Top 10 Famous Actors That Consistently Make Bad Movies



Top 10 Famous Actors That Consistently Make Bad Movies

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Written by Michael Wynands

These actors may have had there moment at one point, but now it seems that they can't appear in a good movie to save their life! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Actors Who Consistently Make Bad Movies! But who will take the top spot on our list? Kevin James, Adam Sandler, or Megan Fox? Watch to find out!

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How does one maintain a spot on the A-list despite putting out subpar work? Maybe these celebs can tell you. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Famous Actors That Consistently Make Bad Movies.

For this list, we’re looking at well-known actors and actresses who enjoy continued success despite the fact that most of the movies they star in usually – if not always – perform poorly with critics. Celebs on this list may have a few good movies to their name, but such titles are the exception, not the rule.

#10: Jessica Alba

This California native first caught the attention of the masses as the star of “Dark Angel,” a James Cameron co-created TV series that actually earned Alba a Golden Globe nomination. Since then, she’s become a household name, and is widely considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Praise for her acting, however, has diminished. Many of her films have earned her Razzie nominations, including, but not limited to, “Into the Blue,” “Fantastic Four,” “Good Luck Chuck,” “The Love Guru,” and “Little Fockers.” These days, she more famous as a businesswoman than as an actress.

#9: Jai Courtney

When John McClane returned to the big screen with “Live Free or Die Hard,” critics and fans alike were pleasantly surprised by the strong outing. Then came the sequel, the critically reviled “A Good Day to Die Hard,” which introduced many to Jai Courtney in his first starring role. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t a good start for the “Spartacus” alumnus. Though he followed it up with the well-received Australian flick, “Felony”, roles in “I, Frankenstein,” and the “Divergent” series tipped the scale in the wrong direction. Courtney then left his mark on yet another classic action franchise with the poorly received “Terminator Genisys”. But the roles keep on coming!

#8: Johnny Depp

Back in the day, this thespian would’ve had no place on this list. He’s played countless iconic roles over the years, both in cult classics and major motion pictures. Unfortunately, the eccentric actor has long since been typecast as Hollywood’s go-to quirky performer, with his odd mannerisms more often than not employed as a gimmick in otherwise lackluster films. Though “Edward Scissorhands” is endlessly rewatchable, “Lone Ranger” is tough to sit through once. Yes, his performance made “Pirates of the Caribbean” a hit, but it’s not enough to keep later installments afloat. And the less said about “Dark Shadows,” “Mortdecai,” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” the better.

#7: Taylor Lautner

Heartthrob though he may be, Taylor Lautner has seemingly struggled to land that transformative role to help him reinvent himself as a leading man. And let’s be honest, while they were financial juggernauts, the “Twilight” films weren’t exactly critical successes. Since then, Lautner has donned the mask of action hero in “Abduction” and “Tracers,” both which flopped, as well as the guise of funnyman in “The Ridiculous 6,” which currently boasts 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. And sadly, his foray into indie drama, “Run the Tide,” didn’t land with critics either.

#6: Ashton Kutcher

Nothing hurts quite like giving it your all in a dramatic biopic only to have someone tell the same story two years later, to significantly better reviews. Sadly, this was Ashton Kutcher’s experience when he played tech visionary Steve Jobs in 2013, before Michael Fassbender took a crack at the role. Since his days on “That ‘70s Show,” Kutcher has put out a steady stream of films, that, although often financially successful, have consistently been duds at least as far as critics are concerned. Movies like “New Year’s Eve,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “What Happens in Vegas”? We’re looking at you.

#5: Nicolas Cage

What happened to this career? Once an A-list actor, making huge paychecks for high profile roles, Nicolas Cage has since seemingly relegated himself to the realms of straight-to-DVD and video-on-demand. Well, as it turns out, financial mismanagement is to blame. Bad real estate investments and tax-related issues resulted in serious money problems for the California native, who reportedly responded by taking on as many acting gigs as possible in order to dig himself out of the hole. The severity of his debt can be measured by the huge number of films he’s starred in that you’ve probably never heard of like “The Runner,” “Pay the Ghost,” and “Vengeance: A Love Story.”

#4: Tyler Perry

Hey… if you find a character that works at the box office, why not just keep churning out movies? Tyler Perry has proven himself to be a talented actor, writer, and filmmaker, with a bank account to back it up, but the “Madea” film franchise he started with “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” has become a veritable Razzie magnet over the years. In the series, Perry plays the titular Madea, a “tough elderly black woman.” Despite the fact that critics have panned almost all of the “Madea” films, Perry keeps making them, and audiences keep coming back for more.

#3: Megan Fox

What is there to say about Megan Fox that hasn’t already been said? As a modern sex symbol, this actress has been typecast for her looks pretty much since day one. Though she’s never been regarded as a particularly gifted actress, in all fairness, the films in which she’s been cast haven’t exactly given her much to work with. You can’t help but respect the way she’s embraced her place in the film industry, though. Since becoming a mother, she’s publicly stated that she’s a mom full-time and an actress part-time, treating acting as a source of income rather than her true passion, but confident in getting roles to support her kids.

#2: Kevin James

Like so many other Hollywood funnymen, Kevin James got his start in standup before breaking into television and landing his own series. Towards the end of “King of Queens,” James made the shift into film, a medium in which he has made quite the name for himself. His first starring role, in the romantic comedy “Hitch,” saw him playing the lovable, but bumbling, Albert Brennaman, and that movie actually did quite well. Since then however… the films in which he’s had a substantial role have all been widely panned as lowest common denominator family comedies, full of cheap laughs.

#1: Adam Sandler

But hey... at least Kevin James gets to hang out with his friends while making these films. Of all the famous actors out there whose films have taken a nosedive in terms of quality, Adam Sandler has been going the longest and hardest. Despite starring in one critically loathed film after another, he keeps making money, and actually seems to be worth getting into business with. Netflix signed a four-film deal with the comedian, which they doubled down on in 2017, for a total of eight films. Looks like Rob Schneider and the rest of the Happy Madison crew will have work for the foreseeable future!
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