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Another Top 10 Underrated Male Disney Characters

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Crilly Mckean Here’s another list of underrated male Disney characters! We’ve taken a look at the underrated male Disney characters we missed in our last list. We’ve included Bagheera, Tramp, Philoctetes, Hercules, The Lost Boys, Jim Hawkins, and Captain Phoebus!

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Top 10 Underrated Male Disney Characters

Come on, show these lads some love. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Underrated Male Disney Characters.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the men in Disney movies that may not be the most popular, but are still worthy of recognition. If you don’t see an entry that you think should have made the cut, then be sure to check out our original Top 10 list on the topic. Finally, be on the lookout for the odd spoiler down the line.

#10: Bernard
“The Rescuers” franchise (1977-90)

With a young girl’s life hanging in the balance, not even this anxious and timid mouse can refuse the call to action. Starting off as nothing more than a janitor for the Rescue Aid Society, Bernard finds himself roped into a daring rescue attempt alongside sweetheart Miss Bianca. He may prefer to stay on the cautious side of things, but when push comes to shove, he doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into danger to protect both Bianca and Penny, even if said danger involves facing down alligators.

#9: Tadashi
“Big Hero 6” (2014)

As we’ve seen time and time again, every great hero needs a mentor. For the likes of Hiro Hamada, it was his older brother, Tadashi. A genius inventor in his own right, he was responsible for creating the adorably awesome Baymax, as well as instilling his sibling with a newfound sense of purpose. Of course, the greatest lesson he instilled came with his tragic death when he rushed into a burning building to save Professor Callaghan. He may be gone, but his sense of right and wrong lives on through both Hiro and Baymax’s super-heroic deeds.

#8: Bagheera
“The Jungle Book” (1967)

We all love Baloo for his relaxed approach to life, as well as introducing us to the “Bare Necessities,” but fun and games aside we all know that Mowgli wouldn’t have lasted a second without this panther. He may come across as serious, or even a stick in the mud at times, but we all know he has the man-cub’s best interests at heart. By far the brains of the operation, Mowgli owes a lot to this sage cat, including leading him to the Man Village and arranging the escape attempt from King Louie. Good kitty.

#7: The Lost Boys
“Peter Pan” (1953)
While mostly background characters that live to echo Peter’s greatness, you can’t really think of Neverland or The Boy Who Never Grew Up without conjuring images of these pint-sized rebels. Made up of Slightly, Cubby, Nibs, Tootles, and the Twins, these boys will follow Peter to the end of forever, never hesitating to brandish their swords and take on the likes of Captain Hook. Rascally, rambunctious, and ever so adorable in their signature animal costumes, Peter’s crew may be small, but boy are they loyal.

#6: Roger
“One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961)

The dogs may be the stars off the show, but we can’t forget that their owners practically devote their lives to their wellbeing. As a free-spirited, forward thinker who adores his wife, Anita, and his dog, Pongo, Roger is certainly not afraid to speak his mind. In fact, his displeasure for one Cruella De Vil inspired him to make a catchy song poking fun at her. How could we not include the maestro of sass?

#5: Arthur
“The Sword in the Stone” (1963)

A far stretch from the ruler of Camelot we all know, this iteration sees a much younger and more innocent Arthur, known to most as Wart, discover his destiny as the future king of England. With a kind heart, honest intentions, and under the guidance from a rather eccentric Merlin, this imagining of “The Once and Future King” may have the Disney touch, but still allows the Arthurian legend to shine. Besides, anyone who has to deal with Mad Madam Mim and all her crazy antics deserves a shot at the throne.

#4: Tramp
“Lady and the Tramp” (1955)

Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. Well known for a having a slew of ladies in his life, this scoundrel soon changes his tune when he meets the prim and proper Lady. Captivated by her, this Tramp proves he can be quite the gentleman. Not only showing a knack for romance, but the conviction to change his ways, he stands as proof that it’s never too late to change, especially for the sake of love. In that regard, we also have to give a shout out to Jock. You gotta love that fluffy codger.

#3: Philoctetes
“Hercules” (1997)

Every hero needs a great trainer, and they don’t get better (or grouchier) than Phil. With the unmistakable voice of Danny DeVito, this satyr oversaw Hercules’ demigod workout regime until he was strong enough to take on the denizens of the underworld. While he’s as stubborn as can be and is partial to the ladies, Phil deeply cares for the wonder-boy. Even after a massive falling out over Meg’s deception, he still can’t bring himself to abandon Hercules in his darkest hour. They don’t make em’ like Phil anymore.

#2: Jim Hawkins
“Treasure Planet” (2002)

A troublemaker by trade, this youthful rogue always dreamed of leaving his old life behind and finding his fortune amongst the stars. As it happens, the chance to track down the loot of a thousand worlds not only leads him on one hell of a hunt through the cosmos, but a journey of self-discovery. Due to the many dangers, as well as his complicated friendship with the morally dubious cyborg John Silver, Jim learns the cost of chasing your dreams the hard way. He’s all kinds of headstrong, but his determination and heart of gold make him wholly likable. Not to mention, he’s got sweet sailboard skills!

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