Another Top 10 HORRIFIC Sports Injuries

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Clayton Martino.

Some of the worst injuries in sports history have – unfortunately – been caught on tape. Whether it was Shaun Livingston landing awkwardly and destroying his knee, Allan Ray looking like he got his eye poked out or Paulo Diogo getting his finger caught in a fence and losing part of it, these are definitely brutal sports injuries. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most gruesome ways athletes have hurt themselves over the years.

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Script written by Clayton Martino.

Another Top 10 HORRIFIC Sports Injuries

There have been so many brutal injuries in sports over the years; we couldn’t limit ourselves to just 10. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries.

For this list, we are once again not including entries that came as a result of malicious intent, or ones that resulted in death. Don’t see an injury you think should be on here? You may find it over on our first list! Also, like the first video, this list contains some very graphic content – viewer discretion is advised.

#10: Allan Ray’s Eye

Considering how often defenders put their hands near players’ faces, it’s pretty remarkable that more athletes don’t get poked in the eye – but when it does happen, it can be a pretty nasty injury. While playing for Villanova during the 2006 Big East Tournament, Allan Ray got poked in the eye by Carl Krauser while fighting for a loose ball. Ray’s eye looked like it had literally popped out of its socket, causing him to lose his vision. Luckily for Ray, his eyelid had gone behind his eye and he only suffered soft tissue damage, returning to action in less than a week. Regardless, it’s a pretty nasty injury to see again, especially in slow motion.

#9: Matt Henry’s Broken Femur

This one may not look like much at first glance, but it’s truly horrific when you slow it down. Henry was a star running back for the University of Manitoba, and back in 2007 the team was attempting to complete a perfect season by winning the 43rd Vanier Cup. Unfortunately, Henry never made it out of the first quarter. On a seemingly innocent looking tackle, Henry’s leg flew over his shoulder and ended up backwards over his head. Henry suffered a broken femur on the play, fracturing it in three places.

#8: Paul George’s Leg

Back in 2014, Paul George, one of the rising stars in the NBA for the Indiana Pacers, was tapped to represent the United States at the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. Unfortunately, he never made it there. During a scrimmage in Las Vegas, George fell and landed awkwardly after attempting to block a James Harden layup. His leg snapped against the base of the basket stanchion, causing him to fracture both bones in his lower right leg. Despite many believing George would miss the entire NBA season, he remarkably returned in April to play the Pacers’ final six games, and helped the U.S. win gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

#7: Marcus Lattimore’s Knee

As a freshman running back in 2010, Marcus Lattimore burst onto the scene in the SEC, rushing for over 1100 yards and 17 touchdowns and leading South Carolina to a spot in the SEC Championship Game. An injury cut his 2011 season short, but he returned the following year to pick up where he left off. His season ended early again, however – this time because of a horrific knee injury during a game against the Tennessee Volunteers. Lattimore not only tore every ligament in his right knee; he also dislocated it and suffered nerve damage, essentially ending his football career.

#6: Shaun Livingston’s Knee

Now, we’re used to seeing Shaun Livingston helping the Golden State Warriors to dominate the NBA. But, what you may not know is that his career nearly ended back in 2007 because of this terrible injury. After missing a layup, Livingston landed awkwardly, completely destroying his left knee. He tore his ACL, PCL and lateral meniscus, and dislocated his tibio-fibular joint and patella. One doctor even told him that his leg may need to be amputated, and there were concerns that he may never walk again. It was nearly 20 months before he played in another NBA game.

#5: Tyrone Prothro’s Leg

Here’s another college football star who never had a chance to shine in the NFL because of an injury. Tyrone Prothro was an electric wide receiver for Alabama back in the mid-2000s, but all that came to an end during a game against the Florida Gators. Prothro attempted to make a leaping touchdown catch, but couldn’t quite come up with the ball and landed hard on the ground. Unfortunately, the Florida Gators’ cornerback landed on top of Prothro’s left leg, completely snapping it in half. Prothro broke both his tibia and fibula, and never played football again. He’s since had 11 extensive surgeries on his leg, and it’s still not 100%.

#4: Paulo Diogo’s Finger

If your significant other is wondering why you aren’t wearing your ring while you play soccer, show them this video. Celebrating a late goal, Paulo Diogo jumped onto the metal fence in front of the fans. What he failed to realize was that his wedding ring was actually stuck in the fence – and when he jumped down, his ring stayed attached, as did most of his ring finger. To make matters worse, he received a yellow card for his celebration, and doctors couldn’t re-attach that part of his finger. That’s what we call adding insult to injury.

#3: Jessica Dubé’s Cheek

Pairs figure skating requires the utmost trust between partners, as they’re often either catching you or performing high-speed spins alongside you. If one partner is off by even an inch or a second, disaster can strike. Jessica Dubé found this out the hard way back in 2007 at the Four Continents Championships in Colorado. Skating with her partner Bryce Davison, the pair attempted to complete a side-by-side camel spin. Dubé drifted towards Davison, however, resulting in the blade of his skate striking the side of her face. She needed 83 stitches to repair the cut on her nose and left cheek, and both skaters received treatment for PTSD.

#2: Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes

UFC fighters are some of the toughest people on the planet. For instance, only a UFC fighter could have their ear literally explode and exclaim “I’m fine” while attempting to continue the fight. While fighting Jessica Eye at UFC 180, Smith was struck with a right hand directly in the ear. Blood sprayed out immediately, and a closer look showed that the ear was basically hanging off her head. The doctors and referee agreed to end the fight to prevent any more damage, much to the chagrin of Smith.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Marc Methot’s Finger
- Tim Hudson’s Ankle
- David Busst’s Leg

#1: Richard Zednik’s Throat

The only plus side of Jessica Dubé’s injury was that she didn’t take the skate blade to her neck. Richard Zednik did. In a game against the Buffalo Sabres, Zednik’s teammate Olli Jokinen fell in front of him, accidentally clipping Zednik’s neck with his skate blade. The blade cut his external carotid artery, and he immediately raced off the ice, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Although he lost five units of blood, the artery had not been severed, and doctors were able to perform emergency surgery to fix the laceration. Zednik missed the remainder of the season, but returned the following year to play 70 games.