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Top 10 Anime Characters That Died Too Soon

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean No! Please don’t leave us! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten anime characters that died too soon. Special thanks to our user SnipingIsFun for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Anime Characters That Died Too Soon

No! Please don’t leave us! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten anime characters that died too soon.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the characters in anime who bit the dust way sooner than any of us were expecting. As you can guess, this entire list is filled with spoilers since we’ll be going into detail into how they met their ends. Oh, and watch out for the occasional bit of mature content down the line as well!

#10: Marco Bodt

“Attack on Titan” (2013-)

Oh Marco, poor innocent Marco. All he wanted to do was earn the friendship of everyone’s favourite jerk, Jean. Unfortunately, the series saw fit to make him one of the first major casualties. After Eren and company manage to clean house, Jean discovers that his would-be-buddy didn’t survive the assault. Well, half of him did. The rest is somewhat splattered all over the wall. It really is a shame, we saw the beginning of a true bromance forming.

#9: Shusei Kagari

“Psycho-Pass” (2012-14)

If there’s one guy we wish could have made it to the second series, if only to brighten the whole thing up, it would be the Enforcers’ resident jokester.

While tickling our funny bones, he was also an endearing character whose ideologies regarding the Sibyl System and society as a whole was kinda interesting. It was tragic enough when he was killed off halfway through the series off-screen, but after seeing where the series went, it’s fair to say his infectious smile was dearly needed.

#8: Kureo Mado

“Tokyo Ghoul” (2014-15)

As an antagonist, Mado certainly made his mark on the series. A veteran and seemingly psychotic member of the CCG, his creepy nature was only matched by his Ghoul killing prowess. It’s weird to say but for as much of a bastard as he was…we kind of needed a villain like him. He definitely stood out when compared to the other Doves, and if he had survived perhaps he would have gone on to form a fierce rivalry with Touka.

#7: Haku

“Naruto” series (2002-)

No, we aren’t counting his little cameo resurrection. Zombies don’t qualify. Shh. Not only was this feminine ninja a powerful foe, almost able to take out both Naruto and Sasuke, but his tragic relationship with Zabuza made him one of the series’ most developed characters. Yeah we know his death taught Naruto a lesson about being a shinobi, but we invested so many feelings in you! Our hearts!

#6: Shiro Fujimoto

“Blue Exorcist” (2011-)

Losing a papa is pretty common for a lot of anime heroes. However, unlike a lot of other father figures who have bitten the dust, Shirou was kind of a badass. He was a Paladin priest who could exorcise demons on the fly and was so strong that it took Satan himself in order for him to fall under demonic possession. As we found out more about him and his escapades through flashbacks, the more it made us wish that Rin’s adoptive father would have stuck around a bit longer than one damned episode…

#5: Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (2012-16)

While his death was a truly tragic one, and would push Joseph to complete his battle against the Pillar Men, but did we really have to lose this Italian stallion? He was just as fabulous as JoJo, and is the only guy we know who can make bubbles look lethal. He didn’t even get a dignified death, he got crushed under a giant stone cross! I mean, can you imagine how great Stardust crusaders would’ve been with two grandpas on board? Mama Mia!

#4: Kaworu Nagisa

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995-96)

Fair credit to this guy, he was given one episode to strut his stuff and boy did he make the most of it. Acting as a replacement for Asuka, Kaworu became a close mmmmmfriend to Shinji only to it be revealed that, surprise, he’s actually an Angel. After a fierce battle between the Eva Units, Kaworu accepts his death at Shinji’s hands. If that wasn’t enough, he also got brought back in the rebuild series, only to die again. This beautiful cinnamon bun was too good for this world…too pure.

#3: Kite

“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

As a student of Gon’s father Ging, it wasn’t long before the two developed a strong bond, one that was only cemented by just how much of a beast this guy was when it came to using Nen. Alas, he was no match when up against the deadly chimera ant that is Neferpitou. It’s just a damned shame because there was so much more they could do with him before he bit the dust.

But, we did get a consolation prize in the form of Gon breaking Pitou’s skull apart.

#2: L

“Death Note” (2006-07)

Everyone is in agreement that what made this series a gem was the battle of wits between Light Yagami and L. God of the New World vs. The Greatest Detective. Kira vs. Ryuzaki. No matter whose side you were on, there was no debating that it was their mental war that kept us coming back to the series.

And then L was murdered. Granted it was a powerful and dramatic scene that managed to shake things up, but what did we get afterwards? L’s less than stellar successors. Without L, not only did we lose one of anime’s most interesting characters, but lowered the standard of the anime as a whole.

#1: Kamina

“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

To say we were stunned as we watched the manliest man in anime meet his end is a gross understatement. Over eight episodes Kamina had won our hearts by being a manly man with an aversion to shirts, the love of a certain busty lady, and belief his little brother above all else. He made us laugh, he made us cheer, and then he made us weep as he passed away in one of anime’s most shocking twists.

Even if his sacrifice was a focal point that served as the foundation for Simon’s evolution as a character, nothing could ever replace the magnificence that was Kamina…

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