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Top 10 MOST Hated Rock Bands

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For one reason or another, public opinion is not a strong suit among these musical performers. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down the Top 10 Hated Rock Bands.

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=Top 10 Hated Rock Bands

For one reason or another, public opinion is not a strong suit among these musical performers. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Hated Rock Bands.

For this list, we will be looking at popular bands that for one reason or another are regarded poorly by many. We’re not saying we feel that way, but in many cases, we certainly understand where this opinion came from. We’ll be ranking based on a mixture of popularity and notoriety, and the magnitude of negative opinions against these bands.

#10: Dave Matthews Band

So there’s some specific elements that have resulted in this public opinion for Dave Matthews Band, but it must first be prefaced that DMB had great success and smash hits on more than a few occasions, particularly in the 90s. Since then, the band has become nearly synonymous with collegiate lacrosse bros, loudly playing beer pong and yelling macho garbage. Along with that, their career started strong, but few to no risks were taken in the decades that followed. This resulted in jaded fans who grew tired of the same thing over and over again after a while.

#9: Green Day

A few theories can be made as to the source of such negative sentiments toward Green Day. On one hand, it could be argued that the rebellious punk rock band has sold out in recent years. On the other hand, they are so strongly associated with the 90s with hits like Good Riddance, that nostalgic fans may regard their recent work as subpar and lazy. Finally, it’s no secret that American Idiot was surrounded by controversy as it was a fierce indictment of President Bush’s administration and the current state of the U.S. Fans and critics alike have perhaps found fault in the band due to at least one of these reasons, leaving a less than stellar legacy today.


#8: Korn

This band was actually an initial pioneer of the subgenre of heavy metal known as nu-metal. Their dark, and hardcore sound captured many fans in the 90s, but has lost its grip on a number of them since then. Namely, due to a supposed drop in quality in several of their recent albums. On the other hand, many naysayers of the band have established their opinions based off of a certain “Hot Topic fan base” they supposedly represent. As with many on our list, this begs the question of whether critics are haters, or if they have a valid point… or perhaps a little bit of both.

#7: Coldplay

It’s no easy feat to earn a slot in a super bowl halftime show, but Coldplay did just that in 2016. This incredibly popular event is intended to please millions of people from all walks of life, so why not use the Super Bowl version of elevator music to make everyone happy? The performance sparked a lot of criticism for the British band, with their music being labeled as too vanilla, boring and safe. Coldplay is obviously a larger than life band with a lot of great songs, but over time people have gotten tired of their generic and repetitive sound.


#6: Black Veil Brides

Bands that garner a reputation for being hated tend to have both strong supporters and strong detractors. Black Veil Bride is a great example of this phenomenon, as their popularity and fan base are a clear force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, there’s enough negative feelings towards them to sustain Facebook groups about how awful they are. Many hardcore metal fans believe they are more aptly categorized as emo, and therefore cheapen the genres brand. Others can’t stand lead singer Andy Biersack and find the lyrics overly angst-y and generic.


#5: Guns N’ Roses

Guns n’ Roses had a lot going for them, and they shocked the nation with the release of Appetite for Destruction. Their music was oftentimes a middle finger to the establishment and it was clear that each member brought something special to the table. Most notably, lead guitarist Slash has a cult following due to his impressive blues-rock hybrid sound and unique style. Sadly, lead singer Axl Rose is the source of many negative sentiments. He’s been called racist, disrespectful to fans, and a catalyst for the bands breakup. To top it off, their long-awaited “comeback” album Chinese Democracy sounded generic and was considered downright awful by critics.

#4: U2

With a list as divisive as this one, it’s no secret that many of these entries are akin to stepping on eggshells. None perhaps so much as U2. In particular, their lead singer, Bono’s musical and philanthropic work have inspired many and given him a larger than life persona. Critics find him pretentious, and his music generic. They’re likely to label the band as arrogant, and site Beautiful Day, which was released in 2000 as their last quality song. It’s probable that as Bono’s legacy grows, the opinions of both naysayers and supporters will also grow stronger… so hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

#3: Creed

It’s the name of both a beloved boxing film, and an angst-y, post-grunge rock band. To understand why so many can’t stand the latter, all you need to do is take a look at lead singer Scott Stapp’s signature Jesus-pose. Their alleged Christian rock persona despite drug abuse and psychotic episodes by band members infuriates some, and it’s the opinion of many others that all of their songs sound exactly the same. In short, this is a band that managed to be hated by both conservative Christians and heavy rock fans alike.


#2: Limp Bizkit

Some may consider this band pioneers of the nu-metal sub-genre, others may immediately associate them with lead singer Fred Durst, and roll their eyes at the thought of him. Critics have decried Durst as talentless, obnoxious, macho, fake, and egotistical. Despite the musical talent possessed by the band and multiple number one albums, their lead singer caused many people to write off the band entirely. In perhaps the biggest statement against the band and what they stand for, Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford personally apologized for influencing, and in essence, helping to create Limp Bizkit.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
Smash Mouth




#1: Nickelback

To paraphrase their own lyrics, how the hell did they end up like this? No other performer is as concretely established as a punch line quite like this group. A great way to back up this claim up and also sufficiently entertain yourself is browsing for endless Nickelback memes. In fact, they almost single-handedly put leather bracelets, goatees, and torn jeans out of style. But really though, the biggest and most common of the band is that their songs are formulaic, devoid of creativity, and just plain bad. We'll let you decide for yourself.

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Black Veil brides and Guns n roses are DOPE, and i dont see how they made this lis. I agree that limp bizkit and nickelback should be on here, though. Lots of good bands on here, don't understand why they are so hated.
Disagree! Many great bands on this list. I LOVE Black Veil Brides, can't believe they even made this list.
No way they put guns n roses and black veil brides on here. I understand how metallica is on here, because they used to be thrash and now it's mostly power ballad, and they've really changed a lot. But still good music. I love thier old stuff.
I can definitely see how KISS and Metallica are hated. They change their music so much times. KISS was hard rock, then disco, then grunge, and Metallica was thrash metal, then they made an album that was 30% power ballad.
You may hate Guns N Roses, but theres no denying you dont like Welcome To The Jungle or Sweet Child O' Mine.
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