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Top 10 Characters in for One Last Job

VO: Matthew Wende
Written by Spencer Sher Characters retired from their former lives come back for one last job in these movies. WatchMojo presents the top 10 one last jobs in movies. But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be Clint Eastwood's Will Munny in Unforgiven, Dom Cobb in Inception, or Neil McCauley in Heat? Watch to find out! Watch on WatchMojo: Big thanks to Kris A for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, check out the suggest page here: WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+One+Last+Jobs+In+Movies

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These are the films where the stakes are at their highest - ride off into the sunset or die in a pool of blood. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 One Last Jobs In Movies.

For this list, we will be looking at movies or moments in movies where our hero goes all in for one last score, kill, or win. Films from all genres are up for consideration, as long as they hinge around the idea of “one last job.” Oh, and a SPOILER ALERT might be in order.

#10: Bruce Wayne / Batman
“The Dark Knight Rises” (2012)

We don’t tend to think of Batman as a character who’ll ever be “done” with his job. However, in this film, it’s clear that Bane will be the caped crusader’s final enemy one way or another. After Bruce Wayne is banished from Gotham and imprisoned in a seemingly inescapable hole, he must use every ounce of his being to make it home in time to stop Bane from destroying the city. In a classic race against the clock scenario, Batman must decide whether to sacrifice himself or watch as Gotham succumbs to evil. It isn’t hard to figure out which one he chooses.

#9: Frank
“Thief” (1981)

In this neo-noir crime thriller, jewel thief Frank is on the up and up. The only thing missing from his life is a family. However, when he finally meets a woman worth marrying, his carefully cultivated life starts to unravel. After his criminal partner is killed, Frank is forced to commit robberies for the Chicago Mob. However, he devises a plan that will allow him to escape with his new girlfriend and a ton of cash. Of course, as is the way, things don’t go as planned. The film does an excellent job of increasing the tension as the story unfolds, leading audiences to wonder if Frank can ultimately get the job done.

#8: XXXX (the protagonist)
“Layer Cake” (2004)

This crime thriller had all the elements of a perfect one last job story: the protagonist is an unnamed cocaine dealer about to retire – until his boss tasks him with selling a bunch of stolen pills and finding a young girl that’s gone missing. Miles outside of his comfort zone, the man must try to stay above water as numerous forces attempt to envelop him. Using an array of trusty contacts and a considerable amount of intelligence, the man attempts to flip the script on his enemies. The only question is: will he escape this deadly maze with his life?

#7: Memphis Raines
“Gone In 60 Seconds” (2000)

The early 2000s were a time when Nicolas Cage could turn even the worst action film into box office gold. After his younger brother gets himself into hot water with a brutal gangster, former car thief Memphis Raines must come out of retirement to save him. And the task at hand is a doozy: steal fifty pre-selected cars in under 72 hours or the brother dies. With the stakes at an all-time high, Memphis must use every trick in the book to get the job done. With a number of epic car chases and gunfights peppered throughout the film, this is one last job that doesn’t come easy.

#6: Ah Jong (jwong)
“The Killer” (1989)

For those unfamiliar with this 80’s Hong Kong action movie, The Killer’s somewhat convoluted plot sees assassin Ah Jong agree to pull off one last hit so that he can right a wrong. And also pay for the eye operation of a singer named Jennie. Filled to the brim with exactly the kind of action sequences you’d expect, this film is a no holds barred look at what a man can do when he sets his mind to something. Ah Jong is resolute in his goal, dispatching numerous foes in order to accomplish his mission. But, whenever assassins are involved, things can sometimes go a little haywire.

#5: The Wild Bunch
“The Wild Bunch” (1969)

This classic western focuses on a gang of aging thieves looking for that final caper that will allow them to retire in peace. But... as you can guess... this just doesn’t go as planned. Pike Bishop is in charge of the Wild Bunch, and his attempts to lead them to a better life are constantly interrupted by Deke Thornton, a bounty hunter looking to capture Pike and his gang for the reward money. Ultimately the gang devises a heist that will surely allow them to retire. Unfortunately, many dark forces conspire against them, ensuring that this will truly be their final job.

#4: Rick Deckard
“Blade Runner” (1982)

There’s little argument against calling this Ridley Scott neo-noir sci-fi film a classic. Set in the once far-off future of 2019, Harrison Ford plays a former Blade Runner - a person tasked with tracking down and eliminating replicants; bio-engineered human-like androids that are illegal on Earth. When he’s forced into accepting a job that requires his unique skillset, Deckard re-enters a world where no one can be trusted. Throughout the film it’s clear he just wants to accomplish the assignment so he can return to his regular life. However, it’ll take all of his former skills to get the job done.

#3: Dom Cobb
“Inception” (2010)
It can be easy to forget that, beneath all its star power and large-scale set pieces, the central theme of this film is about one man’s journey to return to his family. Dom Cobb is a thief, hired by major corporations to enter people’s minds to steal information. The pressure for Cobb couldn’t be higher when he’s offered the chance to see his loved ones again… if he can pull off one last job. The task at hand is nearly impossible, but Cobb uses every ounce of his being to turn it into a reality. However, when the credits roll, it’s unclear whether or not this reality was truly achieved.

#2: Neil McCauley
“Heat” (1995)

Set in Los Angeles, the plot of “Heat” revolves around a gang of thieves and the cops pursuing them, as they engage in a cat and mouse game across the city. In charge of the robbers is Neil McCauley, a calculating and intelligent thief who considers every angle before a heist. As the film progresses and the heat from the cops intensifies, it becomes clear that his days are numbered as a career criminal. However, his final bank robbery turns into a massive shoot-out in downtown L.A, with hundreds of cops looking to put a bullet between his eyes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Charlie Croker
“The Italian Job” (1969)

- Nick Wells
“The Score” (2001)

- George Jung
“Blow” (2001)

#1: Will Munny
“Unforgiven” (1992)

A fine example of art imitating life, Clint Eastwood’s final foray into the Western genre revolved around a retired gunslinger setting out for one last job. The seminal film, which Eastwood also directed, focuses on Will Munny, a man with a checkered past who must confront his demons to accomplish his goal. The goal in this case, is finding and killing the men responsible for disfiguring a prostitute. Standing in the way is Little Bill Daggett: sheriff … and all-around jerk. Flanked by a couple of trusty companions, Munny must overcome numerous physical and mental obstacles in order to capture that elusive sunset and ride off for good.

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