary Jane made any cameos... And don’t forget that Diaz’s ex Justin Timberlake made our original celebrity pothead list, so one could theorize that Cam and JT shared a few doobies, jointly. Cameron has also been spotted blazing up in Hawaii with Drew Barrymore, so you could say that she’s a classic Hollywood stoner through and through.

#5: Paul McCartney

While it’s no secret that some rock stars like to smoke up during their free time, this musical icon pushed the limits in 1980. Sir Paul McCartney actually spent more than a week in a Tokyo jail after trying to sneak a HALF POUND of good weed through customs. This was, of course, years after Bob Dylan introduced him to cannabis and nearly 15 years after the Fab Four recorded the partly pot-inspired “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Paul has a bit of history of toking up and getting ticketed, but he’s reportedly traded Mary Jane for margaritas after becoming a granddaddy.

#4: Keith Richards

Given the endurance of this classic rock star, one could argue that weed has been more than good to Keith Richards. In fact, the Rolling Stone has done so many drugs in his lifetime that he’s actually resorted to smoking doobies for breakfast, as reported by music magazine Mojo in 2015. And why not? If you’ve managed to outlast some of rock’s most famous names by decades upon decades, you’ve probably earned it. Mr. Richards doesn’t always have a superb memory, but like so many potheads, he manages to stay productive and relaxed. Call him what you want, but don’t say that Keith doesn’t wear his weed on his sleeve.

#3: Dave Chappelle

While many know this comedian for his classic stand-up routines and Comedy Central series, one shouldn’t forget that he also wrote one of the most beloved stoner films, 1998’s “Half Baked.” Back then, Dave was just your typical 20-something celebrity stoner, but his subsequent success allowed him to further expand upon his relationship with the herb. At a 2015 show in Denver - an American city where pot is legal - Dave actually toked up with an ex-Marine and allowed his audience to partake as well. Now, that’s how a gentleman pothead rolls…

#2: Zach Galifianakis

Here’s a celebrity screwball that has somewhat of a unique comedic style. Sure, Zach Galifianakis is both talented and smart, but he’s also been schooled in the art of fine weed smoking. Heck, the guy even rolled out a joint on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” While it’s still kind of unclear if the blunt was real or if it was a case of fake ‘n’ bake, what is pretty clear is that Zach supports legalized marijuana. He’s played potheads in movies, and he actually managed to slip a marijuana reference in during a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.” On screen, he seems like a lot of fun, and given his perpetual promotion of the green, Zach clearly knows how to wind down off set.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Juliette Lewis
- Bill Maher
- Harrison Ford

#1: Wiz Khalifa

In our original list, the one and only Snoop Dogg took the top spot. But for this installment, we’ve got to give it up to Mr. Wiz Khalifa, a celebrity stoner that doesn’t just smoke pot; he embodies it. One can find weed references in essentially every one of his tracks, but the guy isn’t shy about smoking weed in public either. Forbes Magazine actually reported on his Marijuana line in 2016. Yes, that’s a thing that actually happened. Wiz smokes so much weed that he’s apparently not affected it by it anymore, which might suggest he’s perma-stoned. And, when it comes to epic YouTube videos about weed, Wiz Khalifa is your go-to man.