Top 10 Superhero Movies of All-Time - OUTRANKED TRIVIA GAME SHOW! Ep.4

VOICE OVER: Chris Masson
Which of these movies make your list of the best super hero movies ever? Batman, Captain America: Civil War, Chronicle, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hellboy 2: Golden Army, Iron Man, Kick Ass, Logan, Spider-Man 2, Superman, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, The Incredibles, Unbreakable, Watchmen, Wonder Woman, and X-2. What else would you put on there?

On Outranked, two trivia warriors must out-geek each other, and impress a mystery judge with their duelling Top 10 lists on movies, music, and video games. Season 1 is all about movies and features WatchMojo staff in a tournament to bring home movie trivia bragging rights! Find out what the faces behind the lists know!