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Top 10 Weirdly Wonderful Will Ferrell Interviews


Script written by Q.V. Hough

Forget more cowbell, we want more interviews! From having a metldown about Twilight to impersonating Robert Goulet, Will Ferrell’s wacky interviews never disappoint. WatchMojo is counting down the most hilariously strange Will Ferrell interviews.

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Weirdly Wonderful Will Ferrell Interviews

Forget more cowbell, we want more interviews! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdly Wonderful Will Ferrell Interviews.

For this list, we’re focusing on the most hilariously original Will Ferrell moments from late night TV appearances.

#10: Ron Burgundy’s New Book

For this interview, Ferrell appears in character as the legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy. He’s promoting a new book - written by him, of course - and it’s full of nuances about getting through life. Ron shares some pearls of wisdom, explaining how human poo can be quite valuable when you’re trying to survive a South American prison riot. From there, the interview gets even more bizarre, as Burgundy proclaims that America’s biggest problem is the rise of ugly, ugly babies. Ferrell stays in character to the whole time, to the amusement of not only the audience, but Conan and Andy as well.

#9: GOU-LET!

During his “Saturday Night Live” run, Ferrell often portrayed the entertainer Robert Goulet. For this late night appearance, he shows up in character. It’s the improvised banter that stands out most, as Will aka “GOULET” drifts in and out of the conversation with his drunken rambling, courtesy of a “Diablo Martini.” Not only does Goulet incorrectly identify Conan as Johnny Carson, he shares his non-sequitur thoughts on life, before launching into a madcap cover of “My Favorite Things”. By the end, Ferrell nearly breaks character, but re-focuses for some classic Goulet scatting.

#8: Summer of ‘Stache

To celebrate the “Summer of ‘Stache,” Will comes prepared to this interview, sporting a manly man mustache. Compared to Jimmy Fallon’s traditional look, Will’s is a bit more aggressive. This comedic bit allows him to comment on annoyingly talkative airplane passengers. It’s a hilarious lead-in for a more traditional interview, but not after a little audience participation where Willl passes on his mustache to a lucky member of the crowd. Will continues sans ‘stache, but the veteran comedian proves that he can still get big laughs, even without fake facial hair.

#7: Danny Boy

Near the end of David Letterman’s long-time Late Night gig, Will makes a festive appearance on St. Patrick’s Day, much like he did years earlier on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” For this one, he’s not “celebrating” per se, but rather more concerned about “the danger of snakes.” Will keeps an almost comically straight face as he delivers wildly inaccurate statistics regarding Manhattan snake attacks. For the rest of the interview, Will returns to his “normal” self, offering some comedic insight into his brief stint playing Major League Baseball. The cherry on top, however, is most definitely his closing performance of “Danny Boy”.

#6: Extrañamente Maravilloso

While promoting the movie “Case de mi Padre,” Will makes an impressive late night entrance on a majestic wooden horse that’s pulled onstage by a couple shirtless ranch hands. That alone is pretty funny, but what makes this interview truly memorable is the fact that Ferrell and Jimmy Kimmel conduct the entire thing in Spanish. It’s a unique late night appearance, as Will promotes his movie while simultaneously infusing the bit with a touch of culture. As a result, it’s weirdly wonderful, or should we say “extrañamente maravilloso.”

#5: “Twilight” Meltdown

When Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up, Will had a hard time containing his emotions. He’s obviously Team R-Patz and, like many, he realizes that the “Twilight” franchise could be in jeopardy. As the angry movie fan, Will taps into the mentality of pop culture obsessives while channeling the exaggerated emotional outbursts he’s famous for. It’s always a good thing when Will Ferrell embraces his emotions on live television, and this moment showcases his comedic versatility. It’s bizarre yet beautiful in its own special way.

#4: I’m Chad Smith?

For years, many speculated that Will Ferrell might actually be Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or vice versa. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon helped clear things up for eveyone’s peace of mind. For this bit, Will plays a faux-musician character, using off-kilter rockstar clichés, and even dressing in the same clothes as fellow guest Chad Smith. Smith and Ferrell play up their rivalry to ridiculous proportions, making the bit even more surreal, and surely perplexing the average viewer tuning in midway through the interview. The bit culminates in an epic drum-off, where Will surprisingly – almost suspiciously – holds his own.

#3: Animal Expert

Will is a man of many cultural interests, as he proves when he arrives on the Late Show stage with a rifle. Before discussing his guest’s new movie, “Zoolander 2,” Stephen Colbert acknowledges the elephant in the room, leading to a classic Will Ferrell spoof. He plays the friendly “animal expert,” a character that speaks with confidence about things he clearly doesn’t know much about. During this bit, Ferrell introduces several “exotic” animals, although the exotic part is debatable. Will creates a bizarre mix of Natural Geographic style fun and improvisational humor that even manages to crack up Colbert.

#2: Professor Feathers

For this late night appearance Will Ferrell is dressed to impress, ready to talk about his new movie “Get Hard.” But things get awkward when Will is forced to address his personal life and acknowledge “Professor Feathers”, the bird on his shoulder, For this bit, Ferrell pokes fun at prickly demeanors of serious actors, using a literal cockatoo as the foundation for some weird comedy. Plus, it also allows him to make some cockatoo jokes while criticizing Conan for his “offensive” line of questioning. Will’s comedic timing is matched only by Professor Feathers himself, who knows exactly how to play to the camera.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Ladies Sunglasses Style

Little Russian Gymnasts

Birthday Party Style

#1: Little Debbie

Sales pitches are a lot more entertaining when they feature Will Ferrell in a dress. Wearing a wig underneath a delightful little hat, Will uses his Tonight Show appearance as a platform to advertise for “Little Debbie” snack cakes. With his posture and giddy demeanor, Will channels a variety of his most memorable characters. Throughout the interview, he hilariously stays in character and keeps pushing hard, not to promote his movie, but to sell some delicious Little Debbie snack cakes. Given the audiences enthusiasm, we’d say he succeeded.

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