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Top 10 World War 3 Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nathan Sharp Here’s to hoping these game remain in the realm of fiction...Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 World War 3 Games! Special thanks to the vanguard of our content “Dan Paradis” for suggesting this intrepid topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Top 10 World War 3 Games

“It’s the end of the world as we know it” Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten World War 3 games.

Obviously because World War 3 hasn't happened yet, we’re looking for games that are set in a giant war where various superpowers are participating in a high stakes confrontation. The game must take place during the war itself, so post apocalyptic games such as the Fallout series won’t be included.

#10: “Missile Command” (1980)

Released at a time when the Cold War was influencing pop culture to a large degree, “Missile Command” prayed on the fears of a nuclear war and gave arcade players a fun yet challenging take on the hypothetical situation. And yes, the Atari version went and ruined this story by introducing fictional planets that sound like they were swiped from a discarded “Star Wars” script, but there is no reference to that in the original arcade release. Instead, this game parallels real National Missile Defense and depicts a world ravaged by nuclear war as the player attempts to stop incoming missiles. The game was a huge success and is fondly remembered as a staple of the Golden Age of Arcades.

#9: “Frontlines: Fuel of War” (2008)

Obviously following in the footsteps of the more popular “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” and the “Battlefield” series, “Frontlines: Fuel of War” was certainly not as memorable or impactful as said titles, but it was still a good game in its own right. Set in 2024, the game follows a war between the Western Coalition which is essentially NATO, and the Red Star Alliance, a union between Russia and China, as they fight to secure the remaining oil resources. Filled with modern shooter gameplay like securing objectives, using drones to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, and employing airstrikes to cripple the opposition, “Frontline” made for a fun escape to the not too distant, and scary, future.

#8: “Wargame: European Escalation” (2012)

The first of many RTS games you’re going to be seeing on this list, The game is set during an alternate reality in which NATO and the Warsaw Pact actually went to battle during the Cold War. The player can control four subfactions within the greater organizations, and over 360 historical units were lovingly recreated for the game. While the gameplay may prove a little frustrating and unwelcoming at first, there is an enormous sense of fun and progression to be had once you get the hang of things. It may not be the greatest World War 3-based RTS, but it is still a hell of a lot of fun.

#7: “DEFCON: Everybody Dies” (2006)

Inspired by the 1983 film WarGames. This title simulates a thermonuclear war control room, where the objective is to annihilate as many innocent civilians as you can in the enemy's population, all while trying to prevent the nuclear destruction of your own territory. It's crazy, but it's also a blast (heh, get it?). Of course the tone of the game’s soundtrack and atmosphere reflects on the harrowing consequences of nuclear war too, and the further into the game you progress, the more irradiated the Earth becomes from the nuclear fallout. Might be better to heed the film’s strategy

#6: “World in Conflict” (2007)

In what was easily the best RTS of 2007, you play as Lieutenant Parker during an alternate historical timeline which sees the Soviet Union invading Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest United States in 1989. Influenced by many military games and movies like “Medal Of Honor” and “Red Dawn,” “World in Conflict” is a masterclass in world-building and complex gameplay. Not to mention that cover with the Statue of Liberty is badass! Choosing from one of four roles, including infantry, air, armor, and support, the game provides countless hours of strategizing and rewarding challenges, all while remaining extremely fun to play.

#5: “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2” (2000)

The original Red Alert was set an alternate World War 2 where Hitler never rose to power, and this game directly follows the events of that alternate timeline to 1972, when the Soviet Union launch a full scale invasion of the United States. What sets this game apart from the others is its unabashed sense of FUN. The storyline is absolutely ridiculous, the cutscenes are intentionally goofy rather than melodramatic, and the heavy metal music puts you in a perfect place to kick some butt. Top that off with gameplay that’s very easy to learn, yet difficult to master and you have one of the most beloved RTS games of the 2000’s.

#4: “Battlefield 4” (2013)

Set during the War of 2020, this game sees tensions running high between Russia and the United States, all while China is in the midst of a coup, earning full Russian support and sparking a potential war with the States. But enough backstory, let's watch some buildings collapse! Yeah, that's the stuff. While the campaign of “Battlefield 4” may be the very definition of “meh,” the multiplayer was a tour de force, filled with an enormous player count, enough weapons to supply a small army, and destructible environments the likes of which were never before seen. It was chaotic, fast-paced, and extremely fun, all of which a “Battlefield” game should be.

#3: “Tom Clancy’s EndWar” (2008)

Tom Clancy and video games go together like spaghetti and meatballs. Enter “EndWar,” an Ubisoft creation that sees players battling during World War III after the fictional European Federation accidentally shoots down a space module. It's all very James Bond, but it's really just an excuse to get your friends together and shoot some guns, which the game more than excels at. “EndWar” nails the hypothetical scope of WWIII, with hundreds of soldiers fighting at once, lengthy matches, realistic city destruction in the heart of various countries, and a completely immersive voice command system which sees you vocally giving orders and directly controlling your soldiers. It's really innovative stuff, and the game was definitely a treat to experience.

#2: “ARMA 3” (2013)

You'd be hard pressed to find a better and more gorgeous looking military simulator than “ARMA 3.” The game takes place in the breathtaking region of the Mediterranean as NATO and the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty, a group composed of Eastern countries, go to battle. While the game lacked innovation, had some questionable AI, and was missing a robust single player experience upon launch, it more than made up for it in sheer size and immersion. The game was not without ambition, and while not everything worked perfectly, “ARMA 3” is one of the most definitive war experiences you can have from the comfort and safety of your own home.

#1: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (2011)

Coming at the perfect time between “Call of Duty” love and franchise fatigue, “Modern Warfare 3” was the stellar conclusion fans were hoping for. The game follows the events of “Modern Warfare 2” as Makarov triggers numerous terrorist attacks and instigates a large scale war with his Ultranationalist party. The campaign was full of exciting set pieces like blowing up a jamming device on the Wall Street Stock Exchange and the collapsing of the Eiffel Tower. The multiplayer was also in full form, perfecting its predecessors and giving fans exactly what they wanted. When it comes to World War 3, no other game does it better than “Modern Warfare 3.” That could be a slogan…

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