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Top 10 Things Gilmore Girls Need to Do If It Comes Back

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher If Gilmore Girls comes back, there are some questions we need answered! We feel like the show owes its fans a better storyline for Lane, they need to tell us who wrote the letter to Emily, we need to find out if Paris and Doyle get back together, we want to see if Rory’s book get published, we wish Luke and Lorelai had better communication and we so wish they gave Jess more screen time!

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Top 10 Things Gilmore Girls NEEDS To Do If It Comes Back

There haven’t been any official announcements, but we’d sure be happy to see more of Stars Hollow. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Gilmore Girls NEEDS To Do If It Comes Back.

For this list, we’re looking at plotlines, characters and classic Stars Hollow dynamics we desperately want to see explored further, should the series continue. Fair warning, there will be spoilers for the original series as well as “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

#10: Give us a Better Storyline for Lane

While we were happy to see all of our favorite Stars Hollow residents in the Gilmore Girls revival, we were kind of hoping that one particular character wouldn’t be living them anymore. We always had high hopes for Rory’s best friend Lane, and fans were pretty disappointed to see her following in her mom’s footsteps and working at Kim’s Antiques. It doesn’t seem like Hep Alien has taken off, and Zach and Lane’s relationship seems to be pretty much where we left it in the original series. In the future, we’d obviously love to see Lane’s musical career take off, but at the very least, we’d settle for more personal development and growth.

#9: Tell us Who Wrote the Letter to Emily

There were a few loose ends left in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” that we desperately want tied up. One thing that remains a mystery even after the revival’s conclusion is the identity of the individual who wrote the mean letter to Emily that she brings up in therapy. Emily naturally assumes that her daughter was the one behind the harsh words, but Lorelai denies having any knowledge of it. We can only presume that the letter was typed, as Emily would’ve otherwise been able to recognize the handwriting. Unless we get more Gilmore Girls, all we can do is speculate!

#8: Explore a Future for Paris & Doyle

We were happy to see Paris and Doyle in the revival, and to learn that they’d built a life together since the series ended. But sadly, by the time we catch up with them, they’re headed for divorce. We got a window into the dysfunction, but not much in the way of closure. So if we do get more episodes, we’d love to see more of them moving forward. Thankfully, since we didn’t see them actually finalize the divorce, we can hold out hope for reconciliation. It takes a strong man to keep up with Paris, and we think she may have a hard time finding a better match than Doyle.

#7: Give Logan More Character Development

In the original series, Logan’s story arc involved him standing up to his father and attempting to make it on his own. In the revival however, it seemed like he had fallen back into the comfortable pattern of doing exactly what his family expected of him. Logan is ultimately a very likeable character, and so we’d like to see him once again making tough but honest decisions about what he wants for himself in life. Will he really end up marrying that heiress? Fans are also dying to know how the affair between Logan and Rory started in the first place, so maybe throw in a flashback for good measure. K, thanks!

#6: Show Rory's Book Getting Published
Rory definitely had some professional setbacks in the revival, which were especially disappointing considering how promising her career seemed at the end of the original series. It seems like while writing may be her forte, she may not exactly be cut out for the modern realities of journalism. Fans loved the idea of Rory writing a book about her and Lorelai’s life story however, and would be thrilled if the manuscript was actually picked up by a publishing house. After all of the misfortunes she’s experienced recently, Rory really needs some validation, and we viewers would love to see her catch a break.

#5: Give Us Even More Emily

Of the three Gilmore Girls, the one with the most satisfying storyline in the revival episodes was most definitely Emily. By the end she’s got a new house, a new job and she’s quit the DAR. It seems like after having a rough year, Emily is finally moving forward with her new life after Richard’s passing. We would happily spend hours watching Emily working as a museum docent or interacting with Berta and her family. Emily made so many strides in “A Year in the Life” that we honestly just can’t wait to see what she does next.

#4: Give Us MORE Jess Screen Time

While Jess started off as the show’s resident bad boy, he softened over the years, and by the time we saw him in the revival he was responsible, respectful and helpful to everyone around him. In the final episode of “A Year in the Life,” we saw him giving Rory a longing look that was never quite explained, but certainly gave us hope. Before the revival, Jess didn’t seem like a viable romantic option for Rory, but things have definitely changed. If we’re being completely honest, we can’t imagine a much better ending for Rory than for her and Jess to wind up with a Lorelai and Luke type dynamic after her baby is born.

#3: Get Rory to Make a Big Change

No matter what happens next, Rory’s big news is a wake up call that will hopefully force her to turn her life around one way or another. In both the original series and the revival, Rory often displayed a lack of concern for others, as well as a tendency towards some problematic relationship dynamics. In the revival, Rory wasn’t experiencing success in either her career or her personal life. So should we get more Gilmore Girls, fans are really hoping to see Rory take a new, more positive path, and live up to the full potential of that young girl we admired in the early seasons of the show.

#2: Show Better Communication Between Luke & Lorelai

Luke and Lorelai have been through many ups and downs over the years, so fans were absolutely thrilled when the revival finally delivered this wedding that was so long in the making. The problem is, despite being ready to commit to each other, there remain some serious unresolved issues in their relationship. The most egregious is their lack of communication and their tendency to lie to one another. If we get to see more of their relationship, we want to see them making some progress in this regard. And we definitely want to get a final decision on whether the two of them want to have a baby or not.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Leave Out the Musical Numbers

Give Us More Sookie

#1: Tell Us Who the Father of Rory's Baby Is

If there’s one burning question that all fans have after watching the revival it’s this: “who is the father of Rory’s baby?” After making the shocking announcement to Lorelai that she’s pregnant, the screen goes black and viewers were forced to come to their own conclusions. All signs point to Logan being the dad, but Paul is also a contender. And there’s that guy in Wookiee costume. Also, considering the unstable state that Rory’s life is in, we also have to wonder whether she’ll decide to keep the baby at all. She got pregnant in 2016 after all, and times have changed from when Lorelai got pregnant all those years ago.

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