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Top 10 Titles From Lezhin Comics

Written by Ashley Bowman

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Top 10 Manhwa Titles from Lezhin Comics

Time to get your Korean Web-toon fix.
Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Manhwa Titles from Lezhin Comics.

We’re covering it all today; Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Boy Love, Girl Love – you name it.
So, if you’re looking to dig your teeth into the amazing world of Korean Web Comics, let this be your one-stop-shop for getting started.

10: “En Garde”

The world of competitive fencing is pretty cut throat - so it kinda helps to have a good friend close-by. That is, unless his success casts a massive shadow over you.
Studded with brilliant characters and fluid combat, this webtoon focuses on a skilled fencer hell-bent on catching up to his friend’s level – no matter the cost.
You’re probably asking yourself why it took so long for someone to make a series about one of the coolest sports on the planet – but trust us, En Garde was worth the wait.

9: “An Uncomfortable Truth”

A bloody murder has taken place, with only one potential suspect – a shy boy with seemingly no motive.
To find the truth, we have to go back to route of the cause, as Yoseob recounts his earlier days, highlighting rather dark fixation on his own older brother. Things are ostensibly normal at first, but the eerie sense of foreboding will keep you glued to this comic, as the uncomfortable truth soon comes to light.

8: “What Does the Fox Say?”

The answer to that timeless question lies here…
In this sultry girl-love series, we’re witness to sex, drama, and one heated love triangle.
When the frigid Ju Sungji begins working at a game design company, she closes herself off to her colleagues…that is until she meets he charasmatic manager.
What follows is one of the most complicated work-place dynamics, and a series that doesn’t pull any punches, with some of the lewdest scenes you’ll find in Manhwa.

7: “4 Cut Hero”

In the RPG days of old, the quest is simple – You defeat the demon king, you save the world, you marry the princess. But our hero doesn’t really get his happily ever after, when it turns out the princess is…a prince.
Thus he’s thrust into a life of NEETdom, unable to pick his life up and relive his glory days – but there’s some serious stuff going on behind the scenes and the hero may soon be thrust back into adventure…
4 cut hero is the perfect balance of fantasy action and comedy, illustrated with some of hilarious references to anime, video games, and otaku culture.

6: “At the End of the Road”

In the first BL series on our list, we meet a young man who’s lived a rough life after being abandoned by his parents. But he keeps his chin up and lives by the mantra, “Life can be a bitch, but it can’t be a bitch forever”. It’s just his luck then that he’s hit by a truck…and wakes up in the body of a high school boy.
You’d think this would give him a second lease on life, but things have gone from bad to worse, as he’s terrorized both at home and in school…With the only silver lining being a reunion with a man he once had romantic feelings for…

5: “Ultimate Outcast”

Born as an outcast, you have to play with the cards you’re dealt. Kang Haneul, on the other hand, wants to break free of these binds. After being lured into becoming a gopher, and ultimately subject to some intense bullying, he feels weak and powerless… but when his closest friend is their next target, he decides to go from zero to complete badass. This sets the scene for hardcore training and a lot of thugs getting their just deserts. So if you’re looking for an action series with some gorgeous stylized brutality – Ultimate Outcast is the one for you.

4: “The Lady and Her Butler”

A Romance series about a lady with no interest in romance? You heard that right.
Sooha is a self-made woman who has closed her heart off to the world… despite being no stranger to the odd romantic confession. This all gets turned on its head when a scruffy fella turns up in her home and, after a series of strange events, assumes the role of her housekeeper. It’s a series of surprising depth, with each episode establishing these two lost souls coming to terms with their past traumas and slowly regain their lost interest in love.

3: “Killing Stalking”

This one’s a little different… If the title didn’t give it away, Killing Stalking tells the story of a rather unconventional relationship between a serial killer and stalker.
When our meek protagonist Yoon Bum begins admiring Sangwoo from afar, he learns some disturbing news and ends up incarcerated by the man who was once the object of his affection.
What begins as an entirely abusive soon evolves into something much deeper, and even more violence is on the horizon. The series has quickly risen to fame within the Manhwa community, bagging critical acclaim along the way, because hey, Murderer…Stalker…it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

2: “Save Me”

You can always bet on the new transfer student to shake things up but this one is about to shake the whole foundation of the school...
After witnessing a wheel-chair bound classmate become the victim of hellacious bullying, Namsoo takes matters into his own hands. Shaken by the horrific events he observed and spurred on by his own sense of justice, we learn that for better or worse, there’s more to this newcomer than meets the eye…
It’s a series that goes from heart-wrenching to downright disturbing at times.

1: “Something About Us”

Our number one pick goes to the web-toon that’s bound to make your heart flutter. When two best friends begin to look a little closer at their relationship, things start to get a little complicated. “Something About us” tells a tale of two reluctant lovebirds who just can’t come to terms with how they feel about one another and, as you might expect, trouble comes in the form of romantic rivals, and all manner of college drama.
Peel back all these little trials and tribulations, and you’ll find one of the cutest romance stories in existence.

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