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Top 10 Celebrity Foodies

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean These celebs love food as much as we do! Kelis, Oprah Winfrey, Chrissy Teigen, Neil Patrick Harris, Aziz Ansari, Parks and Recreation, Blake Lively, Sofia Vergara,Questlove and Taylor Swift are some of the biggest celebrity foodies!

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Top 10 Celebrity Foodies

They say celebrities are just like us, and it when it comes to being fans of food, these stars certainly are. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrity foodies.
For this list, we’ve included celebrities who aren’t already chefs or food TV personalities.

#10: Jourdan Dunn

With wicked kitchen skills and an incredible figure, you could say she’s living the dream. This Victoria’s Secret model proves that she’s more than just a pretty face, whipping up incredible recipes from around the globe and creating culinary art. A spice fanatic and always willing to try new things, Dunn’s enthusiastic about experimenting with flavours and dishes she comes across while out exploring. You go, girl!

#9: Bethenny Frankel

Hang out with Martha Stewart and you’re bound to catch a culinary fever. One of the finalists on Stewart’s reality TV show, Frankel has since made a name for herself in the food world and is best known for her part in “The Real Housewives of New York City." Founder of the Skinnygirl brand, she created products which range from protein shakes and blenders to her infamous cocktails. But Frankel’s not just a saleswoman, she’s a writer who’s publishing articles on her blog that cover both mouthwatering recipes and nutritional advice for those wanting a little help. With a resume like hers, it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.

#8: Karlie Kloss

Another Victoria’s Secret angel on our list who continues breaking model stereotypes, Kloss skipped the leafy greens and quinoa, going right for our hearts with her incredible dessert skills. Creating a gluten and milk-free cookie, Kloss made a tasty dessert that can be enjoyed by people with dietary restrictions or who’re trying to eat a little healthier. With her social media is always full of drool-worthy snapshots of gourmet food, Kloss is the definition of #goals. She’s a breakfast aficionado who helped convince us that, yes, cookies for breakfast are totally okay and that’s something we can all get behind.

#7: Questlove

When world-renowned foodie Anthony Bourdain sings your praises, you know you’re a serious contender in the foodie world. Drummer, author, and actor, Questlove has a different perspective on food than most. Exploring the ideas and inspiration behind the dishes he devours, he has a more soulful approach when creating a plate worth talking about. It’s hard not to start seeing ingredients and food differently, and appreciating them a lot more, after following Questlove’s work. Quirky, artistic, and unique, this foodie’s critiquing style is in a league of its own.

#6: Taylor Swift

Some celebrities won’t let anything but caviar and the finest red touch their lips - not Taylor Swift, who’s on a level like the rest of us. Posting pics of dishes like chocolate cookies, pizza, bowls of candy, and good ol’ turkey, the country-turned-pop singer gives us one more reason to love her with her relatable tastes. Not all celebs have to drop hundies at 5 star restaurants to be considered a foodie, and Taylor proves it. Which of us can’t relate to scarfing down a pizza to ourselves or sneaking a handful (or two) of jelly beans out of the jar at work? Nobody, that’s who.

#5: Oprah Winfrey

There are few things that taste as good as a meal with ingredients you helped grow yourself, and Oprah knows it. With her own garden on the island of Maui, the TV icon knows the value of getting your hands dirty and working for your food. An expert in the kitchen and able to navigate any cooking scenario, Oprah is at a chef-level most of us can only aspire to. It takes a special set of skills to whip up a masterpiece with only a glance at a recipe, something this media mogul has down to a science. Do we smell a cooking show?

#4: Kelis

Writing a book while traveling around the world is hard, but writing a cookbook while on a global tour is harder. Taking culinary inspiration from each of the countries she visited, the Milkshake singer penned a collection of recipes from around the world. Growing up surrounded by her mother’s catering business, Kelis carried her food smarts into her adult life, spending her time off stage whipping up dishes as good as her music. Though her milkshakes might bring us to the yard, it’s her incredible cooking that keep us there.

#3: Neil Patrick Harris

Marrying a professional chef sounds like a dream for most of us. For this A-list actor, it became a reality. After weathering his 20’s with junk food (like the rest of us), the movie star met and married chef David Burtka and gave his palate a 180. Ditching the burrito’s for meals like ribeye steak and gourmet Bolognese, NPH has even started his own Twitter account just to post photos of the masterpieces he gets to enjoy. Unlike your average filtered latte shot, this account has rightfully earned its “FoodPorn” handle.

#2: Chrissy Teigen

This superstar’s instagram is flawless from start to finish. If she’s not posting pics of her adorable family, modelling shoots, or pics from her dream vacations, Teigen's feed is full of mouthwatering dishes the model cooks up herself. Recently publishing her own cookbook, Cravings, she’s pushed herself into the professional foodie world and embraced the lifestyle with open arms. But Chrissy is no hobbyist, she’s professionally trained and has been certified by the French Culinary Institute, showing that she can run with the pros in both the runway and the kitchen.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Blake Lively

Jessica Alba

Sofia Vergara

#1: Aziz Ansari

If there’s anybody known both onscreen and off for their love of food, it’s this guy. Be it on “Parks and Rec,” his own series “Master of None,” or in day-to-day life off camera, the comedian and actor isn’t shy about his passion for the tastier things in life. From nicknaming a plethora of his favorite foods, travelling to Italy to learn how to properly create his favorite dish, or eating his way through Tokyo, there’s few foods Ansari has crossed and didn’t love. Incorporating his favorite pastime into most aspects of his life, Aziz has made food a part of his personality, something he’s darn proud of.

Do you agree with our list? Which celebrity foodies have your stomach growling? For more appetizing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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